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Top 5 Tourist Tips In Getting Thai Girls - Best Action Guide

Martin Cooney
July 05, 2020 • 12 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 20, 2022
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As a tourist, travelling through Thailand is infinitely better when a Thai girl accompanies you. While many men wisely choose to book ahead and line up many Thai women using online dating, other guys land and then start wondering what to do next.

Is that bewildered guy now you?

How do you go about quickly find Thai women in Thailand as a newly landed tourist?

Meeting Thai girls when travelling in Thailand is not easy. Opportunities dramatically increase when a traveller uses proven strategies. Our research shows using business cards, asking direct questions and giving Thai women compliments will provide you with a 260% uplift in meeting opportunities.

We have got you covered though.

All of these techniques will work for new tourists. You'll be entering Thailand through a major airport and a capital city.

Large cities are densely populated, with willing Thai women, many of whom will be ready companions.

Prepare a Business Card

This technique is for shy guys and players. You are better to prepare ahead of time, but local assistance is available too, so don't fret.

What's Needed, First?

  1. Your name - either first name only or full name is ok, depending on your privacy concerns).
  2. Decide on an occupation to list. 'IT Consultant', 'Business Strategist', 'Financial Services Manager' are vague enough to use.
  3. If you have a Thai phone number list it, we recommend using a Line ID though.
    • The Line application is used predominately throughout Thailand.
    • It is available free through any App Store as well as a desktop application.
    • Once installed, configure you own Line ID
    • List this Line ID on your business card
  4. Go to your local printer before you leave your country and get 100 printed or whatever their minimum happens to be.
  5. No cards when you land? A quick visit to Fortune Town at Pharam 9 is the answer. You'll have business cards in 30 minutes.
3 different examples of business cards when travelling in Thailand
Each example style has its own merits for privacy and your fun value. Mix and match.

What is 'Business Card Strategy'?

Thai women are typically shy and reserved when meeting strangers, especially foreigners.

You need to break the ice with these girls and allow them time to settle in and be comfortable.

The easy option is a business card with your contact details.

You will use your freshly printed business card in a variety of situations.

The BTS and MRT Transport Systems

Bangkok has the worst traffic imaginable.

The easiest and fastest way to commute around the city is to use the convenient rail systems.

The rail systems are fabulous for the first time visitor like you, but Thai girls are here in abundance.

Thai people use public transport extensively. Thai women use these rapid transit trains to travel to their job, try out new eating spots during their lunch break and then there's party time after work.

The BTS and MRT lines are perfect to meet Thai girls.

Your benefit is seeing the girls in their sexy work uniforms.

Just give them the card though. Don't bother trying to talk to the girl. The transport trains are busy, over-crowded and the women may not be alone.

You don't want to embarrass her.

She'll contact you on Line if she's interested to know you more.

This plan is a mass handout strategy. Ride the BTS/MRT, hand out your cards to many and a few girls will contact you. You're on your way to chatting and dating.

When You're Out Eating

When the guy is eating out, you will see Thai men give their cards to Thai girls.

The passing of Info cards is a standard system used across Thailand. You need to do the same. The giving of cards is already a proven technique, and Thai women expect the receive business cards.

Always do what the locals do. Acceptance is high, and resistance is low. THE PASSING OF CARDS IS THE SECRET SAUCE

Give your cards out at a restaurant, when girls are waiting around for their street food or when you see a group of Thai girls eating together after they've finished work.

We've used this approach ourselves to great success.

Coffee shop in Thailand
Thai women love coffee shops. Visit and pass out your cards.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have a massive attraction to groups of bored Thai women.

The girls don't go for the coffee which most finds bitter and keeps them buzzed up for too long. The women love the selfies they can snap with the tasty treats and bubble tea.

As we mentioned before, just give them one of your cards and return to your table. The woman will hook you up on Line either then and there or later when she's more comfortable at home.

Spend several hours browsing the town, have a few coffees, see the sights and pass out the business cards.

You'll be getting incoming friend requests before you return to your hotel.

The Lost Puppy Strategy

This approach works wonders in shopping malls and grocery shops.

You will be using your lack of knowledge to trigger your chosen girl to help you.

Thai women are mothering by nature. Thai tradition teaches them always to be helpful. Use this to your advantage.

Arm yourself with the Google Translate app installed on your smartphone, in case you do run into some translation problems. You are in a different country, after all.

Good Introduction question include:-

  • 'Do you know where the toilets are?'
  • 'Hello, where is a good coffee shop?'
  • 'Where do I find the coffee?'
  • 'Can I buy good Thai food here?'

The best idea is to pre-load these questions into Google Translate and 'Star' them, so they're readily available when you need to whip the app out and present the problem to the girl.

photo of a lost puppy
Thai women love cute things. Be her lost puppy. Act cute and unassuming.

The Good Mannered Man

What did your mother always tell you as a boy?

"Be polite and well mannered, my boy".

With Thais being a gentle natured, happy and polite people; being well behaved and respectful goes a long way in Thailand. Especially for grabbing the attention of lonely Thai girls.

As a matter of course, always say 'Hello' to staff and give your full attention to them as if they are someone special (which they are). Look directly at the woman's eyes and give a beaming smile as you do it.

Every Thai girl craves for the attention of a respectful good-mannered foreigner man. All of them!

You will be surprised how many waitresses, young cleaners and hotel staff will come knocking on your door during your stay at their hotel.

These female staffs know you're on a short stay holiday. The girls have nothing to lose with a gentle knock on your door. And everything to gain which includes you getting some quality sex time with the opportunity of a happy Thai travel companion.

Pro Tip:-

Pay the same 'attention and respect' practises to older Thai ladies too.

Treat them with exceptional politeness and get to chatting with them whenever you see them. Older women will love the attention and English practise and start to like you.

Older Thai women have an expansive network of female friends and relatives.

After a few days, casually ask the older lady "do you have a good girlfriend for me?"

Thailand Fact:-

Personal recommendation carries tremendous positive weight here.

When you're suggested to a young Thai girl by an older woman, the younger girl knows she must comply. There'll be no games played on you by the girl. She has already been mentored and understands your expectations.

Take the girl out to dinner, and both enjoy yourselves. Indulge in a nightcap or three.

Then it's back to your hotel room for the remainder of the night's festivities.

The Sole Farang Syndrome, with Thai Girls

Being the only one of your kind has its advantages.

Many parts of Thailand are never visited by foreign holiday-makers; including parts of every major city.

Foreign holiday-makers avoid many parts of Thailand; including parts of every major city.

Being a 'foreign newcomer' means you become an object of great interest to Thai girls. Even in parts of Bangkok, there are Thai ladies who rarely if ever see a foreigner. To your advantage, most of those girls have never slept with one either.

Where should you start?

Choose any BTS or MRT rail line and journey six or more stops away from Sukhumvit. Look on Google Maps for the main Soi (this is Thai for the word 'road or street') near that station and take a taxi a mile or two down that Soi.

You've arrived at the start of an area with little to no foreigners.

It's time to go shopping. All you're doing is browsing the shops for Thai girls, but you can pretend to shop, at least.

  1. Stop in and browse around.
  2. If you spot an attractive girl, stroll up and compliment her. Tell the girl "Sawadee krap, you very beautiful". Drop your business card and walk out.
  3. The woman you just complimented will be thinking about you all day. She will never have had that attention from a foreigner before.
  4. Rinse and repeat to more stores
  5. Line requests will inundate you.

It isn't difficult to see why this works so well.

You are the same as a bar of Belgian chocolate in Thailand.

Rare and never tasted before. These girls want to unwrap their sweet.

A Wingman

It's common for tourists to travel with a friend.

Having a friend is another winning formula, and you get even better opportunities with scoring Thai women.

Try this:-

  1. Go out together with your mate. You can decide on a bar/club or Shopping Mall - the location isn't as important as the technique.
  2. Now for the Rule
    1. The one that finds a girl invites her for a night-out
    2. Ask that girl to bring a friend to meet with your friend

Why does this tactic work?

  1. Your invited Thai girl isn't scared to come because she won't be alone
  2. Dating in a small group is more fun
  3. Both you and your mate are in for a treat. Thai women are a bundle of happiness together
  4. The invited girls know exactly how the evening is going to end

We've used this strategy many times and ended up travelling around Thailand several times, with our two girl combo.

Your potential outcomes with girls in Thailand are incredible. They love to fuck, and they love to travel. Combine the two with your travel buddy.

Pro Tip:-

Agree with all your travel buddies to never hit on any Thai girl any of you have contacted.

We've seen many good friends have tragic falling outs together, all over a girl their friend was sweet on.

You must all make a cardinal rule and agree.

Nobody else hits on another guy's contact.

There are 23 million Thai women within the dating age range in Thailand. Don't fuck over a long term friendship when it is easy to find another girl or just pay a Freelancer for a release.

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Asking all Thai girls whether they have a boyfriend is as direct as it comes.

Most men aren't brave enough. You will be after several attempts.

Remember, no-one else knows you in Thailand. There is no reputation tarnish.

What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand.

Ask if the girl has a boyfriend. If she says she does, reply that her boyfriend is a lucky man because she is so pretty.

BUT ...

You continue your brief interlude with the girl by asking "She have a sister or a friend 'same like you'. I look for a good girl".

If the woman doesn't have a boyfriend, ask for her Line ID and give her your business card. Depending on your schedule and location, have a coffee or chocolate drink together.

That will be your first date too.


Your opportunities dramatically increase when you follow proven strategies.

These five techniques have been used multiple times across multiple holidays in Thailand.

These approaches are easy to follow and will work for your equally well.

Equip yourself with business cards in your wallet and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy your travels with many pretty Thai girls across Thailand.


What are good strategies for picking up Thai girls as a tourist?

  • Business cards are essential in many situations
    • use cards on public transport systems
    • while you are out eating
    • at any local coffee shop
  • The 'Lost Puppy' strategy is awesome
  • The 'Good Mannered' tourist works 100% of the time
  • Play the 'Sole Farang Syndrome' and Thai women will always contact you back
  • A wingman and a double Thai girl combo

Why is it difficult for Thailand tourist to find good Thai girls?

  • Many Thai girls are simply shy of foreigners
  • You are looking in the wrong places
  • She is busy and your timing is off
  • You are coming across too strong and demanding

Where are the best places to meet good Thai girls?

  • Quiet coffee shops attract many good Thai women
  • Shopping malls
  • Ride the BTS / MRT systems and you will see good Thai girls travelling to work
  • Any authentic Thai restaurant will have large groups of Thai women

Last updated: April 20, 2022

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