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Single Thai Girls in 2020 - Do You Need One

Over the past decade, dating a Thai woman has been seen as easy to do. More and more single foreign guys say things are changing in Thailand. And with Thai girls, in general. But is it really true?

Without question, 2020 is going to be a challenging year for Thailand as a whole. Women in Thailand will also see themselves faced with financial and family hardships as the countries' ecomony continues to plunge. Does this really mean you don't want them though? We say the situation remains the same and let's tell you why ...

TIL: There's good and bad Thai girls, like other women around the world.

Girls in Thailand are still by far the cutest, sexiest and refreshing women you're ever likely to meet. We've done research across South East Asia visitors, to prove it.

But do you want one?

Weed out the ones you don't want and I'll explain why you want a Thai girl in your life, in 2020.

What does a Thai Girl for a companion mean?

Thai girls aren't the same as girlfriends you've had in your home country.

Like most women, the more you learn the more you don't understand :)

Having been in and around South-east Asia for the best part of the last decade, I've met 300+ girls in Thailand during that time.

I've got a few new things to share with you.

Don't fall for a dinner date

When you make contact and arrange a meeting with a woman in Thailand, stand firm to only meet at a public place and just a coffee, tea or ice-cream.

You can get a clearer understanding of whether she meets some of your basic girlfriend requirements.

Thai girls LOVE to eat.

Seafood buffet is a favorite, for example.

Avoid setting yourself up for one of their food fantasies and nothing more.

Keep it short and simple and focus on your game-plan.

In other words, are they in the ballpark of who you're looking for.

The First Thai girl options

It's OK if you're looking for a one night stand.

There are plenty of freelance girls, bargirls or just lonely Thai girls who are just looking for a western guy but remember they cost money.


There are many Thai girls looking to spend a few weeks with you, on your holidays.

Most Thai girls can't afford to travel, even within Thailand.

In other words, many of these girls are accepting to being a holiday girlfriend.

Most would never ever get these travel opportunities.

Likewise, having an ex-pat or western guy pay for everything on holiday means they are going to experience something they would never have had before.

Be aware they'll be a fee involved for her time as well.

Make sure you both agree on this up-front cost before any other arrangements are made.


If you're looking for a stable relationship with a Thai girl (or a lady boy) then there are millions of Thai ladies who'd jump at the chance to meet you.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, there are plenty of Thai girls for you.

The softness of a Thai girl

Thai girls are surprisingly gentle by nature - it's one of the first things you'll notice.

It's a softness of their heart.

Above all, they don't want trouble or conflict.

OK, I understand there are Thais who are just after money.

Those are not the Thai girls I'm talking about.

In short, the ones that have grown up holding true to Thai culture are the Thai girls you want to look for.

When you meet these soft-hearted gentle Thai Girls, you'll be instantly attracted to them.


Thai girls ooze that sexy Asian look.

Knowing the age of a Thai girl isn't easy, just by looking her.

  • soft supple smooth brown skin
  • beautiful silky long black hair
  • soft brown eyes looking at you
  • small size
  • gentle nature

So you'll have a tough time keeping your hands off her :)

Thai girl innocence

There is a kind of sexy innocence about Thai girls too.

Seeing them in action, my thinking is it comes from with their common beliefs as to what love actually means.

Most Thai women watch Thai drama TV on a daily basis.

These Thai dramas show Thai women as the subservient partner in a relationship who should fawn over her man. It's kind of cute in many ways.

They always talk about 'finding true love' without really knowing what that means.

In short, you be their 'White Knight' or at least pretend to be, until things get rolling.

But why are Thai girls so different


It's only been 100 or 200 years since the majority of Thais were mostly farmers.

The personality growth and outlook of Thai girls still remains largely developed from a farmer's mentality but that's not an insult either. Just providing some context.

Thai culture and their upbringing strongly flavours how they approach life and relationships.

Think about how a farmer's family organizes themselves.

The physically stronger husband who is the strongest will do the heavy lifting and toiling in the fields. He'll also be making most of the big decisions.

The wife's role is taking care of the family and the children.

Above all, this is Thai culture. For instance, a farmer's day is slow, long and repetitive. Therefore, they are very relaxed about most things in life.

Sabai sabai - happy happy Thai girl

"Sabai Sabai" is used often in Thailand.

It means everything is chilled or relaxed and comfortable. In short, it's this tranquillity that forms the backbone of Thai lifestyle.

Similarly, it stems from a farmers lifestyle.

This persistent calm takes a bit of getting used to for western guys to understand and adapt to.

Family Values

Within Thai culture the family and family values run high on the list of priorities and focus but especially so for Thai women.

This is not the same in Western cultures.

Thailand has no old-age pension.

Sons and daughters take care of the mother and father and grandparents. Thais take care of their family.

A good friend of mine told me a story of his long-term Thai girlfriend who is a daughter amongst 12 siblings. She grew up in a farming family but Thai farmers are poor people.

There were days when her family would gather around for dinner and would all share boiled rice and one or two hard-boiled eggs. For the most part, they were a happy family. They enjoyed and shared a very simple lifestyle. But this all goes towards a Thai's personal growth. Above all, it's why they value food and look for a better lifestyle.

Finding my friend was a joy for her life. To sum up, she never has to worry about food or security again.

The Havoc of Western Feminism

Certainly Western feminism has had little impact on Thai girls, thankfully.

You can look elsewhere how feminism has wreaked havoc on Western society.

In Thailand, men and women understand their roles in life.

The low levels of feminism in Asia are generally what brings Western men and expats to seek out Thai girls for a relationship.

Western women tend to come off much the same as if they're acting like a guy.

Guys today are looking for females who act like females.

For example, Thai girls are just so cute.

Firstly, they act cute.

Secondly, they giggle and talk cute.

And they even eat in a cute way.

The Body and Looks :)

And lastly there's a Thai girl's physical appearance.

  • It's okay if you like fat girls or slim Thai girls.
  • It's okay if you like girls with white skin or dark skin.

Be clear in your head what you're looking for.

Most importantly, this will help you cull those you won't find physically desirable.

My preference is slim, brown skinned, long black hair Thai ladies, for instance. Yours may be different and that's okay.

Most of the Thai girls I've met have just been slim, brown-skinned with long black hair.

Look at the picture below and tell me these Thai girls aren't a bunch of cuties.

When You Know Thai Girls Are Different

Thai Culture Differences

When they're alone, Thai girls in public tend to be very self-conscious and shy. That's how Thai culture is. Unless the Thai girl has been with a few Western guys before, that is.

Most of the Thai girls I've met appeared to be this way the first time.

They are uncertain how are other Thais would view them with a foreign guy. Thais do tend to be overly concerned about what others might think of them.

Thai couples don't normally hold hands in public. Another Thai culture thing.

When you're out with a Thai girl, it's better to be respectful and ask if she'd like to hold hands. Most will be overjoyed at the thought of the first intimate moments with a western man.

Those are 2 examples highlighting the need to always be thinking about the differences within another culture. When something seems outside another person's comfort zone, it's better to ask.

Don't push your own beliefs and attitudes in another country.

Thai Girls and Food :)

Thai girls just LOVE food.

They give a great deal of attention to the taste, quality and diversity of each and every meal.

I now love spicy Thai food which took a few months to up my tolerance level.

And when you're out with a Thai girl who's been raised outside Bangkok, just ask if she likes spicy food. Most will love it.

Meanwhile watch their eyes light up when you ask to go get some spicy Esan food :)

They'll be jumping all over you in no time.

But be careful they don't over-order which Thai girls tend to do when someone else is paying :)

Another of the most brilliant moments with dealing with Thai women is when they spoon feed you from their plate. Live with it - it's a Thai thing!

Personally I've loved it since it first happened.

It's a small thing and wonderfully cute, nurturing and feminine for a Thai girl to do this for her man.

Naked Thai Girls

Above all, Thai culture frowns upon Thai girls showing even a little bit of cleavage.

Yeah, you'll see lots of it in westernized areas like Nana, I know.

Most 'good girls' wear an under shirt to hide any visible cleavage. However, that is not to say Thai women are prudish about their looks.

Quite the opposite is true.

You'll notice walking down any street in Thailand the majority of women will be wearing very short shorts or very short skirts, for example. It's one of the sexiest reasons of living in Thailand.

The entire situation changes when you are at home. Most importantly, Thai girls have little inhibition about showing flesh inside the walls of your condo.

The Thai girlfriends I've had, immediately strip down to a pair of panties (or less) as soon as they are in the door.

And they enjoy sharing their nakedness with their guy.

Watching a movie at home with a naked Thai girl by your side, each and every day, is something to relish and enjoy.

Thai women appreciate their man appreciating her body.

Western feminism has little influence on the day-to-day mindset of the majority of Thai girls.

Sex with Thai Girls

The same applies to sex.

Don't get me wrong here. Thai women are not easy whores.

To clarify, they are comfortable with the bodies and, thankfully, they understand sex is natural and enjoyable.

Firstly, Thai girls flaunt and ooze sexuality but you won't fuck them on a first date. Second date maybe, but on the 'first date' tends to make them look to other Thais as simply being a whore. Secondly, they won't like that feeling.

Thai girls fall into a few main sexual categories:


It's an unusual term meaning prostitutes.

Freelancers come with different prices and experience. Not all freelancers are created equal.

If you're after some quick sex, hop onto WeChat and make a booking - the freelancers, in your area, will be obvious. You'll spend 1500 to 2000+ baht for an hour.

In addition, many Thai girls and ladyboys might be new to the freelancer game too. Some are good at their trade and others aren't. It's a bit like real life :)

A Thai holiday girlfriend

Thai women know ex-pats and western men come here for holidays looking for sex.

There's also many young Thai women without a job but are looking for money to survive and pay the bills.

With their relaxed nature on nudity, sex and their friendly disposition, it is easy for Thai girls to jump at an opportunity to accompany visiting guys on holiday but for a price.

Meanwhile, for most men, this is their golden opportunity.

Imagine, you are a guy coming from the west who has had poor fortunes in your sexual adventures with western women.

On the other hand, you join a dating site like and start contacting a some young Thai girls, get their contact details and start chatting to them on Line (instant messenger application) and some of them are interested in going on holiday with you.

Pay several thousand baht which is not that much money. After that, you can have a few weeks and the time of your life while fucking like a jackrabbit.

Oh my god.


Thai girls with little education have low employment prospects in Thailand. And the easiest option for them is to work in a bar, serving drinks to western guys.

Bars are a main destination for holidaying western guys.

And holiday men are looking for, you guessed it, sex.

Part of most bargirls' work duties is to also fuck for money. Hey, it's a living.

Taking a bar girl for sex involves having to pay the bar for the time she is not serving drinks - this is called a bar fine.

A Westernized Thai bargirl will already know what an ex-pat wants in bed.

Subsequently, you'll have great sex.

However, it's not for everyone but if your goal is to get a load off then this is the fastest option (it's not the cheapest depending on her rate as well as the bar fine cost).

Thai girls looking for something real

So we've covered 'time for money' options.

But the majority of Thai girls are looking for a relationship though.

Yes, this involves money as well.

However doesn't every relationship?

Being in a real relationship with a Thai girl almost guarantees sex will the some of the best you've ever had. And lots of it too.

They are always more than willing to be coached into the sex techniques you find more pleasurable.

In addition, they're willing to do anything when it comes to sex with their guy.

They prefer the guy to take the lead when initiating and rarely ever say 'no'.

Most importantly it is the effort you put into the initial training that will determine your sexual rewards and satisfaction with a Thai girl in a relationship.

Above all, they want to please you and keep you.

They've got a lot of competition for you in Thailand so it's up to you to keep on track with your training and goals.

You'll be rewarded.

Some Negatives on Thai girls

With all the positive traits for getting attached to Thai girls, there's also negatives you need to consider.

Language Problems

Coming to another country for international dating poses some problems when the population primarily speaks another language.

For instance, you'll find many natives have a rudimentary grasp on English throughout South-East Asia. But other languages not so much.

TIP: The best universal translator is just point with your finger.

While Thai people are taught some English in their early school days, the retention is all but lost if they don't practice.

The fallback option is to use Google Translator. But unfortunately, 50% of the time or more, it does a poor job lol.

If you're a patient guy you might be willing to persist with the slow pace of conversation using a translator.

However I'd recommend to only date Thai girls who have some grasp of basic English. They're quick learners so add 'basic English' to your list of 'must haves'.

Thai girls you think might be lying

It's heard throughout ex-pat forums and blog posts that Thai girls are big liars.

And people do lie. No argument.

I've had Thai girlfriends I've caught in a lie too.

But with Thai girls, I think this issue tends to be exaggerated.

So here's a list of what you might think could contribute to a lie:

  • What you tell them in English is confusing to what they actually understand
  • With a rudimentary grasp of English, their English reply will contain only the words they think they understand
    • The important part of that sentence is 'what they think they understand'
  • And with their gentle demeanor, they reply with what they think you want them to say
  • Saving face is important in Southeast Asia. Most importantly, they want to avoid conflict with you
  • It's difficult to understand English concepts in English words which they don't understand. Confusion!

It is important you continually question what they're telling you.

If you don't understand or have doubts or confusion, then you must ask a different question and keep asking until you understand.

In short, you'll have more peace of mind and their English language skills will improve.

Above all, they will know you don't tolerate bullshit.

What's Planning Anyway?

I'm sure there are but I've never known a Thai girl who plans her life in any way. And if you're unprepared, this will soon drive you crazy.

It seems they live from day to day.

A typical day consists of waking up as late as they can, checking their phone, planning the day's food and where they'll eat it and amongst this continuous cycle will be doing some work.

I've yet to see a girl do any sort of budget against what they earn. How they survive is anyone's guess and there is endless borrowing and repaying to friends and family when they suddenly run short on Baht.

As for planning the course of their own lives in one year or five to 10 years, well ,that's 'sabai sabai'.

And they use the word 'soon' to mean many things.

  • Soon
  • Maybe sometime today
  • They don't know
  • or they don't really want to
  • I'll never do that
  • They'll never speak to you again :)

A farmer's mentality.

Since Western culture has structure around your job and your future, this is something you will need to accept and fit into how you interact with Thai girl.

The concept is foreign to them and any education from you will require time and much effort, if you can be bothered.

After all, isn't the relaxed chill lifestyle of Thai girls the reason you came here, in the first place?


Can You Trust a Thai Women?

  • For the most part, yes, you can trust
  • Confusion happens due to cultural differences
  • Language differences contribute to an illusion of them lying
  • Always fact-check they understand what you're telling them
  • Never give a Thai Girl money if you're not living with them

Why Are Thai Women So Different?

  • They've been raised in a very conservative culture
  • Thais have a carefree nature which makes the girls sexually liberated
  • Thai girls love food hence Thailand's diverse foodie experiences
  • They love to travel making a Thai Holiday Girlfriend experience popular
  • Then there's the brown skin, long hair and innocent smile

Author: Martin
Life Coach and IT Consultant

Don’t talk about it, do it!

If you keep doing to the same thing then expect the same result in life.

I now live in Thailand and love Thai ladies. You can too.

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