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Do Girls from Udon Thani Make Good Thai Girlfriends?

Martin Cooney
June 18, 2020 • 11 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
4 Udon girls enjoying nightlife

I'm sure most of you have all heard the whispers about Thai girls coming out of Udon Thani:-

  • "They're only after your money."
  • "Udon Thani girls are sexual dynamos."
  • "The girls from this province love foreign men."
  • "They lie through their teeth - you can't trust Isaan girls."

I've heard so much about Udon Thani women. Mostly on the negative side too. My opinion is starkly different compared to these stories. All men have bad experiences with Thai girls.

Why would you want a Thai girlfriend from the Udon Thani province?

Raised from a farming community heritage, Udon Thani women are slender in body, with honey to dark-brown skin tones. They've been exposed to Western cultures since America established an Air Force base in the province in 1943. Udon Thani has poor farmland. Thai women must marry with foreigners to elevate their lifestyle.

Despite the negative aspects of having a girlfriend from Udon Thani, my experiences tell me these girls are misunderstood. My encounters with them have been great. I have ended them for a few reasons.

Stay tuned for these reasons at the end of the article.


Are Udon Thani girls safe?

Men who live overseas tend to ask this question. They've heard online horror stories about Isan/Udon women. It's a good question.

As a generalization, you could ask the same question about any girl from any province in Thailand. Everyone needs to be on their guard until you're satisfied you've found a right woman you can trust.

Happy smiling Udon Thai woman
Would you be happy to live with this Thai girl?

Plain and Simple, They're Happy Girls

Living in the Udon Thani province is simple living.

A young Thai girl's lifestyle is always taken care of by her parents. She gets treated like a little princess.

In their spare time, they go out into the countryside to play. Explore, pick, and eat fruit. Swim when there's been rain. These are happy times for them.

This happiness is a part of their behaviour and personality.

They View Sex As Natural

Are you wondering how Udon Thani women view sex?

Udon Thani women are predominately farm girls. They view sex as natural. This sexual freedom carries through their entire lives.

Many have been raised on a farm or have relatives or friends with farms. These Thai girls love the wide-open spaces and the freedom that allows them. They see farm animals fucking in the field.

Two scenarios play out for these girls:-

Higher Education

If they're the chosen sibling to go to University, their focus is on graduating and fulfilling their parent's wishes to support them. Sadly, it's common to find educated Udon Thani women with little to no sexual experience because of this study focus.

I've met many in their early 30s who are still virgins.

The Udon Thani province is one of the better regions to start your search for a responsible well-educated 30-year-old virgin.

Once they've graduated, they'll end up moving to larger cities like Bangkok to find a better income and send money home to her parents.

Udon woman on lotus lake
Educated or not, these girls know how to love living simple.

No Higher Education

Understand schooling in many Thailand provinces has no contraception or sex education. Schools are targeting education so adolescents can get into the workforce ASAP.

Sex education isn't a high priority.

Those daughters, not going to Uni, end up falling pregnant at an early age.

Irresponsible male youths end up joining the Thai Army - it's easy to do. Not much thinking and it pays the bills.

There is a high number of single mothers in Udon Thani. They're all looking for someone to take care of them and their child. They know how to fuck and love it. You will too :)

Young single sexually-experienced Thai girls who are desperate to find you and, hopefully, become a Thai wife.

Yet another reason why retiring foreigners choose to retire to Udon Thani.

They Love Being Naked

Udon Thani girls enjoy being naked. Why?

  • the Thai lifestyle of childlike freedom
  • enjoyment of nature
  • not troubling herself about the stress of life
  • large open landscapes

One of the best stress relieving benefits you'll feel when having a Thai farm girlfriend is her lounging about the condo with you, fully naked. She wants you to enjoy her body.

Every Thai girlfriend will be more than happy to get around without a stitch on when they have your permission.

Seeing her sexy, naked, slender, and dark-skinned body is a cure for stress and a path to sexual gratification whenever you want her.

Udon girl playing in the water
These girls love play time in the country-side.

They Know How To Save

Udon girls are no different. They've grown up in a poor province which is mainly agricultural. It's a tough life for Thais being farmers.

Udon Thani girls come from large families, with many brothers and sisters and extended families, all helping each other out when they can. You won't find spare Baht to throw around here.

They scrimp and save as best they can. And hope, year after year, for good crops - so they can send at least one of the kids to University. It is usually one of their daughters.

Thai women are more serious at learning and getting a higher education.


Udon Thani girls start young with a money fixation since they need to.

They are reminded continually by her parents she needs to graduate. She is attending University to provide for their retirement. (There's no pension plan in Thailand - this is the typical course of action parents adopt).

These Thai girls do focus on money.

They are also responsible.

Most Thai women are clueless about this.


Thailand has always been a male-dominant country and society. And probably always will be.

Thai women will always give in to the decision of her man when you put to the test. Like all women, they're testing the boundaries.

From her rural culture, Udon girls are used to it more than others.

It's a preference too. Why make difficult decisions when you can kick back and simply enjoy life with your man taking charge?

The Looks of an Udon Thani Girl

You have all heard the rumours and stories.

Udon Thani is renowned for producing some of the most sultry and sexiest women in Thailand.

I've always preferred Thai girls from the northern parts of Thailand.

These girls are the epitome style most foreigners and retirees imagine when they think of having a Thai wife or girlfriend:-

  • Slender brown skin from centuries of farming heritage
  • Beaming white-toothed smile
  • Sultry black straight hair
  • Loving deep brown eyes
  • Dressed to impress, no matter where she's going with you

Udon Thani girls are simply irresistible.

Udon Thani woman with elephant
Can you imagine retiring with this Udon woman?

Where To Find Udon Girls?

For holidaying foreigners, you'll be better to start with the larger cities in Thailand. Bangkok is a great start.

Most Udon Thani women looking for work will leave their home town and seek money to support her family.

The higher educated Udon girls will be more difficult to find.

They are far more reserved.

Her lower-educated sisters will be looking for work as shop assistants, street food vendors, and bar girls.

Udon Thani girls are perfect bar girls for foreigners. Those girls are eagerly sought after by these establishments, to draw in the customers.

Educated Udon women like shopping malls. Or go out eating quietly with friends - not easy to meet unless you want to spend countless hours using 'day game'. I couldn't be bothered myself.

It's far easier to use online dating since all Udon girls are always online.

Plus it's a safer option for them. Many prefer the anonymity an online dating site offers until they're ready to meet.

Are Udon Thani girls worth visiting?

If you're more interested in retiring with an Udon Thani woman, we'd recommend a combination of online dating as well as going to the region.

Udon Thani City is a mere 560kms from Bangkok. It has an airport plus it's a short cheap flight. If you're serious, just go there and look around.

Larger towns attract Udon Thani ladies going to bars and looking for nightlife if that's your intention.

The bigger towns also have many Sino-Thai or half-Chinese/half-Thai. The pure Isaan country girl mentality isn't there.

Getting out more into the countryside is worth the effort. Just being a foreigner gives you incredible status out in the country.

They will see you as a sought-after prize.

These Thai girls' parents will be pushing them onto you!

Two Udon women playing in the river
Thai girls just wanna have fun. Huh? lol

Udon Girls Sound Great But Why Did I End It?

Let me start by saying my search criteria will not be the same as yours. I'm looking for someone specific - as yours should be.

I found all the Udon Thani girls that I dated online, naturally. For me, I was looking for dark-skinned Udon/Isaan women who lived in Bangkok, at the time. Plus in those early stages, I was still looking, hadn't defined 'my rules' and still figuring out my situation with Thai women.

To cut a few long stories short, they are all happy women. They were more than willing to try and do anything in bed.

Plus they love sex.

They really love sex!

My issue - they all had children.

It might seem innocuous to you. For me, that turns out to be a problem. While these Udon Thani girls like you, they are still women who tend to take responsibilities seriously - the big one is their kids.

I found they always needed money to take care of their kids. Or they didn't have enough time for me. Couples need time to build any sort of meaningful relationship. So I called it quits.

Your situation will differ. You must define what these girls need to fulfill and cut them loose if the circumstances dictate. It's that simple.

What's a Girl To Do?

In Thailand, there are social levels.

One is called 'HiSo' - High Society. It's a top tier status symbol for any Thai girl to marry into high society.

Unfortunately, as Udon Thani / Isaan girls have predominately dark skin, they'll never be HiSo. That's reserved only for light pale skin girls.

Sad for them but lucky for you. These girls know what their options in life are.

Hooking up with a foreigner/farang is the next best thing. Foreigners have far more money plus more life options than an Udon girl will ever achieve on her own - and then there's her requirement to take care of her parents too.

Udon Thani girls always welcome foreigners, no matter what your age, shape or the country you originated.


Udon Thani has long been Thailand's northern gateway into Laos, North Vietnam, and Southern China.

It's popular with ex-pats since the Vietnam War when the GIs started arriving at a nearby established Air Base. The base gave rise to these women's introduction to Western culture. With GIs came Udon Thani girls familiarization with foreigners and that love hasn't waned.

Western influences saw a rise in Udon Thani women learning English, making the province ideal for guys looking for a long term relationship with a Thai woman.

You'll find young holiday-makers and retirees choosing to live in Udon Thani due to its tropical-like savanna climate.

Even the winters are dry and warm.


I'm sure you're interested in these girls now!

Are Udon Thani girls located too far away?

Is it feasible to visit them? Do they like to travel? Do Udon girls have reasonable English skills?

Nowhere in Thailand is far, least of all Udon Thani. It's a short flight. Girls here have a grasp on English, enough to get by and you both started.

They're from a poor province plus most have never travelled - they'd all welcome the chance to broaden their horizons.

Book a flight and take a small tour around.

They'll even be women who'll be more than happy to take you sightseeing, just for the opportunity to meet a foreigner.


Main reasons why Udon Thani girls are special?

  • They're just happy and appreciative women
  • They love being naked
  • They also love sex with their man
  • Udon girls understand foreigners offer more than local Thai men can
  • They are insanely sexy, sultry and beautiful
  • Silky smooth honey to dark skin tones

What are negatives against Udon Thani women?

  • Due to being so poor, they are money focussed
  • Many are bar-girls and prostitutes in larger cities
  • Most Udon Thani girls have little education
  • They all give priority to their children

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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