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23 Reasons Why Thai Women Are So Different

Martin Cooney
May 23, 2020 • 17 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
thai girl wearing bikini

Have you ever seen a foreign guy with a Thai girl by his side?

Just why exactly has he got such a big wide booming smile on his face?

Despite what you might have heard, Thai women aren't only about sex. Yes, that's undoubtedly a good reason to have one, but there is so much more to what makes a Thai girl such an incredibly good company.

That guy is smiling because he knows just how lucky he is to have a Thai girlfriend on his arm.

Do you want to know what you're missing with Thai women?

A Thai woman is given education on Thai values at an early age - her conduct, morals and ethics encapsulate the essence of Buddhist living. Women from Thailand believe in clean lifestyles, healthy relationships and harmony with her husband/boyfriend.


Happy smiling Thai woman
Girls in Thailand just love to smile and be happy

Oh That Smile

Thailand is known as the 'Land of Smiles' and for a good reason.

Thai people seem to be happy, in their skin. Their smiles are infectious and certainly do lift your spirits, the more you are here.

It is undoubtedly every foreigner's dream to be with a consistently happy and smiling Thai woman.

They love to smile. Many girls even practice their different smiling poses with the constant snap of selfies - it's almost a National Thai Woman's sport lol.

Be thankful you're around a woman from Thailand and not your own home country - it's a breath of fresh air.

Pampered Like a King

A Thai girl's training and education start when she's a young girl, by her mother.

Men do most of the heavy lifting. They're also typically the main bread-winners in Thai life. That's the natural order of life here.

When a foreigner chooses a Thai woman for a partner or girlfriend, her instincts kick in to make him happy and contented.

And Thai women love him to look good when she's out and about with him too.

She will cut his finger and toenails, do haircuts if he wants and even trim his pesky nose and ear hair.

Live Clean

Despite what you might think, Thai people are incredibly clean people.

They take great pride in their home. Being ranked as a 3rd World Country does not mean it's a place of squaller. The opposite is the case.

If your girl is living with you, she will have an aversion to dust and dirt in your home/condo.

Thai girls seem to be very sensitive to dust and dirty surroundings. Notice if she sneezers often is a sign.

She will take it upon herself to clean and maintain your condo, so you're both living clean.

Singing In The Rain

Thai people do enjoy their culture, especially music.

Every Thai girlfriend I've ever had loves to sing around the home, including dancing.

They listen to music and sing when they're cooking, laying in bed and the shower.

It's an exquisite pleasure to see a happy girl in your life.

Don't knock it till you've had it.

You Take the Lead

Thailand is a male-dominated society. It's likely to remain that way too.

Women in Thailand have simply adapted to how things work for them.

Men are the decision-makers, in most areas.

Thai women prefer it this way. They're incredibly content to enjoy the ride and be with their man.

Examples will include 'What you want eating, babe?'. You'll have the first say on what food you want to eat for lunch. The caveat here is Thai girls love their food too, and she'll already have a good idea of what she wants to eat. Don't be surprised if she is suggesting if you might like to eat the same. That's just cute.

Are you thinking of seeing a movie? That will be your choice, and she'll be thrilled with whatever you decide.

Are you thinking of checking out some local Thailand holiday destinations? Well, again, that'll be your decision too. Most Thai women love to travel anyway. She'll gladly do some research on where best to stay and what's fun to see when you get there. Just be prepared to pay for the new sexy bikinis lol

Even if you're thinking of grabbing some pool time at your condo. Your Thai girl will be all over you and jumping at the chance to go out with her man.

Don't be afraid of voicing your opinion of what she's wearing either. Thai women love to get made-up and look attractive. If you have a suggestion, she'll be all ears and listen to your opinion - never do that with a Western woman, or she'll snap at you.

Takeaway meal in Thailand
Your girl will take care of your food choices if you want

Food & Choice

Food is always high on any Thais' list of priorities. They love food and variety.

Thai women are very particular on both the food they buy and the quality - very opinionated to the point that it can wear on your patience at times.

If you're out food shopping with your girl, you'll know what I mean. They can spend so much time just choosing which apples you need to buy. This shopping pattern is so cute when you think about it. She wants to ensure the quality is perfect AND her man gets an apple that he will enjoy 100%. That's her attention to detail and taking care of you, as best as she is able.

Your Fashion

If you're the type of T-Shirt and Shorts wardrobe guy that I am, every Thai woman will be more than happy to take charge of your fashion sense.

They're on Instagram most days and have a heightened level for what looks good and doesn't for a man.

Give them the freedom to suggest on men's fashion, and she'll be all over you like a rash lol

And it's also one less thing you need to worry about too.


It's always been an easy life if you live in Thailand.

Few Thai people worry much about rules and regulations. It's kind of the Thai way. Sabai Sabai.

Thai people grow up primarily from a farming community mentality; Thais are mostly concerned by immediate needs. Planning is mainly unheard. People live their lives from one day to the next. Easy.


It's this lack of concern that promotes a Thai women's air of innocence.

You can look into their dreamy eyes and see them regard you with great respect. Most never have the opportunity to date and meet foreign men, other than sex tourists.

They know their knowledge of much of the outside world isn't vast, which is just fine. But the great thing for you is they'll also ask you to teach them.

Teach them about foreigners' sexual likes, for example.

Want a shaved pussy? Most will jump at doing this for you, and most have never experienced cunnilingus - Thai guys don't go there, strangely, as they feel it's a dirty act.

They will always be trying to improve their English. It's good for their relationship with you as well as better job opportunities for them. Show them your willingness to teach them.

Same goes for sex. Most might never have had a boyfriend if you're dating younger girls, so sexual expertise might not be what you'd expect - but they want to know more. Be a good teacher, ok?

Thai woman at the beach
All Thai women want to be your best friend - let them

Your Best Buddy

When you find the right girl who suits your personality and lifestyle, she really will be your best friend.

They just love being with you.

I was first amazed when dating Thai women by asking one to the movies. Oh my goodness, such a broad beaming smile and she couldn't wait to go.

What's even cooler was she wanted to see some action movie like Fast & Furious. I returned that smile to her with one of my own. Exactly what I wanted to see too. It's fascinating to realise Thai girls prefer action and adventure movies over the romantic rubbish Western men are dragged to by Western women.

If you're after an excellent mate to do 'men type of stuff', well, Thai girls are a perfect match. They love doing guy stuff.

They Want To Keep You

We've mentioned before how Thai girls don't have any real close friends.

They just want to find someone real for their life. It's a pure and genuinely innocent yearning they all want. Again, innocence but also shows how their reality works.

They're always watching Thai TV Drama and fall in love with the thought of having a guy as their partner in life.

She'll always be at your side.

She wants to eat with you, spoon you her food, chat with you, learn English from you, listen to you, casually walk around the local Thai markets with you and laugh at your silly jokes.

Those things will make her the happiest girl in the world.

Try that with a Western girl! All you'll get from them is bitter, twisted feminist BS and a sadder existence.

You'll prefer Thai women, trust me.


Not many girls in Thailand get the opportunity to meet up with a foreigner, for a casual coffee and chat.

It's what they want, so approaching a Thai lady is as simple as just asking her.

With their friendly demeanour, they take any chill off meeting them. You know that chill you get meeting a western woman for the first time? Is she going to snap at me for wearing the wrong thing or just be an angry bitch. Western Ice Queens.

You're never going to get that in Thailand.

Usually, if you get to 2 or 3 meetings or outings with a Thai woman, you're boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Forget that Western rollercoaster ride of aligning your interests, financial dealings, where your family comes from, religious alignment and fitting into a Western woman's timing schedules.

In Thailand, it's about simple living, simple agendas and a natural relationship to get started.

Their Memory

Sadly, they don't have one lol

Their lack of memory will be a frustration at times, but you will need to cope.

I think the lack of memory is more to do with simple living and not worrying too much about pressures and stresses in life.

And it does work to a guy's benefit in that a Thai girl will just forget about most of your past failings and just get on with what's coming next.



Buddhism was first introduced into Thailand during the 3rd century BC by King Asoka.

While it is a religion, I feel it is more the way of life that affects the Thai people more, as well as how they view others.

You'll be ever so glad your Thai girl is a Buddhist.

They are humble and literally would not hurt a fly.

Thai women in Shopping Mall
Just look at them - Thai women are so feminine


The real heart of a Thai woman is her intrinsic femininity.

They love to be a girl and proud of it. They're not interested in venturing into a man's world other than being with a man. She wants to be a woman and all that that brings to her.

Thai women are gentle and kind souls. They sweeten your life with them, at every corner.

They're compassionate themselves to adverse experiences but will be supportive of you, in times of stress or pressure.

When out and about, they are quite modest, humble and passive, preferring you guidance over their own.

Whether she has children or not, these girls have an incredible maternal and nurturing instinct. You'll find this also carries over to how she treats you as well.

Thai women are the epitome of a female.


Girls in Thailand love the country and its culture. Thai culture is a core component of what makes up her personality.

They're proud of their culture and of being a Thai.

Naturally, they have a burning desire to share that with you too.

And there's a lot to be proud of about Thai culture.

Their food should be a World Heritage listing if you ask me lol

You'll spend years trying all the variety and tastes that Thai food has to offer. And any Thai girlfriend you have will be more than happy to be at your side, for all those years eating them.

But culture is more than just food, in Thailand.

Your girl wants you to learn and understand her heritage and be a part of her way of life too.

There is nothing more satisfying to a man than his girl taking on the role of a tour guide. Get out there, do some exploring with her and start understanding what it means for her to be Thai.

She'll be so proud of you for trying too.


Part of a Thai woman's thinking is the understanding they are a woman. And proud of it.

They're fully aware they possess the South East Asian female magnetism that draws the gazes of foreign men. It is irrelevant if these men are visiting holidaymakers or permanent ex-pats and retirees.

To this end, it is part of their personality makeup always to be well presented.

Thai girls tend to be meticulously clean, well-dressed and presented.

Soft Skin

Beauty products abound in Thailand for a good reason.

Girls here all have extensive beauty regimes to take care of their bodies. After all, it's one of their strengths over men.

I remember one time going to a Thai OTOP display - principally products from all over Thailand displayed in one convention centre. I was looking for coconut oil and happened upon a stall run by an older woman.

It turned out this smooth-skinned (I mean, not a wrinkle on her face) Thai lady was 70 years old who had a daily regime of coconut oil on her face since she was young. All Thai women are the same here.

Their skin is smooth, soft and subtle. Skin to die for, in the West.

Gorgeous Hair

"Sexy Dark-Haired Asian Beauty" are words you'll always hear when male friends describe the dates with Thai girls.

Hair maintenance is another of their regimes.

A foreign man likes nothing more than the sight of thin long black hair flowing down a Thai women's back. Even after so many years in Thailand, I still find myself stopping in my tracks staring at their long black Asian hair.

Having a girlfriend with those long locks is yet another reason you'll be a happy smiling man.

They Run Like Girls

Here we have another behaviour that ups the ante with the 'cutie-value' of Thai women lol

In all the years I've visited Thailand, I can't recall a time when I've ever seen a Thai woman do a full-on run.

It's more a quick-paced shuffle for them and looks so cute, and it defies words.

It's another way they show their feminine side.

2 Thai women in Fashion Mall
Many like to look like a Cutie Doll

Little Doll Looks

Women always want what they don't have.

Japanese and Korean cultures, particularly the beauty and TV Stars, looks influences women in Thailand.

Thailand has modern professional plastic surgeons at cost-effective prices. Cosmetic surgery is very popular with Thai women to achieve beauty goals they're unable to get with standard practice.

It's fashionable to have nose reconstruction, surgery for a thinner jawline, breast argumentation and take skin whitening products. All to get a different look, try something different, be attractive to foreigners who like the little doll look and stand out from the crowd.

The look isn't for everyone but is favoured if the girl is looking to attract Japanese or Korean guys.

Thai schoolgirl in short skirt
Sexy Thai schoolgirl - they love showing their assets

Women in Uniform

It's a common practice for office staff to wear uniforms at work.

A uniform provides consistency, identification to customers and lower costs.

But wow, women in Thailand have stepped it up a notch. Figure-hugging uniforms to slim bodies make your eyes water. Simply gorgeous. Simply feminine. Simply Thai.

And it isn't only office staff.

Wait till you wander through any of the Universities in Thailand. It gets even better. Wait until you see the University uniforms worn by younger Thai girls with short skirts. Oh, My Buddha!


You won't see any outside the confines for your condo room. It's illegal in Thailand.

When I mentioned before that Thai women are modest, again, that's outside.

Inside the safety of your room and with her man, she's an entirely different animal.

They love their bodies and love to share too. It's why so many foreigners come to Thailand.

Having a cute Thai girl lounge around the sofa all day, either topless or naked, is every man's dream and one that comes true for many lucky guys.

Remember the intro to this post about the smiling foreigner? Now you can understand his beaming smile, yes?

Sex Is The New Norm

If you've been in any longish term relationship with a western female before, you'll know that regular sex diminishes the moment you start living together.

With Thai women, it is precisely the opposite.

I've got a 75-year-old friend who lives with a 45-year-old woman. He mentioned one day that she is willing every day if he wants. Yes, you can buy Viagra in Thailand lol

They understand one of their roles is willingly and freely participating in sex with their partner. With the right education from you, they will never play games either.

You will have no-fuss and no games - just mutual enjoyment and when you want it.

Sex is the new norm for those guys lucky enough to have a Thai wife or girlfriend.


Hopefully, this doesn't come off as a western woman bashing post - sadly, they do enough damage to themselves already.

We're trying to give an insight to foreign guys. They are looking for something outside the box—a glimpse into another world and culture.

Thai women offer unique and exclusive advantages, rarely seen in western cultures.

There are so many on here looking to better their own lives with a special guy. It is easy to please them too. A bit of love, affection and attention and they're happy girls.

Why are you waiting?

You know Thai women are special.

Join for free today and find your Thai cutie.


Main reasons why Thai girls are special?

  • Sexually open and honest
  • A huge beaming smile
  • Prefer men to take the lead
  • Long dark hair & honey brown skin
  • Uniquely feminine

Why are Thai women sexually honest?

  • They honestly believe sex is an excellent activity
  • Belief sex promotes a good relationship
  • They love to share their bodies
  • They also want to keep their relationship
  • They enjoy fun, the same as men

Why do Thai women like plastic surgery?

  • Makes them more appealing to men
  • They like the Japanese / Korean look
  • They prefer the slim foreigner nasal features
  • They believe more massive breasts are more attractive
  • Thai women love to stand out from the crowd

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