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Thai girls are happy to be a travel buddy

The Best Method for Scoring Thai Holiday Girlfriends & a Testimonial

The things you finally get around to doing when quarantined lol.

Hi, my name is Glenn.

I'm a 45 year old IT Quality Assurance Tester from Brisbane, Australia.

I've been a member of many dating sites and a paid member of this site for 5 years now.

I was fortunate to meet the owners of ThaiRomances during my last trip to Bangkok when I attended an IT Convention they were also at. During our chats I agreed to write this article since I've had such great luck in my adventures lol. So here it is.

Thai girl enjoying water
You can enjoy the simple pleasures in Thailand too

My Thailand Experiences First

So how did I end up in Thailand?

Probably like many of you actually.

Some shitty relationships with a final violent disrespectful Aussie girl which drove me totally bonkers. I swore myself off having anything meaningful until my older brother, Nic, suggested that maybe an Asian girl would be better suited. He explained Asian cultures are deeply rooted in respect and the guys took the upper hand in relationships.

What did I have to lose?

Being in IT, I knuckled down into research mode. I could have chosen many other countries to try like the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam or China but Thailand won the day since it was also very popular with expats, at the time.

How did I start then?

Since I was still working in Aussie, my only option was trying the online dating scene. Since that was a first time experience, I lost count of how many Thai dating sites I joined but it was a lot.

That was where my due diligence first started.

In short, I ended up first joining and upgrading the membership on the current Top 3 websites - TF, TC and ThaiRomances. All those 'free' sites are literally infested with scammers and fakes - you waste the majority of your time and get absolutely nowhere.

So why did I upgrade my memberships?

I believe you get what you pay for, in life. Upgrading allows for no block messages - the girls know if you're a free member and they quickly lose interest and move onto someone else.

Is that what you really want? Do you want the girl you're interested in to get snatched up by the next guy? No, of course you don't. But I found it amazing by the number of guys who are playing it cheap - being a 'cheap charlie' makes no sense at all.

That was my first big awakening for online dating though. Upgrading greased the way to getting any girl I had my eye on.

It never failed.

Thai girls latch on to the guy who pays them the first attention and who can chat with them.

Planning the trip

Having figured that out, I booked a flight to Thailand and a condo in Bangkok. All scheduled a few months in the future.

Thai girls at Crazy House Bangkok
This is why I love Bangkok more

Why Bangkok, you ask?

I didn't really like the sounds of Pattaya, like many other men. The place just sounded dirty and a total red-light district. I'm sure many others are attracted by that but not me.

I thought of Bangkok as a good jumping-off point to the islands I was planning to go.

That was my strategy for my first month and a half stay in Thailand and I intended to get Bangkok based Thai women who were interested in being a holiday girlfriend to travel with me.

My first trip to the country was as a traveling sex-tourist but with a Thai girl by my side. This was going to be my holiday, goddammit!

Landed and Explore Time

Having my base at Bangkok turned out to be a great idea. It's a huge city with so much nightlife to explore. I obviously tried out the typical spots of Nana, Soi Cowboy and Silom to see what all the fuss was about.

I wasn't disappointed in seeing female activities many men only dream of. I particularly loved Crazy House at the bottom end of Soi Cowboy with fully naked Thai women dancing on stage. I visit there every time I'm in Bangkok lol.

That 6 week adventure was a mind-blowing time for me.

I ended up ditching ThaiFriendly as still being full of scammers, with their ridiculous 10 minute wait for free people - scammers flock to that platform. ThaiCupid I found was just full of Thai girls who seemed to use the site as a time filler to chat and do nothing else - I couldn't be bothered after a week or so.

ThaiRomances was and still is my No. #1 dating platform when going to Thailand.

I planned and booked 4 different Thai girls who could take holidays from their normal day-to-day work and wanted a week holiday. They paid for nothing and knew they were initially my holiday girlfriend.

I had a different girl for a week in each of Koh Samui, Koh Larn, Koh Chiang and Koh Samet.

Wall to wall fun and adventure.

The girls enjoyed themselves, took their selfies for Instagram and friends and I had them all to myself for whatever I pleased.

They were more than willing since they understood my expectations, before we even meet.

Long boats at Phi Phi Island
One of my first Phi Phi island stops with a Thai girlfriend experience - Stunning

Can Anyone Have This Kind of Result?

Anyone can do this - and I mean anyone.

I ran my 'process' (which I'll explain shortly) past both my older brother Nic when his marriage ended. And 6 months later, my mother passed away. So Dad was getting very lonely and wanted to find another lady. Both Nic and I got him started too.

Nic is now actually married to a sweet and beautiful Thai girl and my Dad has decided to move to Thailand and live in one of the provinces, to try out country living - he's recently found someone who takes care of him.

In my opinion, this works for just about any scenario - providing you're actually serious in getting results and not just a tyre-kicker.

Do You Want the Same Success?

In 5 years, I've ventured over to Thailand 7 times. 5 on my own dime for holidays and 2 more were short-notice conventions / seminars paid for by my employer.

For the first few times, it was just for fun, sex and relaxing adventure around the islands with a new girl each trip. After that I started slowing down. Not on the sex but more the number of girls.

Strangely enough, I was getting more enjoyment and sex when I had the girl stay longer. She was more 'in to me' and I was the same.

But really, as I said before, it's in setting expectations, knowing what you want to achieve and doing the planning for dates, flights and aligning all the girls for that timing. This site helps you do all that.

2 Thai girls cooking food at market
Plan the trip and girls - some work full time too

Let Me Explain What You Need To Do

Obviously, join and have a profile here.

I know a few of my friends were a little timid in joining a dating site, at first.

Chatting over a few beers with them, it turned out to be male bravado. They had a touch of male ego where they thought they shouldn't need any help in picking up women.

I said to them the following - "For fucks sake! Are you crazy? Do you see what I get each and every holiday when I go to Thailand !?!?!? How could you possibly do that yourself?"

That was enough to convince them all.

Just join and get started.

Crafting your profile is so important

I did a ton of online research about profiles.

It turns out this sites' Welcome Message gives you the main pointers anyway but I stupidly brushed them off when I first joined.

Read that message when you get it and keep it as a reminder [Thumbs Up]

Profile Photos

Do as the girls do - follow there lead because they like the same.

South East Asian girls all love to take selfies. You've only got to browse through the profiles here and you'll notice 90% or more of the women all have good quality profile photos.

That's what you need to do too. Thai girls love to browse Instagram and Facebook and look at what other people are doing.

My research soon pulled up the fact that dating profiles are the same. It's the first interest point that attracts a woman's attention.

a Thai girls profile photos example
Do like Thai girls do - good quality profile photos

The Photos I Found Good For Me

After some trial and error, I settled on 5 particular photos that I maintain in my profile. Let me share what I chose and why you should do similar to me.

[1] A clear head-shot at my work station. It is crisp and shows my face (as ugly as I think it is lol) and have been repeatedly told by the Thai girls that see it, that they love seeing my eyes (which are blue).

I made sure I got 1 of my work buddies to take quite a few photos in the same situation so I could pick and enhance the best one. That's a photography tip in case you didn't know. Take many and pick out the best.

I also bought some small cute fluffy animals that I dotted around my desk and had them in the photo too. Asian girls love that shit and makes for a chat starter when they're looking at your stuff online.

[2] Me on the golf course. So this is sort of an action shot but still clearly showing my face. Incidentally, they won't allow photos here without seeing your face in it which makes sense for a dating site.

Yeah again I got my golf buddy to take them for me. Why waste time huh? You can do this yourself with your phone and the photo timer. I'm just lazy and it's easier for a mate to take them and move around to different angles.

Another conversation starter, if you hadn't guessed.

[3] Cuddling my dog. Dogs are like fluffy animal toys lol

This one took my quite a few shots til I was satisfied. I wanted both myself and my dog looking at the camera and wanted them clear and colorful too.

Some photos are best when the viewer (cute Thai girls) sees you looking at them. I forget what the photo research said exactly but was along the lines of eye contact making an unconscious connection with the other person. Makes sense.

Me and the dog looking at the girls. You can't imagine the number of random Thai women who send me the first message when I make that photo my default one.

collection of fluffy animal toys
Fluffy animal toys are a bonus in your photos

[4] Spooning food towards my mouth. Asian people love their food and the variety too.

Thai girls are strangely fixated on food too. You can't imagine just how much until you go out on a few food adventures in and around Bangkok or wherever you decide in Thailand. They are total beasts lol (In a great and fun way).

I tried doing this photo at home and by myself but it was a bust. I ended up asking a female work friend to lunch, explained what I was up to and asked if she would do the photo shooting for me. Funny that she thought it was such a sweet thing for me to be thinking so much about impressing girls and taking care in doing it.

The final photo was eating ice-cream, halfway to my mouth and looking at the camera.

[5] The Thinker. You know the pose. Just a shoulder head-shot. Looking at the camera with a finger at the mouth as if you're thinking of something. Eyes kinda looking up for the thinking about something pose.

I get Thai girls always asking 'what you thinking?'

Photo Tips FAQ:

  • always take care you've got good lighting
  • make sure the photos are clear and colourful
    • you can use free phone apps to enhance the sharpness and colour too
  • Comb you hair, have a shave and be clean
    • you're trying to impress Thai girls.
    • Don't be a slob. Slobs get nowhere with Thai girls
  • Think about situations where the photo can get the girls asking you questions
    • that leads to chat starters and increases your connection and success
  • Thai girls all love cute stuff
    • go get some fluffy toy animals at ToysRUs for a few dollars
    • include them dotted around some of your pics

Your Profile Description

I screwed the pooch on this one when I first started :)

My thinking was to write lots of useful info so girls could read and ask questions.

Turns out the result is totally the opposite.

You'll soon find that most Thai women don't have a good grasp on the English language. Writing a whole lot of stuff makes they eye roll and they move onto another guy to check out.

Short descriptions, short sentences, breaks between sentence lines , few words in each and they can copy/paste in Google Translate works the best.

Here's an example of an earlier one of mine. I change it from time to time but it's basically the same:

sawadee krub

my name is Glenn

I have good job about computers

I come Thailand many times already

I look for a good girl for my life

Can we talk more?

That's it.

Name, good job, Looking for a good girl, let's chat more.

Nothing complicated. Words that are easy to understand and that Google can translate without any problems if they have low English skills. And a question to them to chat more so it's an invitation.

Nothing about some fancy 'IT Quality Assurance Tester' title that means nothing to them and that Google is bound to stuff up in translation.

Simple, easy, short.

Your photos will do all the heavy lifting for you anyway. Just get those right and you're most of the way there.

Website Features

I've been with ThaiRomances for 5 years already and there's so many features that continue to help me 'get the Thai girl' that I want. Well girls actually lol

Free or Upgrade

Let's first talk about that big elephant in the room, shall we? Upgrading your membership.

This should be a no-brainer once you've setup your profile and are ready to land the Thai girls but even my brother hesitated and wanted to be a free member.

Nic's Story - Hey Nic is a good-looking guy, no doubt. So he says to me, \"I don't think I really need to pay money to attract women and have a good time\".

Ok Nic, I say, up to you and go get 'em. If you have any problems let me know if I can help.

Well I asked him a few weeks later how was he going. Not so good.

Eventually free accounts get blocked messages. You aren't going any further with that girl.

Some other guy who has upgraded, like me, I just going to waltz in there, chat to the girl without any blocks or restrictions and whisk her off to WhatsApp to arrange to fuck her brains out on my next holiday.

My free account holding brother just lost so many golden opportunities to less attractive guys who played the 'smart game'.

So, yeah, upgrade for the price of a beer lunch and stop wasting your time.

I chose the yearly membership and have done for the past few years. Can chat freely anytime I want, if I'm bored I can find a Thai cutie any time of the night or day and start something.

Needless to say, Nic upgraded and is now happily married to a very cute Thai woman.

See how easy it is. Most of the hard work is done for you already

Rating and Secret Notes

I'm freaking hopeless when it comes to remembering what I have said to who. When you're arranging a heap of different Thai girls to align with your holiday dates, it becomes an increasing nightmare.

If you don't review what you've said and say the wrong thing to the wrong girl, then kiss that Thai woman good-bye, along with the time and effort you had already put into her.

After I've set up my age range which is usually 15 - 20 years younger than me, I browse through the 'Your Matches' section. That's tailored to my age range.

I tend to focus on Bangkok but I'm more than OK if they're cute and live outside BKK.

At this stage, I'm not sending messages. Just getting a feel to who falls in my cuteness radar.

[1] I first rate a girl based solely on appearance and add a Note on her profile (that only I can see by the way) that I find her cute and need to chat

[2] I try and get an initial batch of 50 Thai girls rated.

After that I'll send them all a 'Hi, I like your profile. Are you up for a chat?' message

[3] Then I logout and come back the next day. I'm slowly planning out and booking at this stage so there's no rush.

[4] Next day log back in and see who has replied. This is the part that used to frustrate me as Thai girls can be so slow and unreliable in replying. Some are quick and some check-in once a week, fortnight, month, whenever. You'll get used to it.

The ones that reply slowly I usually rate low and drop them altogether. It just gives me the shits and I'd rather not have to deal with it.

[5] So now we're getting into message chatting on the site and I tweak my ratings on how much I like them and also jotting down anything specific they mention to me.

I don't tell them any Line, Skype, WhatsApp details until I've told them, nicely, that I'm looking for a holiday girlfriend and see how they react.

I never ever use Messenger or Facebook - no way do I want them prying into my personal stuff.

So you can see how useful rating and note taking is to sorting the crap out from the cuties

For an old guy, my Dad was saved more than once by note-taking lol We don't all remember as good as we'd like to.

Admin Message System

I've never ever seen a direct message area on any other dating site where you can message the Website Administrators.

It comes in very handy like :-

  • does this girl have any complaints against her?
  • odd questions about Thai culture
  • their opinion on a destination you've got in mind
  • alcohol bans
  • duplicate profiles you might have spotted - you won't find many either

Keep that original Admin message, they send you, to make it easy to refer back to it as well as send them another question whenever you might have one.

Amazing to actually get help from a website in this day and age. None of the IT projects I work on ever has this but it's so helpful.

collection of fluffy animal toys
Fluffy animal toys are a bonus in your photos

Getting the Holiday Sorted

So providing you've told the truth and set all your Thai girls' expectations, most will be primed to go off on some holiday adventures with you.

Remember, you're fitting the bill on all expenses here. Don't expect the girls to pay for anything if you're pounding them senseless for a week or more.

Some will also be expecting a bonus too.

If they see you as a good solid guy who wants to see them again or you play the 'boyfriend who wants them to move to your country' routine, there's good chances you can avoid this extra cost.

It's up to you how that weighs on your conscious. A typical month's salary for a shop clerk here is around 14,000 baht.

Slinging the girl 5000 baht for a week of constant sex isn't going to kill you. That's about AUD\$240 which is the price of a below-average Australian prostitute for an hour.

Intra-Thailand flights or buses can be booked quickly.

The reason I prefer Bangkok based Thai girls and my residence is to meet the girl first for a coffee and double check she's ready.

If she is, do some small talk over coffee and get to meet her later at your condo so you can finalise the remainder of the trip and talk about activities.

This is really an excuse to fuck her the first time. You want to check she's compatible and eager to participate.

There's been a few girls in the past who had second thoughts when it came to doing to deed with a complete stranger.

Once you've fucked and you both enjoyed it without complications, book the travel and get going.

Rinse and Repeat

Take it slow at first until you iron out the wrinkles and the process.

You'll stumble a bit at first like I did. I made some mistakes with my messaging scripts but you should test those on a small number of girls and gauge the reply results.

Once you've got the process down, it's only a matter of repeating.

I've explained this relatively simple process to my brother, father and a number of my single mates who have all had winning successes.


  • Join an online dating site
  • Sort out 4- 5 profile photos, similar to what I've described - don't come across as an unshaven slob
  • Short and simple profile description
  • Upgrade your membership - don't be a cheap charlie - you want success, not blocks
  • always rate and keep notes on all the Thai girls you contact
  • ask the Admin guys question if you are unsure on anything
  • meet the girls before booking anything
  • test them for sexual contact
  • book your holiday with her
  • have a blast

Author: Glenn

I am a very happy holiday-maker lol

I wish everyone the success they hope for in finding a good Thai girl or just have a blast with the sexy Thai women I have found in Thailand.

My name is Glenn. I work in IT
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