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Top 16 New Facts How Thai Dating Will Change with Thai Women

Martin Cooney
December 10, 2020 • 10 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 07, 2022
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The current global pandemic has bitten hard into Thailand's tourism industry, which has also affected finding that special Thai women you want in your life. No foreign tourists entered Thailand between April and September 2020. 2022 is only now seeing minor increases, with 2023 maginally better. Real life Thai dating changed!

But Thai women and ladyboys still have a passion for finding a foreign man - this focus will never stop. Whether they want a new friend, find love, or something quick, foreigners remain on their priority list.

Beyond the pandemic, Thai women will lower relationship expectations to secure themselves a compatible foreign partner. Thai freelancers are conducting their handheld virus checks but continue to be a high-risk profession.

Thankfully, Thailand is slowly starting to reopen its doors to overseas tourists, as of October 2020.

Thailand expects 8 million foreign tourists to arrive in 2021, followed by 16 million in 2022, 32 million in 2023, and 40 million in 2024 - Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith.

Vaccinations are only the start of how dating is about to change the world over in real life and online.

Will Thai Dating In Real Life Change, Beyond the Pandemic?

Every country will impose their own set of travel restrictions to provide safeguards for the country's population from outsiders. I'm not here to argue one way or another on health policy or a government's decisions.

But meeting other people must change. And it will.

With a 2020 world population of 7.8 billion, it will take a long time for vaccines to roll out. You'll also see many being unable to get them, being unwilling to take them, and new strains of the virus.

People, in general, are now more wary of their personal space and surrounding.

Airlines are now drawing up their battle-plans for travel. It will become standard practice for everyone to see your Vaccination ID before removing their mask in your company.

Dating will adopt these new habits. It will be common (and sensible) to isolate and protect yourself from the unvaccinated.

More and more people are now turning to internet dating sites for meeting others. We already see trends with guys hooking up and vetting girls and ladyboys. They're wisely 'pipelining' for when they can travel and visit.

2022, and beyond, will be interesting years as countries emerge from lockdowns and start reopening their international visitors' borders. Prepare yourself and start filling up your list with Thai girls (or ladyboys).

Traditional Thai women and dress
A Thai woman is traditional and sexy but needs to change during 2021

How Will Thai Women Change and Why?

2020 saw widespread unemployment throughout Thailand. This is expected to continue, well into 2025, with the dramatic slowing of Thailand's tourism sectors.

Tourism makes up more than 12% of the country's GDP. Many Thai women became unemployed early this year as hotels, clubs, bars, and associated tourism businesses closed due to a complete lack of incoming tourists.

Many of these unemployed Thai women are single.

Are they likely to want to date an unemployed Thai guy or a more affluent foreign guy? If you hadn't guessed, the answer is the foreigner. Biologically, all women want a partner who can provide for them.

More Thai Women Are Forced To Ask For Money.

These women aren't scammers. Many are near destitute, with little opportunity to provide for herself, let alone her family.

It is now commonplace on dating sites for Thai women to plead for assistance. We don't suggest you rush in and send any either. Sending money to someone you don't know is asking for trouble.

Will Prostitution & Freelancing Increase Across Thailand?

Thai women will always choose the easy path to short-term wealth creation.

They are sexy, attractive, and skilled in the art of intercourse. As the country opens to more tourists, Thai girls will look towards paying off their accumulated debts by prostituting herself.

Freelancing isn't as easy as you might, and there is significant competition for her.

4 Thai women out partying
Many Thai women will opt for part-time freelancing - choose one

Thai Girls Will Be More Eager To Meet You.

It's 'gravy train' time, folks!

Supply and demand explain the situation. Add into this mix your status and social standing too. All Asian countries and their population have been stuck hard during this pandemic. Poor people are now more impoverished. They're swimming in debt, unhappy with their lives, and looking for a solution.

That solution is you. Thai girls are increasingly joining foreign dating sites to meet someone suitable for their lives. They already know what they must do for you, no problem. Thai women are gentle, compliant, exceedingly sexy, and understand how to please a man.

She has competition too. All Thai girls know they must try harder to secure themselves a foreign boyfriend.

Will Thai Women Lower Their Dating Expectations?

Visiting foreigners will be in high demand during the 2022-2025 years - Thai women expect you to provide for them, given their lack of income. Women in Thailand will need to lower their relationship expectations to enable a quick courtship.

Thai women will need to take any guy who is interested in her.

The ball is now in your court. Start filling your Thai girl (or ladyboy) pipeline and get ready.

Will Thai Girls Be Cautious To Rush Physical Contact?

You can't blame a girl for wanting to avoid a risk to her life and those of her loved ones.

Covid-19 (to date) has amassed a death toll worldwide of 6.1 million souls from more than 431 million cases. These numbers continue to rise.

All women are sexually cautious. The current pandemic adds an extra layer to her discretion. Its reasonable Thai women should verify every man's intentions (and risk level) before sexual activity.

Think of this new way of life as their Internet Face Mask - she will wear it until she knows you're safe enough. Go with the flow here and make her feel comfortable, and you practice safety.

Will Thai Freelancers Change How They Operate?

Freelancers and bar girls in Thailand are in the 'high-risk of infection' categories. Thai sex workers are now using virus scanners when greeting clients. This segment of Thai girls takes more risk since their professions require them to engage in sex with strangers. They come into contact with large numbers of foreigners.

The challenges are:-

  • there's still a viral incubation period
  • there's unlikely to be mass vaccinations in Thailand until at the least May 2021
  • do you scan them as well before engaging in sex?

Do you even still wear a face mask when you're naked lol?

We recommend Doggie style is the better position. :)

Thai women wearing facemask in Thailand
Thai women and dating will change, guaranteed. Keep safe yourself.

Is Personal Physical Contact Going To Change In Thailand?

I won't go into the safeguards people need to adopt in the current pandemic - please do regularly check the World Health Organization website.

From a dating perspective, being aware of your surrounding is important. As well as who you are with and contact.

The same as HIV, viruses are invisible dangers. You are unaware who has it, and they're also unaware of your situation.

Please understand a person's reluctance to have a coffee and then quickly go to your condo for sex. In 2021, you will move towards a slower pace.

Don't get me wrong though, Thai women are just as eager as you are when it comes to carnal pleasures. Take things at a slower pace during this strange 2021, and you'll get the rewards you're craving.

Freelancer Risk Will Be Higher Than The Normal Thai Girls.

As I mentioned earlier, be warier of Thai prostitutes.

Thai freelancers have had their incomes slashed during 2020. Many are homeless and need to work on the street without face masks - as potential clients want to see their faces.

Thai freelancers will be vying for your attention, time, and money. These girls and ladyboys will force meeting you but be lax with taking precautions or virus checks. All foreigners are at a higher risk since Thai freelancers and sex workers are still trying to work throughout this pandemic period.

Find them on a dating site is the safest and wisest process - start your checks and pipelining. We'd advise finding Thai women who aren't involved in the sex industry until 2021 settles down — distributed vaccinations must also be in place.

Thai longboat at Koh Lipe
Start now and plan that Thai holiday with a sexy Thai girl!

Can A Single Man Still Go Traveling With A Thai Girl?

More areas in Thailand are slowly reopening for business.

The Thai government is trying everything they can to kickstart tourism again but maintain ultimate safety.

As mentioned at the start, Thailand expected 2021 to see 8 million foreign tourists arrive during the year, which did not happen, sadly That's a lot of Thai women hoping to go on holiday with single foreign men.

Plus, these holiday destinations are holding their breath to welcome you and your Thai girlfriend. These resorts have been the most devastated by Covid-19.

Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket, and most other popular holiday spots reel with unemployment and resort/hotel closures throughout 2020. They need your custom, badly.

2021 will be an excellent year for travel throughout Thailand. And an even better year to take your pick of the many attractive and willing Thai girls who haunt dating sites in desperate need of a good guy, even if only for a short time.

It's time to start planning, get your holiday travel in order, and start lining up girls.

What About Visa Changes In Thailand?

Travel visas and requirements are in a continual state of flux as of December 2020.

The country introduced a new Special Tourist Visas for 90-day stays (twice renewable) in October 2020. Thailand is trialling this new visa with only a few 'safe zone' countries such as China.

It is a safe bet there will be an imposed 'no vaccine, no entry' policy for all international travelers wishing access to Thailand, though. The Thai government is deathly opposed to seeing another wave of Covid erupt.

The world still needs a better knowledge of re-infection rates and the proven efficacy of any vaccines deployed and used. It's early days for many details.

One thing is sure - Thailand needs tourists and the money they bring into the country and spend.


Thai girls remain keen for new foreign friends, relationships, and marriage or merely talking with a single foreign man.

With lower expectations, Thai women are just as excited for a short or long term relationship during the 2022-2025 years. You only need to start messaging them to build up your list of potential candidates.

We expect the 2022-2025 years will be significantly different, for dating around the world. Thailand has reopened to the masses, in 2022. You should be ready to face the coming years with open arms, a big smile, and plenty of Thai girls wanting to meet you.

Join up today for free and get started.


How will Thai dating in Thailand change, beyond the pandemic?

  • Vaccinations will be a requirement for entry to Thailand
  • Facemasks are mandatory throughout the country
  • Thai women will push for a meeting & a relationship
  • More Thai women will want to vet your safety before physical contact
  • Thai girls will need financial assistance early

Will Thai sex workers change any habits, beyond the pandemic?

  • Freelancers are already using handheld virus scanners
  • More normal Thai women are turning to prostitution for debt repayment
  • Freelancers will be lax in taking viral precautions - be aware of the danger
  • Street-based sex workers continue not to wear masks

Last updated: April 07, 2022

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