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Thai Girls - Do This Easy 4 Step Message Process To Get Them

Martin Cooney
January 09, 2021 • 8 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 20, 2022
Example with pre-canned greeting messages

Online dating uses a messaging system to start conversations with Thai girls.

You can liken a message system to walking into a real-life bar. If your initial pick-up line is unrefined, then you're going to strike out, aren't you?

Improving your messaging scripts and techniques will see your results sky-rocket.

There are English language issues across South-East Asia. Lengthy message text does not work. Keep all chat messages to short and concise words and increase the understandability for Thai women, prompting them to reply.

It is always wise to use tried and tested methods to get a conversation started. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

We see many single foreigners stumble on what should be a straightforward process - getting a reply from a Thai girl on a dating site.

The Real Purpose Of Online Messaging Is Rapport with Thai Girls

At first blush, single men think sending that first message is a trivial action. Nothing is further from the truth.

Thai women (and ladyboys) lean towards the shy side of their nature. Even Thai freelancers are cautious since their profession can be dangerous.

Establishing initial rapport is your goal. The messages needed to cement the first bond must be suitable. You incorporate 'good result messages' into your default set of actions. Test and measure your 'hit rate,' and you will quickly see better results and more communication.

Suppose you're looking for a relationship, love, new friends, a holiday girlfriend, or some Thai lady action. In that case, you must define a messaging process. Plus, we even give you the starting tools as soon as you create your dating profile.

Pre-Canned Greetings Make The Process Easier

Baked right into every profile you browse is a quick message box.

You don't even need to peruse the Thai girls complete dating profile. If her photo looks acceptable to you, then send her a message.

You'll first notice the profile message area is pre-filled with one of a set of random messages. These short pre-defined messages invoke a reply from the girl and help you along the way.

Initial chat messages need to be inviting and innocent. Make them short passages and easy to understand by a non-English speaker.

Simple language works best to avoid confusion. The Thai girls (or ladyboy) will respond in kind, and you both can start gauging English sill levels.

Example message technique working with real Thai girls

You can see simple questions at work in the above real-world example.

In just a few questions, she's a younger woman living in Bangkok, has no kids, and is looking for a serious relationship with an older man.

The process is repeatable with multiple women (or ladyboys) across whatever time-frame is most comfortable for you to manage.

Design Your Greeting & Test For Results

You can 'roll your own' just as easy but understand not everything works the same with every woman. But usually, the same first-round messages travel the same path.

Using the above example again, here's the process:-

First message:-

"this your latest photo? wow, nice"

  • a pre-canned message used from the Latest Photos area. This designed text will prompt a reply when Thai girls sign in the next time. She replied simply with "Yes thanks."

But the vital step is she replied, and physiologically she has engaged in conversation with you. The next questions are equally as innocuous but still small text snippets.

  • "where u live now?"
  • "OK cool - what you look for on here?"
  • "do you have children?"
  • "u look young or older guy on here?"

Simple, direct, and to the point. You don't need to waste your time (and hers) on 'puff piece' words, which the girl is unlikely to understand anyway.

If you like long-winded introductions, please do go right ahead.

But are you getting the resultant replies you want?

Every activity should have a test and measure phase.

If your messaging is producing poor results, then start changing what it is you're sending. Start small and work you're way up.

Our research strongly indicates South-East Asian women rarely read past the first line of text. And the short reading applies equally to messages as to profile descriptions.

Many Thai girls will be cutting & pasting into the Google Translator app, and they're not going to bother with volumes of words.

What Reply Results Do You Need?

If you're looking at Thai girls for a long term relationship, then here are the first few introductory questions (in order) you need to send.

  1. "Hi"
    • You're just touching base and presenting yourself as a polite guy.
  2. "How are you?"
    • Still in the polite phase and exchanging pleasantries.
  3. "What you look for on here?"
    • A simple, readable question, and you can determine whether she's looking for the same as you.
  4. "Where in Thailand you live?"
    • Does her location (today) fit with your plans?
  5. "Do you have kids?"
    • It is always good to know whether there will be potential future complications with the woman.
  6. "Do you like older guys?"
    • The real question you're dying to know. 90% of the time, Thai women will be keen to have an older, more experienced man in their lives.

In twenty-four words, you'll have been polite and respectful and discovered what she's looking for from you. Plus, where she lives, whether there are children involved in the equation, and if she's into older men.

If you're coming to Thailand as a sex-tourist, you'll only need to ask the first three questions and know whether she's a freelancer and using dating sites to drum up work. But that's why there is a question order process too.

Do you need to refine your process now?

What Messages Should You Avoid?

A working messaging process wouldn't be complete without covering what areas you need to avoid.

Check your male bravado at the door.

  • Women the world over know you want sex, eventually.
  • You don't need to shovel sex-talk down their throats to replace a simple 'Hi.'
  • In most cases, Thai girls or ladyboys will click the 'Block' button on you, and you'll have lost your chance for any further conversation.
  • Forget the sex talk until much later when you transfer yourself to video calls.
  • Build rapport first. Find out which Thai girls are a good match and don't waste time.

Have you ever been stalked by a raving lunatic of a female? I can tell you it isn't a pleasant experience on any level.

  • Don't be so eager to hand out your contact details.
  • There are many incidents of men doing this with Thai women, only to regret it.
    • Thai girls love easy and are easy to love
    • They don't let go of a guy as quickly as you'd like.
    • Thai women promptly insinuate themselves into your Social Media account as 'friends.'

Let me tell you of one of my incidents when I first came to Thailand to give you the idea.

I met an attractive girl online. We met for coffee, and the talk was good enough to take a second date. The second date was a meal followed by a movie (Thai girls love action movies, incidentally).

The third date was a night meandering around one of the local Thai markets - great fun and relaxing together.

She was a hair-dresser by profession. I suggested she stay over at my condo, and she readily agreed. The night was going to be 'sexy time.'

Well, she declined sex and stated I'd need to wait at least two months for sex. Strangely, I got an enthusiastic blowjob, but sex was on hold for a few months. That wasn't going to fly for me.

The next night during a Line app chat, I explained to her I didn't want to see her again. The sex sabbatical didn't fit into my plans for a girlfriend. She started with a torrent of stupid messages, and I ended up deleting her from Line.

Well, stupid me had also added her as a Facebook friend. She'd also searched and found my Twitter profile along with email addresses and other Social Media accounts.

Christ, it turns into a deluge of messages ranging from 'what an asshole I was' to 'I'm so sorry, please let us try again.' Yes, she turned out to be a too unbalanced Thai woman.

"Hell hath no fury like a Thai woman's scorn"

The moral of the story is to start things easy. Go slow until you know the girl isn't a raving lunatic. Don't be so eager to give up your identity details so quickly.


With some careful planning, pruning, and adjustment, you can have a well-oiled messaging technique that delivers the goods.

I can guarantee you the process described here works and works well. Once a Thai girl gets the first 'Hi' message, she will reply, and that's the hook.

Forget the long-winded diatribe of words - they don't work in South-East Asia. Convert to simple and easy and ramp up your online game.

Join up today for free and get started.


What are the easiest questions to get results with Thai women?

Easy and simple questions are best. Use these questions in the order from lowest to highest:-

  1. "Hi"
  2. "How are you?"
  3. "What you look for on here?"
  4. "Where in Thailand you live?"
  5. "Do you have kids?"
  6. "Do you like older guys?"

Last updated: April 20, 2022

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