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A Dummy’s Guide to Single Dad Dating

Single Dad's Dating confusion and what to do about it

If you've found you have now been thrust into the single dad’s dating world, fear not.

We’ve got you covered right here in this article, with some important starting tips.

What you might be surprised by, is you are actually better equipped to meet Thai ladies than you would have been dating in the western world.

And now you’re probably wondering why that could possibly be.


Single Dad's Dating confusion and what to do about it

Thailand Is Your New Dating Heaven

As it turns out, you will find that due to the Thai culture, a lot of Thai women will already have children and been through the pains of marriage / relationship issues and ended in divorce – you are both in the parent dating cycle.

Having blended families might be something to look forward to. Give that some thought.

That’s usually not the case in the Western world where women tend to have children much later in life.

So this situation is an ideal one for a western world single dad to get back into dating world and find love and romance in a South East Asian country such as Thailand – where they wouldn’t find it in the western world.

The Western world these days, when it comes to dating for older guys, is particularly challenging and tough going.

Thai women often seek out older men and those older men can frequently be a single dad looking for a relationship, in a more stable environment than they’ve been used to before.

Sadly, feminism has thrown a real spanner in the works for us guys but not so in Thailand so listen up!

What Do You Need To Know About?

For starters, start learning something about Thai culture.

Thai women are far more gentle and more caring.

That doesn’t mean you should view their gentle demeanor with Western arrogance, domination and male bravado.

In fact quite the opposite.

Throw away the shackles of what you’re used to in the typical single dad dating world in the west.

Reinvent the way you do things and the way you view women, especially Thai women looking to date.

When you do a little bit of your own research, you’ll quickly discover that Thai ladies are very open about the fact that they want to be taken care of.

Bear in mind that Thailand does not have old age pensions or retirement’s systems.

What Age Pensions Mean To You As A Single Dad Dating?

Well, to be straight up about it, it means that there is an expectation on you to financially provide for both your Thai girlfriend or wife as well as contribute to her family.

Certainly don’t take that as a surprise.

That’s just the way it is.

Thai females are one of the most beautiful female forms on planet Earth.

Find and read some of our other articles on how to better date a Thai woman looking for a man and start educating yourself in the Thai culture and the way Thai women view a relationship.

Final word though.

You will not be disappointed.

Go and meet our dating members, start a conversation, date safe and for goodness sake have fun and take care.

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