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6 Best Thailand Cities For Single Thai Women for Thai Dating

Martin Cooney
April 11, 2021 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 03, 2022
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Single men coming to a new country need to know where they can find willing and happy Thai women they can meet and date. You don't need to be stuck alone in your hotel room, do you? And this is where online Thai dating comes into play.

So, where are the best cities in Thailand that you can meet happy Thai women?

Bangkok is the number one choice for meeting Thai women due to its size and diversity. Chiang Mai offers a more peaceful environment than Bangkok but still retains healthy nightlife activities. Pattaya ranks as the number three choice for many ex-pats and the more adventurous tourists for intimate encounters. Phuket has Thailand's title as its premier beach location. Udon Thani is famous for its rural area and abundance of dark-skinned Thai girls. The sixth Thai city for finding women is the lesser-known Kalasin, which combines rustic, shy, and traditional women.

Bangkok Is A City That Never Sleeps

Bangkok is the most prominent location for finding attractive and available women.

With a 2020 population of nearly 5.1 million people, Bangkok is a one-stop-shop when finding a single Thai woman or ladyboy. Surprisingly, from the 2019 Thailand Migration Report, only 150,707 ex-pats are residing in Thailand. Of that small group, 72,969 are retirees.

Thai women come to Bangkok looking for work and a better life. With low single-male tourist and ex-pat numbers, you are a prized catch for Thai women.

Why is Bangkok better than other cities?

Apart from the sheer volume of available single Thai women, Bangkok's diversity would be its next major drawcard.

You will find wide diversity in the Thai women population, including traditional and liberated women, bargirls, dark and light-skinned girls, as well as Hi-So (High Society) Thai Girls.

Bangkok caters for a wild and crazy nightclub scene and large pockets of more serene locations, including temples, the artificial 16 square kilometers of Bang Krachao Island, or Bangkok's many famed gold courses.

Thai girl at Bang Krachao Island

Where do you find Thai girls in Bangkok?

If you've got time on your hands, wander into any bar or club in the Sukhumvit area, and a sexy, sultry Thai woman will quickly join you. She might not be the type of girl you'll introduce to your mother, but she will be entertaining in many ways. Bars are always the first stop for newly arrived single tourists.

You can find many single Thai women just wandering in the many swanky malls in Bangkok too. You do need some bravado but usually walking up to any isolated woman and asking her directions gives you a lead into asking for her contact details.

If you're nervous about new women, try joining our site instead. We remove the initial awkwardness of doing everything in person. It's a simple matter of joining, completing your profile, and your start sending messages. Wait for Thai women to reply, and you're off and running. Easy.

Are there any particular things to understand in Bangkok?

Bangkok is big - massive!

The locals are best suited to suggest where to go, what to see and how you can act and behave. It is better to let your Thai girlfriend take the lead in some areas.

The biggest city in Thailand offers entertainment, culture, women, and food of every type you can imagine. You are better to drop your boundaries and explore everything this metropolis has to offer. So take your time and enjoy.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand's second-largest city (with a much smaller population of 200,952). It also has a reputation for more affluent ex-pats, given its cooler climate.

Why is Chiang Mai better?

Despite the mention of wealthy ex-pats, Chiang Mai is a cheaper place to live, which accounts for its popularity with tourists and ex-pats.

If you prefer a more extensive selection of fairer-skinned Thai women, then Chiang Mai is the place you should go.

This large Thai city is more relaxed than Bangkok, so the local Chiang Mai women feel safer. These Thai women are more agreeable and naturally subdued, and friendly. All the makings of the ideal Thai date, wouldn't you agree?

Where do you find Thai girls in Chiang Mai?

Much like any other Thailand location, Thai women will be in abundance at local clubs and live bands. Thai people love their food, drink, and music. Head to Nimmanhaemin Road for a superb variety of nightlife.

But walking into a crowded club of strange Thai people will be daunting for most of you. It is for me.

Opt for the easy method and arrange the Thai woman beforehand via online Thai dating. You get the option of picking and choosing the right woman and organizing other women for different activities. It's how the majority of men do it, so you should too.

Avoid getting stuck with the wrong girl who's only interested in you paying for her clubbing experience. Verify her intentions with online messaging first.

Are there any different things to understand about Chiang Mai?

There aren't as many darker-skinned Thai women in Chiang Mai as there are lighter-toned. If skin color is a 'thing,' then choose wisely.

Chiang Mai is renowned for its festivals which are a great experience and an excellent secondary method of picking up girls. The Loy Krathong festival is in November, while the Flower Festival is held during February - good times for your 'day game' if there aren't any viruses floating around.


Pattaya ranks in the Top 3 choices for ex-pats to live. This city works hard to be a family-friendly city but has well-known notoriety in the sex industry.

Don't let that reputation deter you from visiting the city. There are great Thai women in Pattaya who dream of meeting the right foreign man and living a happy life with him.

Why is Pattaya better?

If you prefer a more foreigner-friendly location, Pattaya certainly does cater to tourists. The locals have higher English speakers numbers. I've never found a lack of English skills amongst Thai people to be a problem, but it might be for you.

Despite a local population of only 97,296, there's a large ex-pat community that helps familiarise yourself with the local scene. It can be refreshing and comforting to play a pool game with another guy over a few beers.

Not everything needs to revolve around Thai women, lol.

A bonus is Pattaya is also a seaside city with a beach and casual lifestyle. My recommendation is to avail yourself of the nearby islands - Ko Lan (main island), Ko Sak, and Ko Krok. You'll find cleaner sand and water on the islands, plus better photo opportunities for any Thai girl who accompanies you. These islands are easily accessible from the Bali Hai Pier and a short ferry ride.

Five Hooters girls in Pattaya

Where do you find the better Thai girls in Pattaya?

Since there are so many foreigners in Pattaya, it can be challenging to find a Thai girl untainted by the local ex-pats. If you do avail yourself to picking up bar girls, you should understand every one of those girls has been the target of a local foreigner.

Dating Thai girls in Pattaya is safer and more rewarding using online dating. You can quickly cull the users and abusers and hone in on the genuine Thai women.

Are there any extra things to understand in Pattaya?

There is a generalization the local Thai women think all foreigners are just after short-term sex since the city attracts so many single tourists.

Make your interests, intentions, and goals known early in your messaging when talking to Thai girls online.

And avoid the gold-diggers.


Phuket is among the world's finest white sand beach destinations. If you prefer the beach lifestyle, Phuket gives you an impressive 30 beaches to choose from, including Patong Beach, Kata, Karon, and Kamala.

The city is also an excellent jumping-off point to the famous Koh Phi Phi or the mystical Phang Nga Bay.

Do you enjoy seeing a continual bevy of Thai beach babes? Then Phuket is definitely for you.

Why is Phuket better?

With only a modest population of 89,072 local Thai people, Phuket maintains an image of a modern tourist-friendly holiday destination.

The locals are adept at catering to foreign needs and food. But you must partake of the local delicacies, the food, and the Phuket ladies!

Plus, the local Thai girls are well-versed in foreigners' ways and know how to cater to their whims.

Whether you want some short-term holiday fun or a more stable relationship, Phuket offers a range of suitable Thai women with solid English skills.

Choose the beaches you want to lounge on and get yourself a bubbly beach-orientated bikini-clad Thai girl.

Where do you find the Thai girls in Phuket?

Since Phuket centers around a holidaying environment, the city attracts Thai women looking for jobs in the tourist sector and girls who love the beach.

Picking up women at the beach isn't an easy task. Using 'day game' at malls, hotel lobbies, and supermarkets is arduous and time-consuming. Still, if that's your preferred technique, you'll find plenty of Thai girls jumping at the chance to be with you.

Join the ranks of the more intelligent Thailand-visiting tourists and jump the queue. Pipeline a bunch of Thai beauties before you even land in the country. Avoid the disappointment of having no Thai girlfriend and having to holiday alone - online Thai dating sites such as ThaiRomances brings you success with Thai girls.

Join and start messaging girls in Phuket.

Are there any extra things to understand in Phuket?

Use SPF50+ sun-block for yourself, and remember always to offer to rub Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil over your Thai girlfriend's skin.

Other than that, enjoy the BBQ Prawns, beer, and sand.

Udon Thani

Udon is approximately 560 km from Bangkok. It is a significant official and commercial center in northern Isan, Thailand, and the gateway to Laos, Northern Vietnam, and Southern China. The city's economy got a boost by the proximity to Udon Royal Thai Air Force Base during the Vietnam War and retains reminders of that time in the form of bars, coffee shops, and hotels. (per Wikipedia)

With this American history, it isn't surprising that the local Thai women have a more substantial English skill level than other Thailand areas. And is a drawcard for ex-pats to flock to the area for tourism and retirement.

Why is Udon Thani better?

If you love dark-skinned Thai ladies, then Udon Thani is your destination. Chocolate-toned Thai women dream of having a foreign partner. Being a more impoverished Thailand province, foreigners and tourists provide these women with much-needed financial aid and security.

The 247,231 residents are happy to welcome visitors to their province. The Thai women are reserved, shy and traditional, but they are highly skilled in pleasuring their men. This latter trait is why so many ex-pats seek out Udon women, and you should want these girls too.

If you're looking to retire, start a family in Thailand, or enjoy the quiet rural lifestyle, then finding an Udon woman will be a perfect fit. Women from this region love children, they love their family-orientated lifestyle, and all come from a farming background.

Where do you find the better Thai girls?

Educated Udon women love shopping malls, so I'd suggest you bone up on your day-game. These girls love foreigners and are easy to approach. Just ensure they're browsing alone due to their shyness with a friend.

Udon women are dark-skinned and highly sexual in their looks and demeanor, making them prized bar girls. Finding girls in local clubs is another way to hook up with them.

But do you want to spend your time on a continual pub crawl? It's a hit-and-miss approach at the best of times.

Jump aboard with us, join for free and meet Udon Thani women online and start your planning from there.

Kalasin is Thailand's Hidden Gem

Kalasin is like the 'Lost World.' This province lay in upper northeastern Thailand, also called Isan. Most of the region has a hilly landscape and often shrouded in mist. Like the 'Lost World,' Kalasin is known for the dinosaur fossils found at Phu Kum Khao (Sahatsakhan District), the largest dinosaur site in Thailand.

The quiet and timid nature of the local Kalasin Thai women is an exciting mix of outward reservation with a ravenous inner sexual appetite.

Why is Kalasin better?

Isan has always been a favorite haunt for foreigners who know the local girls love them and do anything for pleasure.

With a small 55,102 population, Kalasin invites visitors to enjoy a peaceful wilderness environment, including forest walks and waterfalls. Despite its inland location, Kalasin still has a beach to enjoy, situated by a reservoir.

Families are poor in this rural area, so the women welcome all single foreigners. Yes, the local girls view you as a potential revenue source, so use the opportunity for your objectives. Most foreigners and ex-pats end up staying in the province.

Where do you find Kalasin Thai girls?

Local activities, bars, and clubs are the typical venues enjoyed by the local Thai women. Do you want to compete with the local men, though? You're at an instant disadvantage since you don't speak the Thai language.

If the quiet rural lifestyle and dark-skinned Kalasin girls are appealing to you, opt for the easy route and find them online. Thai dating online has always been the path for finding the best girl to suit your requirements and life goals. Join us free today and find your Kalasin girl online.

Are there any more things to understand in Kalisan?

Don't go to the reservoir beach in the rainy season (typically June - Oct) since it's unlikely to be there, lol.

Go slow with the girls when you begin talking to them. Remember, they're initially reserved but will open up after the first few online messages. You wait and see.


Thailand has a location to suit any man and any preference. It is a matter of choice.

If you want an initial short-term fling, opt for Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, or Chiang Mai.

Udon Thani, Kalasin, Bangkok, or Chiang Mai also cater to finding a more conservative Thai woman who will suit you for a longer-term relationship.

It's now up to you. Join today for free, start messaging and enjoy a wonderful Thai dating experience.


Why do ex-pats choose to live in Udon Thani?

Udon Thani offers the peace and tranquillity of rural living. Plus, there is the attraction that the majority of the Thai women have deep honey-colored skin tones, which many foreigners find appealing.

Can I find a good Thai woman in Pattaya?

Pattaya has an overseas reputation as only being for sex tourists. The majority of the local Thai women are normal ladies and share the need for a stable relationship. It would be best to meet them online, establish rapport and work slowly towards mutual life goals.

Where are the best larger cities to date Thai women?

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket rank as the Top 3 large cities in Thailand for different reasons. Choose Bangkok for diversity across entertainment, food choices, and Thai women's traits and characteristics. Chiang Mai is famous for more conservative Thai ladies while retaining an active nightlife. Phuket is a premier beach location that offers beach-loving Thai women.

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