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Thailand & Thai Girls - 29 Funny, Odd & Bizarre Experiences

Stephane Fillon
November 01, 2020 • 18 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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Every foreign country has a unique heritage and culture. Its past shapes a nation.

Thailand has fantastic architecture and people. But when you've landed here and started dating Thai women, it is best to be aware of their strange quirks, funny mannerisms, and odd behaviors. You don't need to run afoul and do the wrong thing, do you?

What are the two fundamental areas that affect the Thai people and how they behave?

The weather and Buddhism have the most considerable impact on the historical behavior of Thai people. The hot and humid Thai weather slows the pace of the Thai population. At the same time, Buddhism promotes a respectful, calm, and forgiving nature. Combining the two areas produces unusual characteristics, including a lack of long-term planning, living for the moment, and rarely keeping to agreed appointment times.

Thai People

At the core of Thailand is its people; they are the most respectful race I've met. But the quirks and wonders are self-evident the moment you step off the plane.

Thai Ladyboys

I was dubious about ladyboys in Thailand before I came to Thailand. A friend was always jabbing me in the sides, making suggestive comments about Thailand's third gender.

Ladyboys can be sexy, voluptuous, and beautiful; they can also be outrageous, loud, and verging on obnoxious.

If ladyboys are your companionship preference, then Thailand has you covered.

Their Heads & Feet

Body parts carry some intriguing quirks with Thai people. Especially the head and feet.

It is disrespectful to touch people on their heads. In Thailand, a person's head is considered the most meaningful part of the body. You need to be extra careful since it is common to give a gentle pat on the head in Western countries - not the same in Thailand!

On the opposite side, a person's feet are the dirtiest since they touch the ground. So the feet have a strong connection to the cause of human suffering and struggle, from Buddhist teachings.

Caution: When you're out meeting a Thai girl for the first time, please do be careful where you touch her.

The Beauty of the Female Form

When you first come out of the airport 'New Arrivals,' you'll instantly notice the increased amount of flesh a Thai woman displays by her apparent lack of clothing.

You'll notice women's skirts and shorts are way shorter than in western countries; heaven on earth for a man's roaming eyes.

There are a few reasons for her displaying her sexy assets too.

  • It is always summer in Thailand. People tend not to wear bulky clothing in humid weather.
  • Thai women know what drives a man's desires.
  • She takes good care of herself and is proud to show off her assets.

But do be aware Thai people are generally shy, reserved, and conservative, including Thai females.

Don't confuse short sexy clothes with her being a bad girl.

Sexy Thai woman in red shorts
Thai women love to wear revealing short shorts. Nice huh?

The Thai Shuffle

Yes, Thailand is a hot and humid country.

The heat also promotes a slower pace and, therefore, a more relaxed style of life.

Thai people walk slower, and initially, you'll dislike this. People in Thailand respect other people's walking pace and slow down themselves to show respect.

This slow shuffle takes time to incorporate and accept because you'll always want to overtake.

Showing patience is better.

Holidays, So Many Holidays

Thai people are the most accepting and welcoming people I've had the pleasure to be around.

And Thais will party-on for any reason, which is one reason they celebrate so many holidays.

Thai people will party for both Western and Thai holidays.

They celebrate Western New Years Day on January 1st as well as Thai New year on April 13th. The Thai Songkran New Year celebrations are a worldwide hit with foreigners too.

But strangely, you get to kick up your heels for a double-whammy on October 31st in Thailand. Once for America's Halloween and also for Thailand's Loy Krathong. One is commemorating witchcraft, and the other is to thank the Goddess of Water. Weird indeed, lol.

Thai people will party on Western holidays like New Year's Eve with fireworks, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Mother and Father's Day (which are the Thai King and Queen's birthdays) and Christian Christmas (despite 95% of Thai people being Buddhists) are also big days in Thailand.

There is never a dull moment in this wonderfully diverse country.

Meeting Thai Women Will Be Amusing

Not only are Thai women culturally different, but they've got their own set of peculiarities too.

Meet her for the first time will bring a set of amusing and maybe peculiar things.

The Time Issue Again

I mentioned how time feels different in Thailand.

Problems with keeping to appointments bit me on the ass when I first started dating Thai girls.

The girl's natural chilled personality often gives rise to a very casual approach for meeting you.

Some will turn up late, and others don't show at all. Most foreign guys will find this disrespectful and extraordinary; she wouldn't be thinking much at all.

For a better experience, define your timing with her, confirm an hour or two before and only leave to meet her when she confirms she's en route to meet you.

Thai girl taking selfie photo
Thai women have real problems with time. You need to train them, sadly.

Child Angel Dolls

Have you ever meet a woman for the first time who brought along a life-like doll?

I did, and it struck me as more than a little offbeat. But once I asked about the doll, things made more sense.

I thought the Thai girl wanted a baby, but I was wrong.

I think wanting a baby is part of the truth, but she explained 'Child Angel' dolls bring good luck.

Repeat After Me

English is not the primary spoken language in Thailand. The native population does try their best to understand you, though, so show them patience.

I found it initially unusual when I asked a Thai girl a question; she repeated the same words back to me.

There turned out to be an honest explanation, and one I thought was respectful of her.

Thai people don't ever want to offend, so they repeat to give themselves time to process and (hopefully) understand you.

Initially weird, but not the case once you understand why.

Whitening and Umbrellas

Most foreigners think of Thai girls as slender honey-brown sun-loving women; that isn't exactly the case.

Thai men prefer white-skinned women, strangely enough. The cultural evolution now has Thai women seeking to make themselves white and avoiding the sun.

Adding to this is brown skin suggests the girl is from a farming background, where white skin means she works inside and has a high education. Thailand is full of social and status levels.

Skin whitening products are massively popular in Thailand.

If you prefer dark-skinned girls, you should notice her behavior towards exposing herself to direct sunshine. You don't want to find yourself at the beach with a Thai girl under an umbrella.

Plastic Surgery is Prolific

Thai women have far less self-confidence than the average Western woman.

They are always grooming and preparing themselves, so they're attractive and well-maintained.

This predisposition towards beauty leads many Thai girls into plastic surgery. The surgery might start with the odd facial blemish, but once they've got a taste for it, it is often full-steam ahead into nose jobs and breast augmentation.

You will often notice Thai women with a typical Korean-type slender nose.

I find it absurd that an attractive slim Thai girl will do this, but that's the female's fickle nature.

Small-breasted Thai woman
Do you like small, medium or large?

She Wears Shorts Under Her Skirt

Thai girls are conservative, despite what you might think about them wearing ultra-sexy short skirts.

Along with her modesty comes the cute and sexy habit of wearing shorts-styled underwear.

Take a look for yourself.

Spot a sexy Thai girl wearing short shorts, and peeking out from underneath will be a pair a short black shorts-underwear.

I've never seen them in Western countries before, but they're incredibly sexy in Thailand. Cute, amusing, and flirtatious all rolled up in one sexy package.

Don't Expect To Ever Go Dutch.

Let me put this bluntly - There's no such thing as sharing the cost in Thailand.

The 'inviter' always pays for the meal.

If there's any doubt, then the superior-type person (you) pays anyway.

Don't think of splitting the bill either - in Thailand, the guy pays.

You might think it's a ludicrous custom, but Thailand continues to operate in old-time dating customs.

Living With a Thai Girl Is Eye-Opening

A Thai girl takes extra special care of you when you're in a relationship with her.

She wants to keep you happy and content at all times. Culturally, Thai girls understand their role sexually and socially, as taught to them by their mothers.


Western women avoid talking about their menstrual cycles. Western men avert the subject too.

Thai women openly discuss periods.

All my previous Thai girlfriends tell me when they're menstruating. It is common for girls to send you photos as proof, which is shocking the first time it happens.

Even my regular condo cleaning girl explained she was bleeding a little bit one day and wasn't feeling good - that's bizarre.

My explanation is that Thai women aren't proficient in English conversational contexts and can not form complex answers to describe a situation. They need to revert to easy words, and it is simply easier to 'tell it how it is.' Sending a photo is even more convenient.

Penis Holding is Unique

Sharing a bedroom with a Thai girl is a mixture of strange, cute, funny, and award-winning.

A Thai girl instinctively holds your penis as you drift off to sleep. It isn't a one-off either. Just as you prefer to cuddle her soft honey-brown breasts, she loves to do the same with your cock. Live for those moments!

Personal Grooming & Cum

Women in Thailand love to take care of men.

Thai girls will happily trim your finger and toe-nails, wash your body in the shower and, amusingly, give you a report on the taste and volume of your cum in her mouth.

Yes, your semen!

This peculiar habit from Thai females is borne from her jealous streak, too, so be careful.

If she gets a big load from you, then you probably haven't been with other Thai women, and she will be a happy girl. The opposite will likely raise questions.

The other aspect of tasting your semen is her health check for you. If your cum doesn't taste as good as previously, she thinks you could be unwell. Or you might be overeating salt or sugar.

It certainly is entertaining and amusing to get a health check once you've dropped your load.

Rich & creamy Thai dessert
Thai girls like your dessert rich and creamy.

Your Wardrobe Is Now, Oddly, Hers

It is a comical situation to have your clothes taken care of by another person suddenly.

But a Thai girl extends her hold on you by taking charge of what you wear. I've gone through several different looks while living in Thailand. It is refreshing for your head to have some change, too, so don't knock it.

Asking a woman for clothing suggestions has always been a savvy dating tip, no matter what country.

Giving a Thai girl permission cements her position with you and opens another doorway for added bedroom pleasures.

The Oddball Fascination for Selfies

I'm all for capturing the moment. I enjoy taking my GoPro with me on holidays, but Thai girls take photos to an extraordinary level.

I think it is more of a status action. Thai people live day-to-day due to low income.

When they get the chance to go out, they want to share the experience with everyone they know.

Don't ever be surprised by your Thai girlfriend snapping photos at every meal and posting them up on her Facebook and Instagram.

It will be initially painful and annoying, but you'll get used to it.

Playful Spoon-Feeding

Thai girlfriends take great pleasure in letting their foreign boyfriends partake of different Thai food.

It is unusual in Western countries for a woman to spoon-feed her boyfriend food off her plate.

But in Thailand, this random behavior is the norm.

And it's a female action all foreign men will thoroughly enjoy.

The Benefits of Massage

Thai massage is known worldwide, both associated with sex and an excellent way to relax.

It is ridiculous to think foreigners associate Thailand's massage industry as only for sexual pleasure, but that's how it is.

Traditional Thai massage will never be a subject your girlfriend will think you'll want to do with her; until the first time. Thai girls can't afford to spend money on such luxuries.

Even if you're only starting with a Thai girl, work massage into your dating process. Have a few coffees and suggest you both visit a shop for a Thai or Oily massage. The relaxation sets her up for going back to your condo.

Watch Where You Step

Only a Thai girl will ensure you don't step out of line when you're in her country.

Such as accidentally stepping on a Thai monetary coin or banknote.

Does that sound ridiculous?

In Thailand, all coins and banknotes have a picture of the Thai King.

Remember those dirty feet of yours?

It is illegal in Thailand to step on any Thai currency as they carry the King's image. Illegal and carries a prison sentence. Your Thai girl will always be keeping you safe.

General Offbeat Thai Food Experiences

Offbeat means experiences you'll initially think are weird or off-putting. Still, you'll find them all amusing and often funny once you've grown used to them.

Enormous Plastic Usage

Thailand introduced a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags in early 2020. The country was receiving international pressure on the volume of waste dumped into oceans.

What I found strange was the ban in supermarkets only applied to those at the final checkout. Everything in a supermarket is in plastic, and in many instances, multiple plastic wraps are involved. The fruit and vegetable area also uses plastic.

Street food vendors never stopped using volumes of plastic bags and rubber bands for customers to carry away food.

Even weirder, those single-use bags were used by me for rubbish. Now I must buy dedicated garbage bags that are even thicker and more difficult to break down. I'm presuming those will find their way in the oceans.

Thailand has a plastic problem
Thailand still needs to control the enormous use of plastic.

Straws & Plastic Spoons

While on the plastic subject, let's talk about drinking straws, which is even more amusing.

A ban also applied to plastic drinking-straws; when the early-2020 plastic ban came into effect. You'd need to bring your own or drink water directly from the bottle.

But a few weeks passed, and the straws emerged from their short hibernation.

Now every drink gets a straw. If you go to a local 7-Eleven store to get a few beers, the staff automatically give you straws. Any soft-drink or soda gets a straw each.

The same goes for take-away food - everything gets a set of plastic spoons and forks, which are now wrapped in a plastic bag (because of covid-19).

The obvious no-effort answer would be for the staff to ask if you need this plastic.

Some things aren't that obvious in Thailand, lol.

What's With The Popcorn?

I love going to the movies with my Thai girlfriend.

There is nothing better than the big cinema and booking the 'couples seats'; one big comfy seat at the theater's rear. And the seats recline with independent feet rests.

The odd thing is the popcorn choices available.

Corn, cheese, or paprika popcorn are front and center. I can't resist the ordinary butter popcorn, but my girlfriend always opts for a mix of corn and cheese.

It has to be a Thai thing.


And speaking of corn, it's also liberally used throughout many Thai desserts.

It's weird to me, as I think corn has little to no flavor. But many Thai desserts use this ingredient.

  • Thai sticky rice pudding with corn
  • Thai sweet corn pudding
  • Sweet corn with coconut milk
  • Tapioca and corn pudding

And don't worry; I've tried them all, and each one is delicious. I still think corn is a little weird, though.

Sauce With Everything

Thai people are big on food variety, and they love tasting different flavors.

Any food outlet (big and small) will always have various sauces and condiments on the table. You will see dry chili, fish sauce, sugar, fermented pickle, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and sometimes there will be tomato sauce.

But here is where things get interesting.

As a special treat, my girlfriend and I grab a steak. That's a medium-rare steak with mushroom sauce, salad, and french fries, but then the weird part starts. She immediately reaches for the tomato and the sweet chili sauce and liberally doses the steak.

She likes that style, and I'm OK. It's just strange, from a foreigner point of view.

7-Eleven In Thailand

The number of 7-Eleven outlets here is mind-boggling; you'll find a store on almost every corner. 7-Eleven has the biggest range of fast food I've ever seen.

7-Eleven shops have 24/7 convenience and a great place to stop when you need food of any type.

And because this is Thailand, it means you see exotic food varieties like:-

  • Banana Marshmallows
  • Strawberry Milkshake potato chips
  • Cuttlefish snacks
  • Spicy Pretz sticks with flavors including spicy shrimp to Tom Yum Goong and even basil pork
  • Croissant Sandwiches including one with a Carbonara filling
  • Filled Sweet Buns such as durian

If any fast food is worth trying, you'll find it lurking at 7-Eleven.

Thai woman at 7-Eleven shop
The local 7-Eleven is crazy good!

Insect Eating

Eating insects, as a tourist, is an essential part of your holiday.

They're perfectly safe to eat; Thailand produces all edible insects for human consumption.

  • Water Beetle
  • Grasshopper
  • Silkworm
  • Locust
  • Scorpion
  • Ant Salad
  • Fried Frogs

My Thai girlfriend regularly brings these horrid little creatures home from the local market to eat as a side-dish for lunch. Sadly, I can't bring myself to try them, and the crisp and crunchy grasshopper is not going on my 'bucket list' either.

Smelly Durian Fruit

Durian is known as the 'King of Fruits' and is widely popular in South-East Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Durian is infamous for its smell and why many tourists avoid the intense fruit. Typically, if a durian is smelly, it's gone too ripe, but that is how most Chinese people prefer the fruit.

Thai girls will shop for hours to buy durian at the correct stage of ripening.

Understanding this, I love durian with its soft creamy flesh.

Where Are All The Knives?

Asian food is mostly small bite-sized ingredients, which are why knives aren't a standard table setting.

Commonly you'll use a spoon and fork or a spoon and chopsticks.

It's a little daunting at first since foreigners have memory-imprinting and find the lack of a knife to be strange.

Don't worry; you'll get the hang of it in no time.


You can live like a king in Thailand and enjoy a lifestyle that few men will ever have, providing you accept the country's quirks and especially those of Thai girls.

Even though Thailand has many quirks, it is the diversity of cultural differences that has so many foreign guys living in the country.

Enjoy and accept the country and the funny antics of Thai women, and you'll do OK.

Join free today and take your first step.

Kite surfer in Thailand
Live large & happy in crazy Thailand.


What insects do they eat in Thailand?

  • Silkworm
  • Grasshopper
  • Ant Salad
  • Locust
  • Scorpion
  • Fried Frogs
  • Water Beetle

What strange foods does 7-Eleven in Thailand offer?

  • Croissant Sandwiches including one with a Carbonara filling
  • Strawberry Milkshake potato chips
  • Banana Marshmallows
  • Cuttlefish snacks
  • Filled Sweet Buns such as durian
  • Spicy Pretz sticks with flavors including spicy shrimp to Tom Yum Goong and even basil pork

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