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Where To Start In The Online Dating Community

Martin Cooney
March 06, 2014 • 4 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Farang and Thai Women Using Safe Online Dating

Your Dating Profile Is Your Friend

We’re often asked by Western men looking to date Thai Women about how to start.

When you are beginning to date online, the first area that needs to be complete is your dating profile – where your personal information is read by other people (potential dating partners).

Why Is a Dating Profile So Important?

Think of it this way:

Your first contact a Thai woman looking for a date will be from her looking through your online details.

Dating Profile Pictures

Thai Romances is the only Thai online dating website that allows you to upload more than 10 different profile photos of yourself.

It is important you use this visual space wisely.

Human beings are visual creatures and when it comes to relationships, we want to understand who we’re making contact with.

And that is why clear and happy photos of yourself are important to upload.

Avoid having your arms crossed as this projects an aggressive external image and that is particularly the case with the Thai culture.

Always try to be smiling and appearing happy.

Both you and I enjoy the company of happy people (in real life) and it is the same when trying to make a new connection on a dating community website such as Thai Romances.

Be as accurate as possible in your online dating profile preferences so that the dating system can better match and suggest which Thai woman wanting a new man in her life will best suit who you are looking for.

Be happy and you attract happy people into your life
Be happy and you attract happy people into your life

Start A Conversation With Someone

While photos are a direct connection with an online date, the second connection is usually communication, in one way or another.

There are a number of different ways that you can contact another member who you might find interesting.

The first area is that you need to actually become a friend with this person.

Sending a friend request is how this is done within our system.

Each and every online dating member has the option to either accept or decline your friend request.

You cannot force someone to be your friend on an online dating website, just like in real life.

The Conversation Begins

Once you’ve connected with your new online dating friend at Thai Romances, you need to take it slow.

Avoid pressure on your new friend.

Again like real life, you need to find common ground and start the conversation with a simple ‘hello’ or ‘nice to meet you’.

Dating a Thai woman is quite different than western women.

If the lady is a good lady then rushing her will send warning signals off in her mind.

Thai women have heard it all before from Farangs.

There are a lot of western men that look on Thai women as just sex objects – that’s a bad way to begin any sort of relationship.

And the majority of women in Thailand are looking for a serious relationship with an honest, balanced and stable expat Western man.

If you’re coming to Thailand to enjoy a Thai relationship then understand the culture is peaceful, serene and steeped in respect.

Make sure your conversations with a new Thai lady follow these three principles.

The conversation process will be a little slower than you’re used to in real life because you’re using a message system.

Think of it as e-mail communication so that you better understand the pace you will be communicating at.

Always be honest.

Ask short questions with few words as many Thai speak little English so easy and short messages are the better way to start.

That Will Get You Going

Those are probably the first and most important areas to kickstart your journey with Thai Romances.

Whether you’re a Thai woman seeking a man or an expat guy dating again for the first time or maybe a divorced western man looking for a better culture and a better way of life, online dating communities such as this site are the right place to begin the new adventure.


Why Is a Dating Profile So Important?

  • It's your first contact point a Thai woman
  • It needs to express you to her
  • Good quality clear photos are the 1st areas viewed
  • Testing shows you'll receive way more views
  • Your profile is also a talking point

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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