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Why Are Thai Girls Not Karens And Never Will Be?

Martin Cooney
September 09, 2020 • 16 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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As a red-blooded male, I find the obnoxious nature of Western women these days distasteful. I am sure you do too.

This behaviour is a big problem in Western; women have lost their identity and femininity.

Is it any wonder why the trend of Karen memes is growing at an exponential pace?

Why is there an ongoing trend for foreign men to move to Thailand and choose a local Thai girl as a partner?

There are four reasons why Thai women do not misbehave the same as Western women:-

  • The Asian cultural trait of 'Saving Face'.
    • 'Saving face' or 'building face' raises another person's self-worth, which is a better outcome for everyone.
  • Social conditioning and training of Thai women targets producing 'good women' who are well-equipped in traditional' home sciences'.
  • Women in Thailand prefer a softer 'motherly' approach to problem-solving.
  • Thai girls maintain extensive body care regimes which give them a greater sense of self-worth towards males.

What is a Karen?

Karen [ kair-in ]

Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often a racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people's behaviors.

As featured in memes, Karen is generally stereotyped as having a blonde bob haircut, asking to speak to retail and restaurant managers to voice complaints or make demands, and being an anti-vax, Generation X soccer mom.

In 2020, Karen spread as a label used to call out white women who were captured in viral videos engaging in what is widely seen as racist acts - from

The description above is becoming the norm in Western countries.

I have nothing against a woman's rights to act and behave as she sees fit.

The unfortunate fact is these women are no longer the feminine creatures they once were. More and more women are lining up becoming Karens!

Do You See Karens in Thailand?

You will see Karens in Thailand, for sure.

They'll be holidaying in the country with their husband and family.

I noticed the Karen-behaviour first-hand on a recent holiday at Koh Phi Phi, with my Thai girlfriend. These Western women on holiday can get loud, rude and obnoxious.

I'm sitting calmly with my girl at breakfast. My girlfriend is wearing a crop top and shorts; holiday wear. She has dark skin and half my age.

Well, this Karen's husband starts eyeing my girlfriend's form from his breakfast table and gets busted by his wife. His wife's eyes were daggers in his soul; I wouldn't want to be him for the remainder of his holiday.

The point to the example being is it is natural for a man to gaze at something he misses. The Western Karen knows she's fucking up too but is incapable of reverting to a nice woman.

Western Karens have no upper-hand in Thailand. White foreign males only want Thai women.

Why Are Thai Women Not Karens?

I have never seen a Thai girl explode towards anyone as I've watched in the many Karen videos currently doing the rounds on the Internet.

Well, maybe one girl who was 'serving it' to her boyfriend after she caught him cheating - but that's not what we're talking about here.

Western KarensThai Women
AggressiveLiterally, wouldn’t hurt a fly (Buddhism)
ObnoxiousCalm and Submissive
Offensive to other peopleThai culture & ‘Saving Face’ prevents Thai women from being deliberately offensive to others
RacistThai people are accepting and grateful of other people
UnattractiveTake great care in their appearance
Silly short Bob cut hairLong flowing silky black hair
Seemingly care little of their personal care and appearanceA Thai women’s greatest strength in society is her never-ending body care regime
They get out and about in baggy sweat-pants and untidy oversized tops; to hide their considerable bodiesWhether it is short shorts or figure-hugging skirts, a Thai woman dresses to please the eyes of others
two lovely Thai women
Thai girls only want to take care of you - always.

Saving Face

There's an essential facet to Thai culture - 'saving face' or 'losing face'.

'Face' can be described as a mix of social standing, reputation, influence, dignity, and honour. Causing another person to 'lose face' lowers them in the eyes of their peers. 'Saving face' or 'building face' raises their self-worth, which is a better outcome for everyone.

This one critical cultural trait stands Thai people above all those bitchy self-serving Western Karens.

Thai girls are pleased knowing they are happy with their lives. These girls 'roll with the punches' like no-one else; contented things will be OK in the long run.

Women in Thailand avoid public attention, but they crave the attention of their boyfriends and husbands; which makes the males in the relationship eager to please and be pleased. This sort of relationship is a win-win scenario. And why so many foreign men desire Thai women after experiencing the acidic nature of today's Western woman

A Non-Karen Culture

I'll be horse-whipped by the feminists for this comment.

Western Karens are a product of misguided feminism.

The feminist movement (also known as the women's movement, or only feminism) refers to a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism and the feminist movement - Wikipedia

Western women think it is acceptable to start adopting aggression and rudeness into their behaviour as if these characteristics raise them higher in a male-dominated viewpoint. It doesn't.

Asian women, in particular Thai females, desire the attentions of males; in fact, Thai women relish a man's affections.

Karens, on the other hand, tend to be expired, menopausal females. Who are hell-bent that even lazy, fat, unattractive women have their right to be heard over others.

On the opposite side are Thai women; they are kind, courteous, caring and attractive females hell-bent on remaining demure and slim and loving to their boyfriends and husbands.

The Thai female course is the gender balance all men want.

A Non-Karen Environment

Historically, the training and social conditioning of Thai women targets producing 'good women' who are well-equipped in traditional' home sciences' - cooking, taking care of their men and maintaining the home.

Thailand has a 95% Buddhist population. The dominant image of a woman (throughout Buddhist teachings and texts) is that of ”mother” (mae), particularly mother-nurturer. Hence comes a Thai woman's predisposed disposition as a caring and nurturing individual.

Thailand was 69th in the global rank of the UNDP's Gender Inequality Index (GII) in 2011 out of 146 countries; meaning the country remains as a male-dominated social structure.

Now before the equal-rights activists take up arms against Thai society, ask yourself the question "Does Thai society function in the current roles of men and women?".

Of the 230+ Thai women I've dated, all unreservedly admit women are not as resilient (in general day-to-day life situations) as men. Every Thai girl wants to have a partner in life and be taken care of; so the girl can perform her role in the relationship.

two gentle loving Thai women performing the wai
No Karens here - only gentle loving Thai ladies.

How Does Thai Society Fit Into a Karee-Free Role?

Sadly, Western Karens believe they have the upper hand over both males; as well as the right to mouth-off whenever they feel the need arises.

Thai women don't share these traits and thoughts, which is the reason Thai dating sites are popular. Western men eventually desire a more calm and healthy gender-role relationship. Foreign guys don't want a slave; they want peace and balance in their lives.

And Thai women want this too.

No Karen Body-Shapes or Attitudes

All Thai women want a relationship with a good man.

There's an awful lot of competition since Thai girls also want financial security and opportunities for travel; which is why foreigners become their dating targets.

A Thai woman will get nowhere is she acts the same as an argumentative immature plump old Karen girl. No man wants or needs constant stress and warfare with a woman.

Germaine Greer, the renowned feminist activist, once said: "Women love men more than men love women".

Thai women know this to be true. Local Thai men will dump a misbehaving girl and find another.

With competition comes the need for image and body preparation.

Thai women are meticulous with just the correct amount of makeup, clothing style and body exercise to attract the guy she wants.

I've dated Thai women in their fifty's who don't look a day over 30. It is impossible to guess a Thai woman's age due to the care and diligence they always maintain with their body and health regimes.

Western Karens appear like they don't give a fuck. Have they given up on themselves and taking their sorrows out on other unfortunate souls?

A slim Thai woman at the beach
Welcome to Slim Girl Thailand - no fat angry Karens here.

Women Are Not The Same As Men

There are scientific proof and studies that the brain of men and women are remarkably different.

While society shapes some behaviours, women need to get back to their feminine roots. Stop being macho aggressive Karens.

Thai women (and most South-East Asian women) continue with traditional beliefs and gender roles.

Seeing the average Thai husband and wife work together demonstrates each person has their role to play. There aren't any arguments. Quite the opposite is true.

You can see this everywhere in Thailand, from 'Mom and Pop' street food vendors to office workers.

Thai people have a calmness and acceptance you don't see anywhere in the Western world.


Does this post come off heavy-handed against Western feminism, the stereotypical Western Karen and how great Thai women are?

You bet it does and for a good reason!

There are so many minority and vocal groups in First World Countries that those country's social fabric is rapidly falling apart.

Is it any wonder why the smarter foreign man chooses to focus his attention towards Asian women?

My message to the Western Karens:-

"Get over your self-righteous belief the world owes you any favours and get back to being a female who other people want to know and believe in.".

Thai women are already at the top of the list; as to who single foreign men want as a girlfriend and wife.

Join up today for free and get started.


Why don't Thai women misbehave the same as Western women?

  • The Asian cultural trait of 'Saving Face'.
    • 'Saving face' or 'building face' raises another person's self-worth, which is a better outcome for everyone.
  • Social conditioning and training of Thai women targets producing 'good women' who are well-equipped in traditional' home sciences'.
  • Women in Thailand prefer a softer 'motherly' approach to problem-solving.
  • Thai girls maintain extensive body care regimes which give them a greater sense of self-worth towards males.

What are the Thai customs I should know?

  • Public displays of affection are not overly standard in traditional Thai society.
  • A notable social norm holds that touching someone on the head may be considered rude.
  • It is disrespectful to place one's feet at a level above someone else's head.
  • Pointing at or touching something with the feet is also considered rude.
  • Avoid conflict and sudden displays of anger. A serene disposition is a valuable trait in Thai culture.
    • Visitors should take care not to create conflict or to display anger.
  • Respect for the hierarchy is a significant character trait for Thai people.

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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