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Hot Dating in Thailand - Why 99% of Thai Women Will Love You For It

Martin Cooney
March 30, 2022 • 8 min read • Click for comments
Updated: June 30, 2022
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Many countries have distinctive winter and summer seasons i.e. when it's cold, it's damn chilly. When it's hot, it's stifling.

The best reason to come and enjoy Thailand is it's warm the whole year-round. You can enjoy yourself with abandon visiting beaches and tourist attractions, every day of the year.

But summer, in Thailand, has unique advantages when it comes to Thai women, and you.

You can expect temperatures to be at least 35oC and as high as 43oC - bring your sunglasses, a comfortable sun-hat, and plenty of sunscreen and tanning lotion. The lotion is essential equipment for brown Thai skin.

Beach-loving Thai Women

There is no denying that dating in Thailand, during the summer months, offers some extraordinary beaches. Thai beaches remain the country's No. 1 tourist drawcard and for good reason.

Thai women, of all shapes and sizes, love their country's beaches, especially in the summer months.

Why are the summer months so popular with them?

  • the temperatures are never chilly in the evening
  • Women in Thailand love to party
    • Warm weather is ideal for drinking the night away while they're dancing. And they love to dance, with gay abandon. Thai girls are a beautiful sight when they're in this mode.
  • Brown-skinned and tanned Thailand women love the sun, clear Thai water, and sand.
    • These women are perfectly fit the 'Beach Bunny' persona.

Balmy warm weather makes for the ideal Thai holiday, for every visiting foreign man, or an ex-pat.

Even if your Thai girlfriend is an outdoor girl, you'll be surprised to learn most of them will have shied away from activities such as sail-boarding, paddle-boarding, or even jet-skiing.

A Bikini Mafia Thai women model in bikini swimsuit.
A Bikini Mafia model. Let your imagination run wild

Dating in Thailand - A Man's Guide to Outdoor Girls

Thais usually feel the lower Thailand temperatures, despite foreigners thinking the weather remains the same, all year round.

Knowing what Thai women like about summer allows you to fine-tune your 'Hot Dating in Thailand' adventures i.e active Thai beach bunnies are energetic girls, outside but especially in the bedroom!

  1. During your initial dating in Thailand site chats, ask your potential girls whether they enjoy the outdoors and beach. Explain you're planning several beach visits. You are seeking a beach girl relationship.
  2. Discover from them what are their favorite activities - you want an active girl, for more than what they're thinking
  3. Allow them to suggest their beach destinations. Giving them participation in the planning will bond them to you, and your plans. Think of this manoeuvre as the initial connection.
  4. Explain to your many Thai female friends that you want to visit beach locations for water activities. The girls will immediately see their opportunity to experience new water sports activities they have always dreamed of. Another connection is made!
  5. Do they like the 'beach party' lifestyle? Some will and some won't. Just take note of their choice so you can plan.
  6. Use our Secret Notes and Rating sections for each Thai women's dating profile too. As you get closer to your Thailand holiday, you can refine the girls with the most points and start to finalize the planning.

Essential equipment to pack?

  • Condoms, naturally. Remember to pack your preferred size since most Thai condoms come in smaller Asian sizes. You don't want to get caught with a willing Thai woman and not have enough condoms.
  • Most sunscreen types are readily available, already in Thailand. If you have any allergies, do some research to ensure your preferred sunscreen and tanning brand/s are available in Thailand. You can look at Boots and Watsons pharmacies.
  • Appropriate swimwear. Conform to the country standard of swim shorts and forget the Speedo 'Dick Togs'. You want your Thai girlfriend to always feel relaxed, with you.
  • A few backpacks, with one of them a smaller water-proof backpack, in case you're caught in a short summer downpour. Your Thai girlfriend can use the smaller pack - she will be happy that you've thought of her - bonus dating points, for you.

Indoor Thai Girls

When foreigners think of Thailand women, they imagine hot brown-skinned bikini beach bunnies. There is an equal number of girls who prefer the indoors.

Not all your potential Thai friends will have brown skin. Many people in Thailand have lighter pale complexions. You need to factor this into your 'Hot Dating in Thailand' plans and the indoors could be what you want.

What do indoor-focussed women in Thailand love to do?

  • Badminton / Tennis, for starters
    • These energetic sports are popular in South-East Asia, especially badminton
    • Many condos, in Thailand, come equipped with badminton courts.
  • Foodie tours are a Thai women's dream.
    • All Thais love their food. Food is easily a national past-time.
    • Given food is so incredibly popular, foodie tours and cooking classes are available throughout Thailand.
  • Motor Shows are exceptional indoor events to experience.
    • Motor Sports and Shows are action-packed, and always host live events. Every different experience together will have your girlfriend coming back for more.
    • Motor shows are indoor events, away from the burning Thai sun. You both will remain dry & air-conditioned, can snack until you're full, and walk around aimlessly with lots of personal hand-holding. Women in Thailand love holding hands with their boyfriends.

Dating in Thailand - A Man's Guide to Indoor Girls

Summer rain is always a looming possibility. Finding the perfect indoor girl will give you so much pleasure.

And don't concern yourself with Thailand's rainy season either. It rarely rains for more than an hour or two. Plan some local 'rain retreats' like coffee shops, indoor tourist attractions, to be safe. The girl you're with will take care of you - she knows the drill already.

For foodie tours and cooking classes, go with the flow and instruction from your girl.

Thai girls know all there is to know about Thai food. Investigate her food skill during your initial online dating site chats.

  • What does she love to eat?
  • Does she like cooking?
  • Would she be prepared to accompany you on some foodie tours and/or cooking classes? The answer will be YES but keep her involved and a part of the preparation. You're in the connection phase and want her to want you.

Motor Shows and Sports

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know Thai women prefer action movies, over romantic ones. If there is any action involved, she will be keen-as-mustard to be a part of it all.

So a motor show or a local drag-show event will keep you both happy and entertained.

And you have a bonus with the variety of sensationally attractive Thai hostesses to ogle. Make 100% sure your Thai girlfriend never catches you perving on other Thai women. Every woman in Thailand is jealous!

Essential equipment to pack?

  • Condoms remain on every list. Check the dot-points above as to why that is.
  • Get some badminton lessons, before arriving in Thailand.
    • Badminton is an easy sport to enjoy. You want to be skilled.
    • You'll be spending some quality hours playing, before heading to the bedroom for more quality time.
  • Prep your travel wardrobe with smart ( and casual) indoor wear.
    • One or two slim-style pairs of jeans. Two or three light-lined shirts will see you being able to step out, with style. A pair of light sports shoes will be a must for the badminton as well as the Motor Events.
  • Forget packing rain gear - you won't need this extra baggage.
  • Research the events and indoor tourist attractions, in the locations you're planning to travel to.


Thai women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones enjoy their summers. From the terrific pristine sandy beaches to the excitement of Thailand's motor events, you'll find the perfect girl at ThaiRomances.

Buckle up for your own 'Summer dating in Thailand' adventures. And remember to drop us a comment below, about your past escapades.

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What do the outdoor-type Women in Thailand enjoy the most, during summer?

These women prefer summer, primarily for the lack of chilly temperatures. They'll get out, scantily clad, to Thai beaches, parties for drinking & dancing, as well as crave the opportunity to go with you hiking, paddle-boarding, and jet-skiing.

What do the indoor-type Women in Thailand enjoy the most, during summer?

Indoor women will prefer badminton & tennis, food-related activities, all indoor events especially motorsports & shows, as well as any tourist attractions where they can be your tour guide.

Last updated: June 30, 2022

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