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5 Things Men Find Attractive About You

Martin Cooney
September 11, 2014 • 6 min read • Click for comments
Updated: July 09, 2020
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Listen, Learn and Relax

I’ve been living in Thailand for sometime now, so I’ve made contact with quite a few Thai ladies.

I’m still searching for the right lady for my life. All the ladies that I’ve met have been truly wonderful.

I treat them with respect and kindness as well as total honesty. And my belief is that they understand this. After I establish some good conversation and know I’d like to meet a new Thai woman, I move away from a dating website such as and on to a dedicated chat program like Line (incredibly popular here in Thailand). I now have quite a few people on my Line profile.

Surprisingly, many of them seek relationship advice when they encounter difficulties with a new western man. I’m grateful I can help them try to better understand what might be going on inside a guy’s head.

With this in mind, I thought I would give out some general advice to all those Thai woman seeking western men, as to what men find attractive about you, initially.

dating relationships take time for success
Dating relationships take time for success

So here are my Top 5 Tips:

Take Care Of Yourself

When you meet a western man for the first time, I would expect that he would meet you and be well groomed.

If he isn’t, I’d suggest he’s not all that serious or maybe he’s just a slob.

This point is more about someone who is actually interested in you. With this in mind, his expectation of you is to be well presented.

I’ve met a few Thai ladies before who have turned up, on that first meeting, dressed in sloppy clothes.

My first reaction was that she was not all that serious about the first date.

From a cultural point of view, my understanding is that the majority of Thai women care deeply about their appearance and this is one of the things that attracts me to Thailand and Thai ladies.

If you’re serious about online dating and then real life meeting, show him by dressing for the part and come along well presented.

Confidence And Not Mind Games

This is another area I have written about before.

If you’re looking to date and have a relationship with the Western guy then he’s also likely to be older than you. He will have had more experience in the dating area as well as his own past failed relationships.

One of the qualities that most man are attracted to, in a woman, is self-confidence.

Having self-confidence is attractive in both men and women.

You have your own skills, you can think for yourself and make decisions in your life. During your first far-to-face date, tell him about yourself and what you’ve done in your life.

Speak to him about what you do in your life, what you like in your life and what it is that you want in your life.

What does your future look like?

The one thing I would caution you on is being honest and not playing mind games, in saying things to make a guy do what you want him to. That’s not going to get you anywhere except failure.

have self confidence in online dating
Have self confidence in online dating

You Want To Learn More About Him

The first date can be a little bit overwhelming.

This is a new person in your life and often there is going to be some language difficulties, and that’s ok too.

You may not have good English skills and he may not have good Thai language skills so don’t worry too much.

The important part is that you ask questions about his life, in the best way that you can.

Displaying an interest in another person shows that you want to learn more about them. You can use basic questions to start, such as what they have done in their life, what they’re doing in Thailand, who they’re looking for and what qualities they find attractive in a woman (and why).

Remember to take some mental notes on his answers as these expand into more questions and make for informed conversation.

This first day is important so make sure you start to learn who it is that has now come into your life.

You Have A Brain

You might be surprised but most men are attracted to ladies who can think for themselves.

I understand (and you do too) some guys visit Thailand looking for a Thai lady for a short time and that’s okay.

If you’re a Thai woman looking for a long-term relationship with the western guy then you want to find one who wants to meet woman who can fend for herself and is not afraid to speak about the things that she wants in her life.

When you are also able to talk about the things that you’re looking for, this allows him to ask you questions and have an enjoyable conversation between the two of you.

Don’t let him do all the talking either. He’s wanting to know you are someone who has their own intelligence.

Equality And Not Feminism

This tip is a problem from the western world and an area that makes you a winner with western guys.

The balance between men and women in the West has gotten out of control and one of the prime reasons why western guys are all to Thailand to find a new woman in their life.

Guys are now looking for a more balanced relationship between men and women so they can share everything on an equal footing.

This includes you not thinking you have any power, either sexually or mentally, over a man.

He will be on the lookout for any signs of feminist mind games you might be thinking of playing with him. That will be the end of any relationship with him. If you are at Thai woman that has done this in the past then I would suggest you need to rethink the way you deal with Western men.

Relationships that are going to last a lifetime of built on equality, sharing and honesty and those three points are fundamental to your success in your online dating with a western guy.

Last updated: July 09, 2020

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