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The Cut Throat World Of Online Dating with Thai Women

Martin Cooney
April 04, 2014 • 5 min read • Click for comments
Updated: July 09, 2020
its a cutthroat dating world out there

It’s Cut Throat But It’s OK

You’ll know that I have a bias towards Thai culture and Thai people.

Especially towards Thai ladies and finding love online.

The bias gets even stronger, after living in the country for some time, with 'new adventures' with Thai women.

You’ll already know some of the reasons as to why I have chosen Thailand. Many of those fall into the category for both men and women having less resistance to real equality in their relationships and everyday life.

Learn The Culture

If you’re going to visit any other country (especially Thailand), it’s important to understand yourself as well as the people (and the culture).

With this in mind, you need to focus on actually integrating yourself into and understanding the Thailand culture.

There are areas you need to be aware of such as:

  • avoid any political bias or conversation
    • it is their playground (not yours) so they can boot you out for misbehaving
  • insults to culture
    • respect and honour your new hosts.
    • Never compare to your country
  • in Thailand, it’s especially endearing for you to be humble
    • show real appreciation and gratitude
    • Especially so to a new Thai cutie your might have meet online or you are dating
    • It is a good habit to appreciate Thai people, in general anyway.
thai women love to get appreciation & gratitude

Understanding Online Dating

In the West as well as the East, the opposite sex are going to look at what they want in life in a different way to you.

That can be impacted and varied upon due to countries with different beliefs as well as their economic climate.

So there is an onus on you to do some of your own research, as to what these ‘dating drivers’ are.

Thai women looking for single expat guys will be looking for what most women look for – security and safety.

So western men who are looking for ladies in Thailand, to date online, are certainly their ideal target audience.

This is obviously due to most western men having much better financial stability when they come to Thailand.

Now while we’re talking about objectives, you also need to be clear in what it is you seek.

It is okay if you are looking for just sexual gratification and is equally fine if you’re also looking to have a Thai for a longer-term relationship.

But you need to be clear within yourself as to what it is that you want – and be brutally honest.

Once you have that clarity, it will allow you a clearer path to your objective.

I say this as the type of woman you end up with will certainly be different, depending on your goal.

Determine Your Target Audience

There is two broad categories of Thai women looking farang (western men).

They are simply good girls or bad girls (bargirls or one-night stand women just wanting your money).

They both have very different outlooks on life and behaviour.

Thailand has an abundance of both so whoever you see seek, it is only a matter of time before your wish in the online dating and real dating world is fulfilled.

So be very clear within yourself as to who is that you seek.

Execute The Plan And Modify When Needed

Within any personal goal in life, you need to have a plan of action; and dating on an Internet based dating community is no different.

The typical way to begin your new journey and adventure is to join an online dating community such as this one. Once you establish some real connections, it's then onto meeting someone in person or at least in a video chat.

The reason why a dating service such as ours is important for you to achieve success is you can start slow or fast and have a certain amount of anonymity to begin with.

With real life face-to-face dating, online dating with Thai woman still requires you to at least start some online conversations and use honesty when you do so.

Just like having clear and honest objectives for yourself, it will be important for you to achieve that goal through honest conversation with any Thai lady you meet.

But word of caution here.

Never think that your plan is going to go smoothly.

Like all plans, you’ll come up against certain roadblocks such as being unaware of a particular cultural difference or a Thai lady, who is seeking a western man to date, having a slightly different understanding on your own.

Better action plans allow for modifications and take note of differences as you go along.

Being nimble, this way, will allow you to have a smoother ride in reaching your goal and having your own Thai lady in your life.

Remember To Have Fun

Switch your life away from the pressure and stress and move it to focus of happiness and fun.

When I landed in Thailand, I felt a flood of relief, with letting go of the stress I have carried, from my past.

My outlook has continued to change to seek a good Thai woman for my life.

That was my choice – I seek a good solid relationship, in all aspects.

A relationship we can both enjoy a fun healthy relationship for the rest of my days – something I never had in the western world, and it all started through taking an active role in dating online to find my own beautiful Thai companion.

I suggest to you that life needs to be more than just about financial gain.

Internet dating as well as a real life relationship should always be about respect and it always needs to have the focus on fun and happiness.

Please please make sure yours does as well.

Last updated: July 09, 2020

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