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4 Facts Every Dating Thai Woman Needs To Know About Western Men

Martin Cooney
March 16, 2014 • 5 min read • Click for comments
Updated: July 09, 2020
thai women discover facts about western men

I moved to Thailand because I was tired of the same old games played by Western women, on men. I see the value in the culture and respect of Thailand to be of great importance to my life, and having the right Thai woman as part of that will complete me.

The thing is, all of these Thai ladies seeking a western man to date and settle down with also lack the understanding of how western men view relationships.

So for all you ladies looking to settle with a Farang, these following four areas need to be understood by you, for your own success in life and love.

find out and understand thai and western differences
Find out and understand thai and western differences

Western Men Are Not Stupid

Ladies, as a starting point, a western guy who intends to settle in Thailand is also going to be 15 or more years older than you.

That is 15 or 20 years more of the experiences of life, relationships and deceptions.

The men you’re going to encounter in your online dating experiences also knows the type of woman that he wants to settle down with and also realises that certain types of Thai women are going to look at him as a money machine. That is just life in Thailand.

When that guy realises he is not getting what he bargained for, he will move on.

It is important to be honest, open and truthful when you’re dealing with anybody and particularly with a new dating partner. It’s something we value at Thai Romances and you should too.

Isn’t that what Buddhism is founded on?

Follow those teachings to a better life.

begin a new life with a new thai woman or western man. Be happy
Begin a new life with a new thai woman or western man. Be happy

Western Men Want Love And Happiness Too

There is a misconception not only in Thailand but everywhere in the world, that men just want sex.

What women don’t realise is that men equate sex to being loved.

Let me just repeat that, men see that having sex with their partner is a strong part of their partner loving them, in the relationship.

But men want exactly the same as women.

Men want a complete life of love and happiness just like any woman.

This is why it is important for any Thai woman seeking a western man on a dating site to not only start discovering how that guy thinks but also to understand why he thinks like he does.

With any online dating site, your conversations will start with simple fact-finding talks and it is equally important to get into the more deep and meaningful conversations.

men and women want the same things in life
Men and women want the same things in life

It Is Better To Never Play Games

With any new relationship there is also uncertainty.

With your own doubts and misunderstandings, there is the possibility of you telling a few small lies too. It is human nature.

As a Thai woman yourself, there is the chance you seek better financial stability too.

Which is why you have chosen to look for an online relationship with the western man.

After all, they’ve come to Thailand, with a strong financial position.

That makes dating and marrying a western guy very attractive, doesn’t it?

There is a tendency for some Thai women (that are dating online) to play mind games so they can trick the guy into a situation he normally would not get into.

But western guys aren’t not stupid!

So while you think you have snared your future, the guy will see the situation for what it is and eventually leave you.

Isn’t it better to be your real self so that you can find the man that wants apologies that you had them to play games and eventually be left to start again?

Build the door - don't lie or play
Build the door – don’t lie or play

Giving Of Yourself Is A Two Way Street

Providing the man you are dating is a man of honesty and truth, he will be giving man.

Giving in many ways.

Financially, spiritually, mentally, sexually and emotionally.

Many Thai woman have never experienced a guy like this so Thai ladies need to be of the same giving nature. In all of these areas, one of you will be stronger while the other will be grateful to receive from you.

This giving and receiving brings together a balanced relationship for harmony, longevity and well-being, for the two of you.

Try something new, OK?

You always get the same result if you do the same thing.

Last updated: July 09, 2020

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