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Do Thai Women Really Love Older Foreign Men?

Martin Cooney
February 23, 2020 • 16 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Thai girls and older men

Some things in life are difficult to believe. They're difficult because they don't happen in your current circle of life.

Most foreign men don't believe younger cute Thai women would be interested in them.

Have you ever thought that yourself? Why would a younger Thai woman want a relationship with a much older foreign man?

Ex-pats and visiting foreigners provide higher financial support to impoverished Thai women. Western culture gives rise to maturity and independence traits; not found in local Thai men. Women from Thailand want babies with western features; a standard amongst Thai media personalities. With low salary levels, Thai women prefer foreigner relationships for better travel opportunities, more extensive food choices and enhancements of her lifestyle.

Thai Women Think They Want You

Most Thai women already know they want to meet you.

How they think works to your benefit.

Let me explain:

Analogy Time

The majority of Thai girls have small breasts.

They see western women on social media with much bigger boobs, so many of these girls save the money for breast augmentation.

Girls in Thailand really want bigger boobs
Girls in Thailand really want bigger boobs

Thai women also have noses that are not the shape of western models they see. So many choose to opt for nose surgery. The most common is the shape of a Korean nose which they find cute and attractive.

The same is true for their brown eyes. It's very fashionable for them to get blue or green contact lenses, so they don't look 'Asian'.

There's an abundance of skin whitening products available in Thailand; so all these Thai girls can change their beautiful brown skin to a much lighter whiter shade. They've got this fixation in shading themselves under an umbrella whenever they're outside, so they don't tan.

Most women in Thailand yearn for what they don't have.

Which Results In ...

In the past, Thai girls have dated Thai guys. Eventually, these girls get to thinking about an upgrade.

Asian culture respects older men.

An older foreign guy is the upgrade many Thai women look forward to having.

Foreigners Know What They Want

Most Thai women are keeping watch on how foreign men behave in Thailand.

They know you have made the journey to another country, on your own.

People don't move to another country without some sort of plan in mind.

Ex-pats and especially older ones are financially secure when they come to Thailand.

They already have established businesses outside of Thailand.

These men, such as yourselves, already have established views on what they are looking for in a Thai girl. Because of their previous relationship experiences, they also know how to treat women fairly. They know what they are looking for in a relationship and what they want out of one.

Most Thais don't give much thought to what their long-term future holds.

Thai women are looking for security in life.

They know an older western man usually has a plan for how their life journey will progress.

These women know older foreigners are looking for a Thai woman who they can live with long-term.

Having a long-term plan is a massive attraction for Thai girls towards an older foreign man.

Thai women see security and a plan together.

Thai Women Want to Travel

Women in Thailand want travel with older foreigners
Women in Thailand want travel with older foreigners

Social media and Instagram are alive and well in Thailand.

Thai women use Instagram for online shopping and at what their friends and family are doing.

Seeing all of these beautiful travel photos of their friends on Instagram gives them great joy as well as sorrow.

They also want to see and experience the same places, but few can do so.

The first challenge for a Thai girl is funding a holiday on a low salary. It takes a long time to save enough, for even a modest holiday within Thailand.

Most Thailand women have never travelled outside of Thailand - they all dream of overseas travel.

Travel means selfies and lots of them. Maybe it's an ego thing, or possibly it's more about showing their friends that they are happy and enjoying life. I think the latter is more the case.

On the romantic side, there's nothing better than having photos holding hands and enjoying your travels with a good guy.

Instagram: You might notice the partners of Thai women who do travel overseas are typically foreigners. Many are older guys. Thai women see this and are taking mental notes.

Thai women view travel in many ways. Trying new activities, seeing exotic places and, probably the big winner is, trying different and tasty food.

It boils down to their lack of funds. The obvious answer is having an older foreign boyfriend as their partner. He is more than happy and capable of funding the majority of the travel cost.

Foreigners have more disposable money; they're able to spend more on luxury items.

Don't discount the lure that travel has over a Thai woman.

Foreigners Are More Mature

quote about being a mature man is better
Be the mature guy your Thai girl want you to be

Thais have a big family-focused culture.

Thai mothers play an incredible role in the upbringing and training of the children.

Like many Asian cultures, sons are more important than girls Daughters are important but in different ways.

Mothers do everything for young sons; they are spoilt rotten, which leads these young Thai boys growing up with issues in dealing with relationship problems. Many are immature when it comes to relating to women and dealing with a woman's differences.

The opposite is the case in Western countries.

Foreign men are almost always taught to be self-sufficient. Western parents prompt their sons and daughters to leave home as early as 18 and learn how to fend for themselves, in this big beautiful world.

Thai women don't want to have a relationship with an immature man. So, again, points go to the older foreigner.

A Thai girlfriend will always take care of her man; they have a motherly instinct.

But a man isn't a baby. A Thai girl will mother her man in an entirely different fashion.

A mature foreign guy treats his woman with respect.

Once a Thai woman has experienced this from a foreigner, they rarely look at the local market again.

They Want To Be Looked After

You want a friend. You want a lover; and a little romance when the opportunity arises.

Thai women are the same. Perhaps more so when it comes to emotional support.

A mature guy knows this instinctively. He reacts naturally for support and guidance, at the right time and when he feels it appropriate.

As I said before, older foreign men have already learned these lessons from their cultural upbringing and past experiences. Thai men don't have the same level of maturity and life skills.

Every Thai Woman Wants a Better Lifestyle

Thai woman laying down
Every Thai girl wants a better lifestyle for herself

A good job that pays a Thai woman sufficient money, to live a reasonable life, might be more common in cities like Bangkok. That's not the case in the majority of the areas in Thailand.

Most of these girls were born and raised in poor regions. Many weren't even provided three square meals a day, like your home country.

It's a common situation throughout Southeast Asia.

With growing up poor like this, it's natural for them to want a better lifestyle. Which is why many Thai girls journey to find work in bustling Bangkok.

You can't fault a person for wanting something better.

Finding a job can be tough. A shop assistant job still only pays about 13,000 baht a month.

That's enough for them to rent and live in a tiny room with a bed, a fan and a communal bathroom with cold running water. They've got phone expenses which double as their entertainment centre. A Thai girl might be able to afford to eat out one or two times a week and survive on white rice and an omelette for the remainder of her meals.

Most work sic days a week and some seven days. It's harsh by western standards, but it's life in Thailand.

A Thai girl in this situation will eventually think further afield; so she can be provided for, by someone more affluent than she is.

They look for a better lifestyle, and an older foreign guy will certainly fit her needs.

Most Thai women are certainly not gold-diggers.

They're just looking for some security in life and a lifestyle with someone willing to love them.

They Want To Be Treated Nicely

Thai woman drinking wine
Treat your girl with respect and get your rewards

You might be picking up on a common thread here.

The women in Thailand are on a lower pecking order than the men. Their historical and cultural role is one of taking care, in a friendly but subservient manner.

It's how their mothers raise them.

This gentle mothering nature is a prime driver that attracts older foreign men to Thailand, to seek out a good woman, maybe a bride.

With the proliferation of social media, women's thinking is slowing changing. They want fair treatment in life. They know the old guard in Thailand wants things to stay the same. Men wish to retain power.

Which is perfectly fine as far as ex-pats are concerned. An ex-pat understands these social rules and simply plays the system and gets the girl anyway. Foreigners are in high demand in Thailand, for all the right reasons.

If a Thai woman is smart, she'll have her profile on here and be actively looking for someone different.

Is There a Target Group of Thai Women?

All women and men are different.

Different wants and needs.

The following is more a high probability list for the target audience that many older members here have used with success.

Thai girls who lost their father

Thai woman looking up
Some Thai women just miss an older father figure. They seem lost.

People miss what they've lost.

There have always been strong family bonds within Thai culture.

Many young Thai women who have lost their fathers, early in their lives, are attracted to older men.

They desire mature Father Figures.

You'll also find these Thai girls have such gentle hearts and are generally good souls.

We'd advise you to at least talk about her past and family when you're messaging.

Tread softly and be sensitive when talking about her family.

She doesn't know you yet so she might be initially reluctant to give too much away until she knows you better.

Abused When Younger

All people are in a troubled relationship, OR they are newly single. They are looking for someone new and now have a choice to make.


[a] They can look for someone with the same qualities of previous people they've dated


[b] They have learnt their past choices haven't worked out so well and will now look for someone brand spanking new.

As a western guy, you've probably already opted for option [b].

It takes some experience before a Thai woman eventually makes this choice. Some never do.

There is an underlying and common thread with many Southeast Asian men. Many take advantage of their local girls, in all sorts of distasteful ways - physical abuse, using them as trophies or only as disposable objects.

Yes sure, that happens to a lesser degree in western countries too.

Just wait till you've spoken to some Thai women about their previous encounters with Thai men and you'll understand how they get treated.

Which brings me to this section and why you want to factor in 'previous abuses'.

But a caveat before I go further.

You need to proceed carefully in talking about it with her; she'll be sensitive discussing an abusive past.

Be aware of any emotional baggage that will lead to another failed relationship.

If her past abuses are at a level that simply turns her off Thai guys, then she should be on your 'potentials list'.

Once you unravel her past encounters, you need to make sure you don't exhibit the same. That would be an immediate trigger for her that she's repeated the same mistake with you.

If you treat her with respect she deserves, she'll remain loyal and bonded to you for a long time to come.

A Poor Upbringing

Farmer Thai woman carrying basket
She might look poor but she has a heart of gold.

Some of the most deprived areas in Thailand include Kalasin, Buriram, Surin, Si Saket, Ubon Ratchatani and also the area around Khon Kaen.

It's common for impoverished people to dream of a better life.

A better lifestyle.

A better job.

A poor Thai girl wants a boyfriend who can afford to lavish them with a few special treats.

When I say 'lavish', it could be as simple as affection, food better than white rice and mama noodle and maybe holidaying for more than a day.

These Thai girls have experienced hardship you're unlikely to have seen.

Choosing one of these girls will see a unique smile that few foreigners get to witness.

It's a particular form of gratitude she'll lavish on you, in return.

Older men with more maturity are the big winners here.

These Thai women know full well that most younger men are holiday-makers. These holiday types are unlikely to be looking for a poor rural farm girl in Thailand.

Be careful of Thai gold-diggers and fully understand the woman's real intentions.

Lower Education

Thai girl at university
This girl is unlikely to have time for you.

If you're an older guy, then you're looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle, with regular bursts of fun and adventure. You're also want a happy Thai girlfriend who can chill out with you and take time beside you.

Well, that isn't going to include Thai women in high paying jobs who've worked hard to get where they are, is it?

On a side note, these highly paid girls work their butts off, most of their lives. When they start hitting their late 30s and early 40s, they realise they're getting old and have no-one in their life. Sadly, their older age now works against them, as the majority of men are looking for younger women.

So, from an education/job point of view, you need to rethink your dating targets.

Some of the sweetest Thai women I've ever met have been shopping assistants.

They're so incredibly happy to meet an older guy who is interested in them.

Their thinking is if they don't have a good job that no-one will want them. Nothing could be further from the truth, from an older man's perspective.

No Previous Farang Boyfriends

'No farang experience' is a factor that is the least important but is good to mention anyway.

Has she had a shitty experience or relationship with other foreign men, they've met in the past?

We're talking baggage again.

Foreigners act quite differently than Thai. Your potential girlfriend may have previously hooked up with some ex-pat scumbags who are just out for holiday thrills, with the local female talent.

Women in Thailand tend to believe people at face value. Men tend to take advantage of this sweet nature.

More so foreigners since they've been 'played' by more beguiling women back in their home countries. Many men visiting Thailand, for holiday thrills, often lie and cheat on the local Thai girls.

Ex-pats get a bad reputation because of this.

If she's had the same exploitation, you should understand whether she harbours any ill-will against you because of it.

It's a make or break situation.

Don't string it along in the hopes she'll change her feelings. That emotional hurt stays with a Thai woman for a very long time.

Find someone else.

Minor Reasons Worth Consideration

They Want A Baby With You

Thai girl looking  with hand on the wall
Is she eyeing you off to have your baby?

Many Thai women find foreigners' features highly desirable and attractive.

If you've ever watched Thai Drama on Thai television, you'll notice that many of the actors and actresses have different facial features than the average Thai.

Most of them are a mix of both Thai and another country. Such as half Thai and half Korean, for example.

They'll have more pale skin, slimmer noses as well as higher cheekbones. Many women in Thailand talk about having a baby with foreigners, so their baby has a better life and job opportunities because of these sorts of sought-after features.

They find these mixed-breed babies better looking.

I've spoken to many Thai girls. The 'baby topic' is mentioned often.

If you're considering starting a family with a Thai woman, then you've just earned yourself Double Points and a Level-Up Badge.

The Girl Wants Social Status

Thai girl at the pool
It is better to avoid women using you to climb the social status ladder

Women of all countries are bitchy, catty, jealous and seek social status. More so than men.

Thailand is also a high status-driven country and society.

Add these together, and you get some Thai women wanting to climb the social status ladder whether that be amongst friends, her family or just the general Thai community.

It's much like waving a diamond ring in front of friends. Some women in Thailand will flaunt having an older white-skinned foreigner on her arm. Much like a trophy - 'Hey, look what I've got now'!

You might like this sort of attention, but most guys are eventually put off by this behaviour.

You should always examine the motivations of the Thai girl that you're in conversation with before this sort of BS goes too far.


Why Thai Women Prefer Western Men?

  • Most foreign men have a classier style
  • Foreign men already have independence
  • Foreigners know what they want
  • Westerners are goal orientated for thinking about the future
  • Westerners earn a better pay-check
  • Westerners live a better lifestyle
  • Foreigners enjoy teaching their Thai girl another language
  • All foreigners enjoy travel
  • Ex-pats have developed leadership skills
  • Foreigners are generally more mature
  • Western men treat women with more respect, kindness and dignity
  • Foreigners are open-minded
  • Foreign men usually are against violence

Why do Ex-pats prefer Thai Women?

  • Better and natural sex life is high on the list
  • They want a younger youthful girlfriend
  • Foreigners want a trouble-free relationship
  • Ex-pats wish to live a simple no-hassle lifestyle
  • Foreigners often prefer to travel Southeast-Asia with a happy Asian tour-guide

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