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Is It Safe To Eat The Food In Thailand?

Martin Cooney
November 11, 2022 • 5 min read • Click for comments
A packet of Carbon Tablets from 711 in Thailand.

Is it safe to eat the food in Thailand?

Thailand is often referred to as 'A foodies paradise'. Thai food is unlike other foods you've tried, due to the many Thai regions infusing their own flavour and cooking styles.

TL;DR: Yes, Thai food is perfectly safe, with caveats applied.

  1. Always carry Carbon tablets, which are readily available at any 711 store. This will assist with stomach bugs when eating foreign foods
  2. Start slow with Thai spicy dishes, even if you think you can handle it. There's no rush in proving your strength. The chilly level also varies from dish to dish. It's better to be safe than sorry
  3. Restaurants are the safer eating choice, more than jumping directly into Thailand's street food scene. Acclimatize yourself to Thai-style, get to know the tastes of several Thai dishes, for an understanding.
  4. Thai street food is delicious. For the typical price of 40-60 baht (USD$1-USD$1.50), street food is on the low-end when it comes to high-quality ingredients. Since street food is the No.1 choice of the locals, you can rest assured the dishes are packed-full of flavour and filling to the belly. You will come back for more.
  5. Only drink bottled water. Do as the locals do as water quality varies in Thailand.

To help discover some initial Thai desserts to try, check out this page and this one too.

The many forms of Thai chilli spice - you will eat all of them in Thailand.
You will eat all these chilli styles in Thailand.

Last updated: November 11, 2022

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