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92% of Surveyed Thai Women Don't Want Cheap Men

You Know It’s True … Really?

We recently surveyed 100 Thai women on our site, on a variety of areas.

We were particularly interested in why they joined an online dating website so we could provide better features and functionality to both our male and female members.

We were surprised by the results!

In a Nutshell - What Thai Women Want%
Don't Demonstrate You're a Cheap Guy92%
Don't send 'Dick Pics'90%
They Want to Know They're Safe89%
Don't Talk to them about Sex Online85%

You Think It’s a Man’s Age or Looks … It Isn’t

On western world online dating websites, the information that I have studied is that women use the site as a screening mechanism on who they find physically attractive.

As it turns out, 92% of the Thai women we surveyed actually joined our website to screen out cheap men.

Yes, you heard that right, their prime focus is to weed out guys who are stingy.

We were intrigued but it fits the dating of mixed cultures perfectly.

Also take into consideration that Thai women know that they’re targets for the lustful eyes of Western guys. (Well, aren’t all women in the world, really?)

All women know that a sexual encounter is inevitable when they meet the right guy BUT they also want to make sure they have a nice and pleasant time before that happens.

You know, dinner and dancing, kind of thing … Get it?

Thai food is cheap. Don't let the man be.

Get The Girl From Anywhere

Thai women know they’re desired.

Nearly all the 100 girls we surveyed had first tried well known free sites like Craigslist.

It was a learning experience for them, to say the least.

For the majority of them, ‘they got what they paid for’.

Men of little value or substance.

These Craigslist type sites have got cheap guys who want everything for free.

Comments from our surveyed ladies include (we tidied up the translation):

  • they didn’t want to spend money for anything – men develop this character flaw from free sites
  • they wanted sex, upfront (which is never going to happen)
  • these men are used to free stuff and they are disrespectful to me (Say good-bye to the girl if you do this)

92% of our surveyed women know if a guy can’t or won’t afford less than $2 a week to start messaging them then they are the types of guys the ladies certainly do not want to go on a date with.

Who They’re Talking To

The 2nd biggest area, from 89% of the ladies, was knowing who they were going to contact or message with, with some safety.

They mostly all agreed too that if a guy couldn’t make the effort in having at least one photo uploaded (and more IS better) that showed their face and eyes that most women aren’t bothered in looking any further into who this guy is.

Remember: Everyone in the world looks at a person’s face when communication is about to start.

As a man, you’re expecting to see a woman’s profile pictures and the ladies are no different.

Profile pictures ARE important!

It’s About The Inside That Counts Most

Thai women are predominantly Buddhists.

In fact, 100% of our surveyed ladies were.

The outside is merely a shell, of the real person on the inside.

It’s also true of Asian cultures that older people have more stability, in life and earn higher levels of respect.

You’ll see younger Thai women are often accompanied by much much older guys. The girls are really more interested in the inner man and the outer appearance is often far less important, in their eyes.

Why do you think older Western guys make a home for themselves in Thailand and have younger Thai women as partners?

Thai women like older western men

The Wrap-up?

  • Understand the importance of a paid membership and how a Thai woman views its’ importance on an online dating website.
  • Don’t continue being a cheapskate and start with an abundance mindset
  • Profile pictures – profile pictures – profile pictures!
  • Older guys in Thailand have everything going for them, if you understand the above survey results and do a little bit of planning. You’ll get the girls and all the trimmings.

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