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Top 10 Thai Desserts That Thai Women Love To Eat

Martin Cooney
August 21, 2020 • 10 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 07, 2022
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It pays to know your way around the local food types. This knowledge is especially true in Thailand. Thai women love their food, but what are the most favoured Thai desserts that Thai women like to eat?

Our surveys clearly show the Top 10 Thai desserts preferred by Thai women are:-

  • Thai Sticky Rice Cake ( Khao Tom Mud ข้าวต้มมัด )
  • Durian Coconut Milk with Sticky Rice ( Khao Neow Toorien ข้าวเหนียวทุเรียน )
  • Sticky Rice in Bamboo ( Khao Lam ข้าวหลาม )
  • Itim Kati ( Coconut Ice Cream ไอติมกะทิ )
  • Coconut Cream Jelly ( Takoh ตะโก้ )
  • Thai Mixed Fruit Smoothie ( Nam Ponlamai Ruam Ban )
  • Sweet Thai Crepe ( Khanom Buang ขนมเบื้อง )
  • Banana Pancake Treat ( Roti Gluay โรตีกล้วย )
  • Thai Coconut Custard ( Khanom Thuay ขนมถ้วย )
  • Sticky Rice with Mango ( Khao Neow Ma Muang ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง )

You won't find a more delicious range of tasty (and healthy) Thai Desserts (Khanom Wan Thai) than in Thailand.

Navigating your way around the vast number of choices can be daunting; but knowing a Thai girl's likely favourites holds you in a favourable light, with her. She will instantly see you've researched these sweet morsels - you gain 'love credits' with minimal work.

Here are our Top 10 Thai Desserts you need to know. All are 100% 'foreigner-friendly'.

Thai Sticky Rice Cake ( Khao Tom Mud ข้าวต้มมัด )

South-east Asian people love their rice tidbits, and this one will up the ante on flavour.

Khao Tom Mud is sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and a bonus filling inside.

Typical fillings are black beans, tamarind or banana. My girlfriend prefers hers with taro while my favourite is banana.

You can eat one of these cakes in two or three bites. They come wrapped in a banana leaf for a quick and environmentally-friendly throw-away.

Where to eat Thai Sticky Rice Cake:-

You will find this popular dessert at market stalls and street carts.

I've never seen it available in a restaurant.

Thai Sticky Rice Cake
Have you ever tried Khao Tom Mud before?

Durian Coconut Milk with Sticky Rice ( Khao Neow Toorien ข้าวเหนียวทุเรียน )

Foreigners much malign the durian fruit as smelly and disgusting. Most of the misinformation comes from Chinese liking their durian as over-ripe.

Thai women do durian shopping in Thailand. They hand-pick the fruit to be firm, not soft. Firm durian is the only way you should eat it if you're not Chinese.

With Thailand supplying €537.6 mln worth of the 'King of Fruits' to China in the first four months of 2020, durian is expensive for local consumption. This high price makes it a status symbol; and a firm favourite with your Thai girlfriend.

Pairing durian with the sweetness of thick coconut milk syrup and the texture of Thai sticky rice is a combination made in heaven.

This dessert is one of the unique desserts, only found in Thailand.

Where to eat Durian Coconut Milk with Sticky Rice:-

Again, this is another dessert you'll find mostly in market areas and street vendors.

I'd caution on buying at a restaurant, as you are unaware of the freshness of the durian. As a last resort, have your Thai girl give the thumbs up or down. She knows how to choose this fruit - you need to rely on her expertise.

Sticky Rice in Bamboo ( Khao Lam ข้าวหลาม )

Sticky Rice in Bamboo is a famous Thailand dessert; cooked inside bamboo.

Vendors with this dessert are everywhere in Thailand. You wouldn't have a clue what it is they're selling until you do.

This dessert is a sweetened sticky rice dessert with black beans and coconut syrup. The dessert blend is piped into bamboo poles and cooked over a low fire.

After the Khao Lam is sufficiently roasted, the bamboo is hacked open with a machete and served.

If you're buying these rice morsels from a street vendor, they will crack open the bamboo poles for you. You're then able to enjoy them at home, at your leisure.

You should be able to buy Khao Lam with or without black bean, depending on your preference.

Where to eat Sticky Rice in Bamboo:-

Traditionally available in market areas and street vendors.

I've eaten them at a small number of Thai-only restaurants. Usually, they're snapped up by locals before restaurants can source them - they are very popular with local Thai people.

Itim Kati ( Coconut Ice Cream ไอติมกะทิ )

There is nothing better to cool off from Thailand's heat and humidity than with eating ice cream.

Itim Kati or Coconut Ice Cream contains no dairy products - especially useful if you suffer from any dairy intolerances.

The first day I arrived was also my first taste of Thai coconut ice cream - I loved the tasty dessert ever since. Your Thai girlfriend will be the same - coconut ice cream is a very Thai thing to eat.

Where to eat Itim Kati:-

The best eating experience of Itim Kati is at a local market. Ice cream stalls are abundant.

Meandering together, eating ice cream is relaxing, and your girlfriend will find it a romantic experience. There's no pressure on either of you while browsing the ins and outs of a Thai marketplace.

Rich Coconut Cream Jelly
This dessert delight is intense and delicious.

Coconut Cream Jelly ( Takoh ตะโก้ )

This dessert delight is intense and delicious.

Prepare yourself for the richness of tapioca flour mixed with heavy coconut cream, coconut pulp and sugar. Those ingredients are combined and steamed to create an excellent coconut custard.

Takoh Coconut Cream Jelly has a distinct banana leaf wrapping; making them easy to spot.

Thai people love their desserts with variety. Coconut cream jellies come topped or mixed with either taro, sago, millet, ruby ​​crispy + sugar, corn, pumpkin, red bean, purple potato, water chestnuts, ginkgo and lotus balls.

Thai women love the jellies as they already come with wrappers; which is less mess on their fingers. You both can eat Takoh desserts slowly as your Thai girl window-shops with you.

Where to eat Coconut Cream Jelly:-

If you're in Bangkok, the most comprehensive variety we've found is on the 1st floor within the Wang Lang Food Center.

But honestly, you'll see Takoh for sale almost everywhere throughout Thailand, mostly sold from street stalls.

Fifty baht will get you four pieces to share.

Thai Mixed Fruit Smoothie ( Nam Ponlamai Ruam Ban )

Every Thai girl I've met loves her fresh fruit.

Thailand is home to many unique varieties of fruits and vegetables; what better way to enjoy fruit than combining fresh fruits in a smoothie.

While you might not count it as a dessert, your Thai girlfriend would.

Fruit smoothies in Thailand are power-packed with refreshing goodness. Only the best tropical fruits are blended with cooling ice and sweet coconut water; making for the most delicate freshest Thai dessert smoothie possible.

Where to find Nam Ponlamai Ruam Ban:-

You'll find mixed fruit smoothies everywhere - they are that popular.

Why is sharing a Thai Mixed Fruit Smoothie necessary for you?

You want to engage with your Thai girl on as many levels as possible. That's good dating practises. Sharing a smoothie allows her taste buds to get a zing while she is with you - she associates you with good experiences with her.

Sweet Thai Crepe ( Khanom Buang ขนมเบื้อง )

Small, delicious, variety and creamy; that's how you'd describe these small crispy pancakes or crepes.

Khanom Buang is an old traditional style Thai dish; the Thai girl you're with will be very familiar with the taste and varieties available. Let her choose for you.

You've got a choice to make though; either savoury or sweet fillings.

Most foreigners opt for sweet. The Thai women I've dated have nearly all preferred savoury fillings.

The sweet variety is a mix of foi thong (golden egg yolk threads), coconut, persimmon or candied gourd on a pandan base.

Non-sweet crepe choices use egg, shrimp and cilantro in a thin, crepe/taco shell.

Where to find Khanom Buang:-

Any popular food in Thailand is available in the street. Spend some time chatting with your girlfriend and watch the making of these desserts.

The average price is 30 baht per piece. This cost can vary depending on the size and filling.

Banana Pancake Treat ( Roti Gluay โรตีกล้วย )

I'll admit I can never pass on the opportunity to eat Thai Roti.

Roti Gluay is sliced in small squares in a cardboard tray; making it ideal for sharing with your girl. Share with her sitting down or walking casually together. She'll love both settings.

This Thai dessert is a pan-fried pastry-style bread, stuffed with whisked eggs and banana slices, and topped with sweetened condensed milk. Make sure you also get the added chocolate sauce topping.

Where to find Banana Pancake Treats:-

Again, this food is a popular Thai street stall dessert.

Supermarket food stalls often cater to making Roti too.

Cost is 80 baht for a serving and will be enough for two people.

Thai Coconut Custard ( Khanom Thuay ขนมถ้วย )

Kanom Tuay is also known as Kanom Thuay, Kanom Tuai, Khanom Thuai and Khanom Thuay.

The name Khanom Tuay literary means "dessert in a bowl". Khanom Tuay is another traditional Thai dessert; cooked using a small bite-size porcelain cup.

This two-layered dessert has a bottom half of sweet chewy coconut milk and a top layer of thick coconut cream. Often the bottom portion has added Pandan giving a green colour and a gorgeous flavour.

Where to eat Khanom Thuay:-

Thai Coconut Milk Custard is another famous Thai street food stall dessert.

Pricing ranges upwards from 30 to 40 baht for a six-pack of these yummy delicacies. Grab an extra pack for when you get back to your condo; you'll thank me for the suggestion.

Sticky Rice with Mango ( Khao Neow Ma Muang ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง )

It would be remiss of me to leave out this world-famous Thai dessert.

Every foreigner knows of Mango with Thai Sticky Rice. It's almost as well-known as Pattaya's 'Walking Street' lol.

Prepare yourself for sweet yellow mango atop a bed of sweet sticky white rice. Most street vendors omit covering the dessert with coconut cream syrup but ask if it's available; the coconut-syrup adds a divine wallop you'll enjoy.

Always look for a full, vibrant yellow colour in your mango, without any visible signs of bruising. Avoid street stalls where direct sunlight has been on the fruit, rice or syrups, which will cause the ingredients to degrade and go 'off'.

As always, the Thai girl you are with is an expert in spotting the better quality Khao Neow Ma Muang to eat. Give her that responsibility and enjoy.

Where to eat Khao Neow Ma Muang:-

Mango with Sticky Rice is available at street food stalls, department mall food areas as well as all levels of Thai restaurants. It's popular with locals and tourists.

Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Syrup
Sticky Rice with Mango is a Thai dessert blend you can not pass on.


If you're looking to 'score points' dating Thai women in Thailand, there is no better way than knowing the desserts she is going to enjoy.

Each of these Top 10 goodies is 'foreigner-friendly' so you'll enjoy all of them with her. That's important to remember when it comes to engaging each other's senses, together.


Why do Thai women love Thai desserts so much?

  • Thai desserts are freshly prepared
  • Thai girls like sweet and sour foods, equally
  • Thai cakes are cheaper to enjoy on their salaries
  • All Thai people love to enjoy fresh locally produced fruits
  • Bite-sized dessert portions are shared

What are good first-date options with a Thai woman?

  • Sharing Thai desserts and walking a shopping mall
  • Take her to any local market where fresh Thai food is available
  • In Bangkok, Asiatique is a unique experience you both will enjoy
  • Hang out for the first meeting at any coffee shop that serves sweet cakes

Last updated: April 07, 2022

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