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Thai Women in Phang-nga - 12 Great Reasons To Go There

Stephane Fillon
January 25, 2021 • 15 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 11, 2022
Thai bikini woman on tour boat.

Most people have never heard of Phang-nga in Thailand. But all Thai women have, so you're missing out!

Have you heard of 'James Bond Island,' though? That island isn't in Phuket as most people think; it's within the Phang-nga Province.

So why choose Phang-nga over the more popular Phuket?

Phang-nga Province offers are a diverse array of tourist destinations not found within Phuket Island. From the inland mangroves of The Little Amazon to the uniqueness of the James Bond Island in Phang-nga Bay, Phang-nga Province delivers adventure from azure blue island waters to jungle adventure.

Phang-nga Is Phuket On Steroids

The Phang-nga province is a melting pot of jungle-shrouded mountains carved by wide rivers. The pristine blue bays of Phang-nga contain some of Thailand's best undersea treasures.

Suppose you want to experience unparalleled diving and snorkeling locations. In that case, Phang-nga offers you such idyllic dive sites as the Similan and Surin Islands.

Are you more a hiker or trail-blazing? Phang-nga holds four of the country's best, most serviceable conservation areas. A stop to the Khao Sok National Park will have you adventuring with waterfalls, caves amongst the oldest rainforests in the world.

Phang-nga is truly amazing to behold!

Scenic and relaxing holiday bungalows within Khao Sok National Park, Phang-nga

Why Go To Phang-nga - All Thai Women's Fav?

The people of Thailand are incredibly proud of their country.

Thai women exhibit a unique quality, especially with foreign boyfriends. That trait is their love of taking charge of being your tour guide. If you hook up with any Thai women, you can expect they'll want to plan out your Phang-nga travel destinations.

So what are the Phang-nga Province spots you should tell her where you want to visit? Here are the Top Ten Must-See tourist spots every new visitor should see first:-

James Bond Island is in the Phang-nga Bay

James Bond Island at Phang-nga Bay

Tapu Island is synonymous with Thailand. This Phang-Nga Bay island was in the 007 classic 1974 movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun.' Incidentally, the island was the headquarters of the movies' villain, Scaramanga, played by Christopher Lee.

Located within the Ao Phang Nga National Park, James Bond Island is accessible via speedboat or longtail-boat as a day tour out of Patong.

I'd recommend going outside of high-season since the location is hugely popular. Snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming activities are also available.

No trip to Thailand is complete without a few selfie snaps of you at the famous Tapu Island.

Why would you take any Thai women with you to go to James Bond Island?

Traveling in Thailand can be scary when you don't know the native tongue. Just organizing precise tour dates, fees, and locations have its challenges.

You can wash your worries away when you have a Thai girlfriend by your side. Thai women will relish the opportunity to go traveling. And especially when it's to a Thai location, she can show off to you.

Thai women / Thai girlfriends can organize and haggle correctly (in Thai language and using the appropriate customs).

Similan Islands National Park

The Similan group of islands is 50 kilometers from Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province Thailand, in the Andaman Sea.

Be prepared to be amazed and blown away by a beautiful experience, like no other. I've visited this glorious group of islands twice before with Thai women or holiday girlfriends and twice with my current Thai girl.

The most convenient way to get there is to book your package with the 'Check-In Andaman website' - no hassle or bother with street vendors.

Pricing is 2500 baht per person and includes the round trip transfer, snorkeling gear, National park entry fee, three meals, and insurance. The day trip package starts at 8 AM and returns at 4.30 PM.

Get ready for continuous snorkeling once you reach the first destination.

There's a trek up to 'Sail Rock Viewpoint' at Koh Similan, which has breathtaking scenery and another hugely popular photo opportunity for your Thai girl's Instagram. She'll love it!

You'll move to another island with lunch on arrival, after which will be more snorkeling and swimming amongst the crystal blue waters.

The Similan Islands' waters are legendary and probably the best in South-East Asia.

Pro Tip: Take travel sickness tablets if either you or your Thai companion take ill due to the boat ride.

What are your chances Thai women will go with you to the Similan Islands?

When I went through my Thai holiday girlfriend phase when first in Thailand, I had a near-perfect acceptance rate when using this Thai dating website.

My opening message was 'Hi, I am looking for a Thai woman to come to the Similan Islands. Are you interested?'

Thai women from all over Thailand pounced on the offer. They know a free island tour trip rarely lands in their laps. And they 'want in.'

As I said before, my current girlfriend and I have been twice in the last few years. Her work friends were so envious since they've never been there.

The Little Amazon

It would help if you never thought of Thailand as being all beaches or Bangkok-like cities.

Have you ever imagined yourself as Indiana Jones? The Little Amazon adventure will be perfect for you and your Thai woman to go exploring.

Trek your way to Takua Pa (or Ta Kuapa), Thailand. The Little Amazon is a mangrove forest in Klong Sung Nae. This terrific adventure involves kayaking through mangroves. You'll experience all kinds of wildlife in this place.

I'd recommend your book your choice of tours beforehand and highly suggest your use 'The Little Amazon Takuapa' - ask Saran for your tour guide.

Plan for a cost in the 3000 baht range per person.

I was fortunate to see monkeys, baby owls, pythons, and other snakes, monitor lizards, cormorants, kingfishers, crabs, and even a rarely-seen oriental pied hornbill.

Pro Tips: Don't go on a mangrove kayak tour at low tide, so have your Thai girlfriend confirm this with the tour operator. Also, take insect repellent for the two of you.

Why would you take a Thai girl to The Little Amazon?

Due to their low earning capacity, most Thai women can only afford their day off at a local park or beach. Any Thai girl will jump at the rare opportunity for something different; a kayaking mangrove adventure is strikingly different.

Apart from the girl's local language skills, she will energize you with her infectious enthusiasm and the simple joy of being beside you. Any Thai girl 'worth her salt' will be incredibly grateful to be asked along to The Little Amazon.

White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach at Khao Lak

You'll find White Sand Beach (also known as Ao Thong Beach) at Khao Lak in the Phang-nga Province.

Most visitors to the Khao Lak area consider this beach the best due to its fine white sand.

Not far from the main road and tree lines, this fine golden sand paradise also has a diverse range of excellent restaurants. I spent the entire day here with my Thai girlfriend.

I've been to many beaches in Thailand, and this area is truly a hidden gem.

There are massage tables dotted up, and down the long stretch of beach line, so we ended up having a few massages in-between soaking up the sun and swimming. Incidentally, the water is clear and blue but surprisingly warm; the Thai girl I was with certainly appreciated the water temperature, lol.

If the beach life is for you, then head to White Sand Beach. Soak up the sun, get a massage, enjoy the variety of available food (both Western and Thai), and partake in some Thai romance.

What's your upside in taking a Thai girl to White Sand Beach?

Thai women are incredibly romantic Thai girls, which they get from the abundance of Thai Drama TV.

White Sand Beach is ideal for getting her in the romantic mood and so much more.

Koh Kho Khao Island

Did you ever want to feel like a real-life Robinson Crusoe?

Koh Kho Khao Island is precisely the destination you want to get away from the maddening crowd.

If you're looking for a Thai island with just sun, sand, and sea, take a ferry from Baan Namkhem (Takua Pa) to cross over to Koh Kho Khao. Don't expect to see many people but you will see animals, like buffalo and a beautiful variety of birds on the beach.

The island is only a short boat ride of about 5 minutes in a longtail boat, yet another enjoyable experience. I love Thai longboat trips, and I'm sure you will as well.

I stayed on the island for three days since I previously researched this island's location and reviews.

I'd found the right Thai woman to take. She was a 'sand and beach girl,' which was perfect. Plus, she was a Phang-nga Bay local and had visited the island once before, although just for a few hours to take some selfies for Instagram.

Should you take a Thai girl with you to Koh Kho Khao Island?

Think about it - you are spending some quality 'alone time' on a relatively deserted island with a brown-skinned Thai girl.

Spend the day on the beach and soak up the sun, after which you can frolic in the warm water together. Have a few drinks. Eat delicious seafood.

Then head back to your room for bedroom antics, which the Thai girl will want.

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

There is so much adventure to be had within the Phang-nga Province.

The Ton Chong Fa Waterfall will put you in a 'Tarzan mood,' this time, lol.

If you and your Thai girl are into hiking and the great outdoors, then this waterfall is just the adventure for you both.

There's an entrance fee of 200 baht for foreigners and make sure you both wear proper shoes as the hike is rocky and steep (in some places).

You will both be provided with a small bag to collect and bring back your rubbish.

It's a great hike through the jungle. You both can go at your own pace and stop to enjoy the surroundings along the way.

Waterfalls are a nice contrast to beach life.

Prepare yourselves to enjoy the fish spa and the cool water of the waterfall.

Pro Tip: Go early in the morning, and you'll be nearly along, even in high season.

Is taking a Thai woman to the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall a good idea?

Hiking is always better with a companion. Taking a Thai girl brings you an added pleasure from a bubbly and energetic companion. She'll be keen to experience an adventure trip rarely seen by her peers.

Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park

The Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park beach

Here you'll enjoy hiking, wildlife, and waterfalls, all in one package.

The Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park is enormous. Much of the park is also inaccessible, but there are many waterfalls and nature paths, but from different locations. If you're staying in the area for more than a day, please keep your entry ticket.

The park is relatively unspoiled and isn't busy at all. If you're in reasonably good shape, you'll combine some hiking along the adventure trails with relaxation to the white sand beach.

Make sure you take a Thai girl who knows what she's in for; some energy, adventure, plus an unspoiled beach. Not all Thai women are the active type so choose wisely.

The entry fee is the usual 200 baht for foreigners.

I went with the Thai girl I accompanied to The Little Amazon, so I already knew she was in for a few days' adventure.

We took the easy option and chose to go to the little beach in the park. The beach's sandy stretch is secluded, has lovely shady big trees with the bonus of isolated snack stalls, drinks, showers, and a toilet.

Will a Thai woman enjoy the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park?

Many Thai women prefer relaxed low-energy adventures. And that's perfectly OK but not if you're planning to visit the many areas within Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park.

Nothing beats having an energetic, vibrant young Thai woman hiking and swimming next to you. She will make you feel like a young puppy-dog.

And isn't that feeling you want when spending time in Thailand?

Phang Nga Elephant Park

The Phang Nga Elephant Park is a small family-run park that has cared for elephants for over 150 years. They only opened the park in 2015, however.

If you love elephants (and all Thai people do), then invite a pretty Thai woman to come along.

You both will have so much fun. The staff is relaxed and friendly, plus you can get close up and personal with these majestic animals treated with the utmost care and respect.

I won't ever forget feeding and bathing a 38-year-old female elephant, Tong-Sri, when I went in early 2020.

You can't ride the elephants either, which I found terrific to other Thai elephant parks I've previously visited. Elephant welfare is paramount in this park.

The Phang Nga Elephant Park is a must-do magical experience.

Would a Thai woman enjoy the Phang Nga Elephant Park?

Yes, they most certainly will.

Thai women's eyes will light up with wonder and amazement at the thought of being close to elephants, especially with the idea of touching and bathing them.

Ko Tachai Island

The Ko Tachai Island beach

Ko Tachai Island gets mixed reviews due to a higher price for package tours, so choose carefully.

I've had many friends who describe this island as 'The most beautiful beach on earth.' and 'Amazing snorkeling,' but you be the judge.

I've only been once and found the tour to be well priced and the snorkeling (and the surrounding corals) to be the best I've experienced.

The tour itself was relaxed, friendly but very diligently organized, which isn't a common occurrence for many Thai tour packages.

Once on land, the beach itself was stunning; beautiful blue water and the softest white sand you'll encounter.

Sadly, there's no overnight (or more) accommodation as the Thai National Parks made this area only for day trips to preserve nature. It was closed in 2016 for a time to recuperate.

Pro Tips: Take motion sickness tablets for a rough boat ride. Also, consider going on a weekday to avoid crowds as Ko Tachai Island is very popular for local Thai people and tourists.

Would a Thai girl enjoy a Ko Tachai Island tour?

Day tours are easy for any Thai woman to organize herself around. Message any girl and ask her the question for yourself.

The chances are high she'll reply as highly motivated to go with you - you only need to close the deal. Take your online messaging slow and steady but focus on taking a Thai beach bunny on a Ko Tachai Island tour.

It's easier than you think.

Koh Nok Island

Koh Nok Island is on the left-hand side of Phuket Island but still a part of the Phang-nga Province.

The island is a short and easy trip from Patong or elsewhere in Phang-nga.

Koh Nok Island is a busy place as it's a popular lunchtime stop for many boat tours of Phang Nga Bay. Be prepared for some crowded times.

With a lack of tourists to Thailand during 2020 and 2021, this island is an absolute paradise, though.

This small island is connected to Koh Yao Noi by a sandbar. Most people prefer to walk here and watch the sunset since, even at high tide, the water is less than 8 inches deep.

You can watch the sunset over the more significant larger island - which is quite beautiful.

There is clear water near the shore, but it gets a little murky further out, so snorkeling shouldn't be considered.

Just enjoy some kayaking fun, frolic in the water with your girl, and soak up the romantic sunset.

Are Thai women interested in visiting Koh Nok Island?

It's an island with a lovely beach and water activities. Thai women love both, especially when activities involve taking selfies to show off to friends and family.

During my single days touring around Phuket, I took many Thai women kayaking to Koh Nok Island. It's a leisurely paddle, the girl was relaxed and romantic after the sunset, and the night slipped into what all you guys want.

Enjoy the cheap trip to this island and get into your Thai dating adventures today.


Having just written this post got me excited to book another trip to the Similan Islands with my Thai girlfriend. That's how much I love the area of the Phang-nga Province.

I've provided you information on my Top Ten Phang-nga Province destinations that will excite any Thai girl to want to accompany you. That's ten golden nuggets for you to offer when messaging Thai women here and ten unique adventure experiences when you're next in Thailand.

It's easy to start and even easier to date online.

Join up today for free and get started.


Where are the top water-based destinations in the Phang-nga Province?

  • James Bond Island (Tapu Island)
  • Similan Islands
  • Koh Kho Khao Island
  • Ko Tachai Island
  • Koh Nok Island

Where are the top land-based destinations in the Phang-nga Province?

  • The Little Amazon
  • White Sand Beach
  • Ton Chong Fa Waterfall
  • Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park
  • Phang Nga Elephant Park

Last updated: April 11, 2022

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