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Stop - Before Dating Thai Women You Must Test Yourself

Martin Cooney
March 11, 2021 • 11 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 03, 2022
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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

Joining a Thai dating site like ours is easy and fast to do.

Your goal is to find the right Thai woman or ladyboy.

How do you prepare yourself for a new Thai holiday, new Thai friends, or a relationship in Thailand?

The keys to success lay in a foundation of preparedness. Both Thailand and Thai women will be uniquely foreign to any first-time visitor. To be successful with Thai dating, you must first know yourself and ultimately desire your Thailand outcomes. Your challenges will initially involve religion, cultural differences, intimacy acceptance, and a more relaxed lifestyle.

Before we get started, I'd recommend you read the following posts as a primer course:-

No matter where you are in life, we recommend opting for a Thailand holiday at least once.

Understand Your Personality First

You need to take stock of your personality traits first. Once done, you'll be better prepared to match with a more compatible Thai partner.

Can You Cope With A Different Religion?

85 to 95 percent of the Thailand population is Theravada Buddhist.

But Buddhism is more than a religion to Thai people; it forms a core fundamental to their lifestyle and how they conduct themselves. Buddhism is why Thai women are sought after by single male tourists and ex-pats.

Thai girls have a too relaxed outlook on life and sex but value a stable wholesome relationship. Buddhism is the prime source of those views.

Many foreigners maintain strict views on religion, unfortunately.

Do you honestly want to strip away a Thai girls' values for the sake of her taking on your beliefs?

Can you cope with a mixed religious relationship? You will succeed when you accept Buddhism.

Learning a New Culture is Rewarding

I've lived in Thailand for eight years. Those years have been the most gratifying times I can remember.

This new satisfaction stems primarily from the Thai culture. As you grow older, the frenzy of the rat race grows old too. The much slower pace of Thailand is a breath of welcoming fresh air.

A Thai girl performing a wai

Then there are the many new food choices and how Thai women behave differently from men (in a relaxed and calm fashion).

Have you given thought to a welcome change in culture? Are you locked into your way of doing things? Can you evolve and adapt?

A trip to Thailand is eye-opening and will give you your first taste of things to come. Please show acceptance.

You Will View Intimacy in a New Light

Can you be intimate with a woman?

Thai women take care of their boyfriends as a woman should. These Thai girls are soft, gentle, and loving women - not at all like you've been used to in your home country. Hardened feminism doesn't exist in Thailand.

But the Thai girls expect to be treated with the same loving care in return.

Your reward is obvious.

Can You Be The Dominant Partner?

Thailand has a male-dominated society. Women in Thailand are more accommodating to men.

All Thai women will expect you to be the primary decision-maker.

Despite your western influences to defer to a woman's needs and wants, the opposite is true in Thailand.

From a respect point of view, you should ask a Thai woman her opinion, but the final decision is yours to make.

Can you re-educate yourself to be the dominant partner?

Do You Prefer a Hectic Lifestyle? Not So in Thailand

What's the best part of taking a holiday?

Answer: Stepping away from your typical routines and taking the foot off the accelerator pedal.

The best characteristic of Thai women is their relaxed attitudes towards life, in general. It will be initially daunting to be with a woman accepting of wherever you want to go.

A Thai woman will be happy to tag along as your side-kick and experience everything you have in mind.

Many Western guys/tourists/ex-pats find it challenging to change their busy work life. It would be best if you prepared yourself for a radical change of pace.

A longboat at Koh Phi Phi island

Every Relationship Performs Better With Commitment

It is tough to commit to any new relationship, especially considering you've had past failed relationships.

Remember, a relationship can mean a new friend, travel companion, infrequent lover, or something more long-term like a Thai girlfriend or wife.

But coming to Thailand, you will need to give in to being a little more trusting with a Thai woman or ladyboy. A small amount, not total. It is always wise to take things slow in the beginning and feel your way around.

"No pain, no gain."

Prepare for the worst and accept the best that life has to offer.

Thai women will want a long-term relationship. You don't need to give that to them, but you certainly can intimate your intentions with the right person.

Commitment Benefits for Casual Dating include:-

  • An increase in sexual frequency due to trust and perceived love
  • The Thai woman will be more prone to include you in her circle of friends.
  • She will want to be your holiday partner.
  • She will yearn to live with you.
  • Providing you ask, she will live utterly naked within the confines of your condo. Make sure this is one of your first requests.

Commitment Benefits for Serious Dating include:-

  • All of the above plus:-
  • Your life will be more relaxed with a happy Thai girl.
  • She'll take care of you in intimate ways, i.e., dutifully clean your nose after a shower (yes, that's so true)
  • There is no such thing as being bored by a happy Thai woman. She can be mischievous in a naughty way or demure when venturing out for dining. And the dining can be at a restaurant or street food.
  • "for better or worse" takes on a new meaning with Thai women. They will do anything to save their relationship with you. It's all in the initial training you put in on the rules.
  • Culturally, all Thai women want a long-lasting stable relationship. Be appreciative, as that is not the case with Western women.

Define Your Dating Criteria Brings a Success

Have you decided what you want from Thailand or Thai women?

You will increase your 'holiday happiness' returns significantly by mapping out your expectations. Setting up your goals and aspirations is essential as a central focus point.

Can You Stomach Thai Food?

My first fear when landing in Thailand was what I was capable of eating.

I'd heard strange stories of having to eat spicy-hot insects. It turns out this was all a pile of ill-informed foreigner fake news. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But it does raise a valid question for each of you.

Will you survive on Asian food? Can you come to love Thailand's particular slant on Asian food, which is the spicy variety?

You can see from our video that there are many foreigner-friendly foods available in Thailand.

But delving into the spicy side will win you points with every Thai girl you will encounter. Eating spicy will make it easier when you're holidaying with her as well.

You Must Be Honest About Your Sexual Preference

As a single male, you'll find every type of sexual preference in Thailand. Be aware of local Thai laws on what is legal, though.

You will enjoy visiting or living in Thailand a lot more when you're honest about your sexual inclinations.

If you want to experiment with a ladyboy, then go right ahead. We have a broad and diverse range of ladyboys who are looking for partners.

As always, with new sexual partners, please take precautions against diseases.

Note: We do not condone any form of illegal activity

What Are Your Dating Goals?

It would be best if you established your short-term and long-term relationship goals for Thailand. Doing this goal setting gives you more scope for successful progression.

When I first came to Thailand, my short-term goal was to sample the female delights Thai women had to offer. But my ultimate goal was a long-term relationship with a local Thai girl who can live with me.

Your goals will be different and will change along the way.

Many single first-time tourists come for a holiday girlfriend and nothing else.

Having a plan allows you to speak with some authority and purpose with the Thai women you encounter on our Thai dating site. Just having these rudimentary outlines will pave the way for more successful dates and relationships too.

The Thai girls will instantly know you are serious with who you want. Woman value confidence in a man.

Be clear with yourself (and the Thai women you contact), and you will get your reward.

Do You Have Long-Term Thailand Plans?

Thinking about long-term plans for Thailand itself is a continuation of your dating goals.

If you are indeed thinking of a Thai woman as a life partner, then her love of her country will weigh in on your future decisions too.

If you're over 50 years of age, then a retirement visa is your easiest option if you decide to stay in Thailand.

Otherwise, you're best to research the options afforded to you by Thailand Elite. You'll quickly discover Thai women will prefer to remain in Thailand. But given the right circumstances and commitment, she will be more than willing to follow you back home.

Bringing a cute sexy brown-skinned Asian girlfriend back into your country's environment has unique problems:-

  • Can she get a visa? Many countries make it challenging for Asian residents.
  • What exactly is she going to do for work?
  • Is she going to be bored?
  • Food choices need careful consideration too.
    • Thai women love spicy food, and we know from experience these foods are hard to come by in Western countries.
    • The naturally slim Thai women often gain weight when exposed to the more fatty Western foods.

You can overcome all problems when you properly prepare for them.

Choose to live in Thailand, or your Thai girlfriend/wife chooses to live with you in your home country are both great futures for you both.

Just plan for your future and live a wonderfully happy life!

Where Do You See All This Heading?

You have a great many possible future outcomes involving Thailand and Thai women.

  • Permanent/Semi-retirement in Thailand is a highly desired option if you are able
  • Owning an online business is a more straightforward method to fund your later years
    • You only need to research the popularity of YouTubers who live in Thailand
    • But it would help if you plan on where you'll be getting retirement income. The Land of Smiles is not a free lunch.
  • Are you a city guy or beach lover?
    • You can do either depending on the living expenditure you can afford
    • I prefer Bangkok as my holiday 'jumping-off point'. You can get the best of both worlds doing the same. Every known convenience with a larger city and only a short distance to world-class Asian holiday destinations. What a spectacular option to have!
  • Thai women are renowned as devoted, loyal women when you find the right one. We suggest using a best-of-breed Thai dating website such as ours. Finding the right girl takes time and patience.


As Benjamin Franklin said in the opening quote, it's better to plan.

Your goal is to find new Thai friends, a holiday girlfriend or love, or a relationship.

Define what you want now and where you wish to be in the future. Your success will escalate by doing these two vital things.


What benefits can I expect from commitment in a casual Thai woman relationship?

Almost immediately, you can expect an increase in sexual frequency, inclusion into the Thai girls' circle of friends, her willingness as a holiday girlfriend, her wanting to live with you, and the bonus of living naked when inside your apartment/condo.

What are my main stumbling blocks in online dating with an Asian woman?

Your initial hurdles will be [1] coping with a new religion, [2] learning a Thai woman's cultural differences, [3] accepting willing intimacy, [4] having the dominant partner role, [5] and getting a more relaxed lifestyle.

Last updated: April 03, 2022

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