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Be Careful: Dating A Thai Woman Can Hurt

Martin Cooney
June 08, 2015 • 4 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
thai girls have been known to severe penises in the past in Thailand

About Thai Women

Women in Thailand are somewhat of a mystery to western guys.

They are some of the most beautiful and sexiest women on the planet.

Along with their inherent beauty also stems a longing to be loved by their man.

The romantic dramas on Thailand’s TV channels heavily influence Thai girls.

These dramas are the most watched-programs by Thai women, in my experience.

So from an early age, these ladies comprehend the connection between men and women in a somewhat surreal world of romance.

Combine that with the longing to date western guys and that first connection will be an emotional and mental upheaval for them.

(Remember they’ll have a language barrier).

Thai women focus on getting job stability in their early twenties. Many girls will never have had a real face-to-face physical connection with a man until their mid to late 20s.

Thai women to establish themselves in the workforce is vital to their long-term survival if they never find a guy to support them.

So here they are with a head full of romance in meeting an experienced western guy, and he wants nothing more than a real relationship.

And by real, I mean equal doses of romance, love and male-to-female reality.

(Sorry, I’m excluding guys who come to Thailand just for holiday sex. We’ll cover that in a later article)

So, many Thai women will be unable to grasp the concept of relationship reality.

When that happens, the relationship finishes and the woman gets hurt because she cannot understand why.

What’s a Guy To Do?

When you are dating a Thai girl for the first time, you must understand whether it is her first time or not. And then take suitable precautions for her emotional safeguard.

  • Take everything casually for the first time
  • Understand her past experiences or lack of them
  • Make sure that she understands expectations, both on her side as well as yours.
  • I've found it's helpful in first explaining in your words and then have her explain back to you on what's she's understood. You'll find many times that your English words get confused and they'll completely misunderstand. Have patience!

Avoid hurting the girl.

With a bit of tenderness, understanding and healthy doses of explanation, you’ll be prepared and enjoy a long-lasting dating experience together.

show thai women tenderness and understanding
Show thai women tenderness and understanding

For Western Men

This one is going to hurt and a word of warning :)

Did you know that Thailand has the highest occurrence of mutilated penises by sharp objects AND leads the world in penis reattachment surgery?

There was an epidemic of these incidents in the 1970s, fuelled by several high profile Thai women saying in the media that they thought this was an act of acceptable revenge.

In 7 years, there were over 100 cases of dick chopping.

Most of these unfortunate 'home surgeries' were sparked by physical or mental abuse as well as womanising outside the relationship.

Remember, I have mentioned before, to avoid Thai people losing face as well as not showing them respect and understanding.

Also, reread the first part of this post about not hurting Thai women.

Sure, the doctors in Thailand are well skilled in stitching back a penis, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s wise to avoid losing that appendage in the first place.

Avoid the hurt on both sides.

Make sure she understands you, and you know her – set expectations.


Are Thai women dangerous?

  • 99.9% of Thai women are sweet and lovely girls
  • most are very jealous so don't get caught playing around by her
  • there have been some reports they lose their cool and start being physical
  • never leave shape knives around when they're angry

Funnily enough, you can sort out these preliminary expectations (fast and en-masse) using the convenience of online dating with Thai Romances.

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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