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Why does my Thai wife want to stay in Thailand?

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Updated: November 02, 2021
Will your girl go outside of thailand or not

Thais in general are extremely proud of their country.

They're outwardly a seemingly quiet unassuming people.

And like any other country, they've had their fair share of civil unrest.

The most recent defining factor was the now-late King Bhumibol Adulyadej - King Rama IX. He reigned Thailand from 9th June 1946 til 13th October 2016 and is sadly missed by Thais.

During this 70 years, he devoted himself to and worked tirelessly for his people.

He empowered all Thai people with a renewed sense of prosperity, self-reliance and self-worth.

Why is this so important in understanding why your Thai wife or girlfriend wants to stay in Thailand, I hear you asking?

National Pride Will Keep Her Here

The late King Rama IX was a firm believer in making Thailand self-sustaining i.e. not being dependent on imports as much as other countries.

He had personal projects for creating fish-farms, reduction of waterway pollution and increasing yields of farm lands. All for the betterment of his people.

He gave his people abilities to work for a living and make their own money. Through his 70 year reign, Thais saw ever increasing pride in themselves and their country.

Add to that the belief with all the government PR campaigns and you'll understand why most Thai women (and men) prefer Thailand over any other country - despite them never experiencing overseas travel.

Thai longboat displaying pride in country
Even Thai longboats display their love of Thailand

Will She Be OK Leaving Thailand?

And living abroad can be quite a scary prospect especially if you've never traveled before.

Most Thais are poor. That's despite the outward appearance of the glitz and glamour many Thai capital cities display to tourists.

It is only in the last 100 years or so that Thailand has branched out from farming. Technology is new here.

With the recent advent of Social Media here, your Thai girlfriend or wife will have read that many overseas countries have a level of destain for Asian people. That's also a scary environment for her to think on. Why would she want to face racial hatred somewhere else? Why would you want her to?

Then there's employment for her.

Thais are proud to make their own way in the world.

They want to work and make their own money.

In Thailand, a Thai person can simply open a food stall and immediately start making money to feed and clothe themselves. Not so elsewhere.

What work can she do when going to your home country? What are the rules and regulations she needs to overcome so she can take pride in herself?

Thai street food vendor
It is very easy to start a small business in Thailand

Thais are typically very quiet and reserved.

Making friends isn't easy for them.

Staying in Thailand is a safety net.

Why leave all her established friends behind and be faced with the daunting task of navigating a new social structure for friendships?

This is also a reason many foreigners never contemplate moving themselves to Thailand too. Are you one?

So think how difficult it will be for your Thai lady to give up her current job and friends.

These won't be easy for her.

Why Do You Want Her To Leave?

How do you know life wouldn't be simply better for the both of you and stay in Thailand?

Why should she leave, in the first place?

Can you yourself drop your life, back home, and relocate to Thailand.

This would certainly be easier for your Thai girl / wife.

Do you like the lifestyle in Thailand?

Can you cope with dietary change and enjoy all their delicious Thai foods?

What About Foreign Food?

You know Thais LOVE their food, right?

Many are particularly fond of the spicy variety of Thai food.

Moving to another country will have a dietary impact on any Thai girl.

Sure Thais like a bit of foreigner foods but it isn't their daily choice. Their bodies crave for rice, noodle, spices, sour, coconut flavours as well as an enormous variety of uniquely Thai desserts.

She will have a tough time overseas.

Your Thai girl will get fat from all the bland, high fat and starchy foods there.

She will not be able to easily source ingredients to make Thai food herself. True Thai restaurants are few and far between. She will eventually be depressed.

Even visiting neighboring Asian countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia or Vietnam isn't the same as Thailand.

My Thai girlfriend complained how these foods were bland. She craved more spice and unique Thai flavours. And to be honest, I said the same.

There's a special something about their food that has you coming back for more.

Family Orientated Thai Wives

Thais, especially Thai women, are strongly family focused.

If there's one thing that will make your Thai girl homesick, it will be the loss of personal contact with her family.

Video calls only get you so far and for so long.

Both of you will need to plan regular trips back to Thailand for family visits.

Factor in added expense for these flights.

Is it worth her leaving Thailand if she's going to be homesick and sad?

Thai woman homesick staring out wondow
Every Thai woman will be homesick for her family

Life Is Easy in Thailand, Why Leave?

Thailand enjoys one of the most relaxed lifestyles of any country in the world.

It's the main reason so many expats choose Thailand over any other, for retirement.

Easy food just outside your doorstep, with street food vendors.

Relaxing travel to a huge array of local holiday destinations, all within Thailand.

Jobs are even done in a relaxing way. Ever noticed a sales assistant with no customers - they jump and browse their phone. You won't see that anywhere else.

First World countries are a nightmare for rules, laws on everything and regulations on everything else.

Your Thai girl won't cope well, in this environment.

She Knows the Work System

Thais have a way of doing things.

There's always another job your wife can do if she becomes unhappy with her current one, in Thailand.

They have this ability to 'pick up something else', in no time. And they aren't fussy what they do either.

It's a means to an end and that end is to simply put food on the table, enjoy some time out with friends and start the next day.

Your Thai wife knows the Thai work system and how it functions (or how it doesn't, as the case looks like to foreigners).

1st World country workplaces will be extremely rigid and cut-throat, for her.

I've had past Thai girlfriends who decided to live and work overseas, for higher salaries.

It took most of them years to adjust and was rough going, for them all. Some still haven't adjusted or understand 'the foreign way' but put up with it, for the money.

Foreign workplaces can be a terribly harsh experience for your girl. That will bring additional pressure of your now relaxing relationship too.

Is it worth wanting her to leave Thailand? Most guys choose not to.

Thai woman on boat in Thailand
She will certainly miss all the beautiful Thai holiday spots

Thai Holiday Locations

Thais love their country, as I mentioned earlier.

They also love to travel and holiday within the country, when they are able.

What's not to love?

With locations such as Koh Samui, Phuket, Ayutthaya, Krabi and Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, Koh Chang, Mae Hong Son, Koh Phangan and so many more.

Thais don't really need to leave their own country to enjoy a holiday.

Thailand has it all and yet another reason for their national pride.

They don't enjoy the cold. They don't enjoy continuous rain.

What's your home country going to offer her, long term?

You won't find a better place, with such a variety of local or short flights holiday destinations.

Yet another reason why your Thai wife might be very reluctant in leaving Thailand for any length of time.

You'll be better to explain and plan what short time travel locations she can expect to experience if she travels with you, back home.

It might just take the edge off those concerns.

Thai Girls Even Miss Their Music

One notable area I hadn't counted on was Thai music being a reason to miss Thailand.

It's worth mentioning their special music is everywhere.

Going to a beer bar or a local market. Thai music is played everywhere and hold a place in a Thai woman's heart.

Thai music comes from origins influenced by China, India, Persia, Africa, Greece and Rome.

Once you sit down and listen, you'll instantly understand why they love it as much as they do.

It is certainly a unique style, that's for sure.

Any Thai girl will pine after a live Thai music band at her local market.

She'll be homesick for this as well.

Overall Recap

In our experience, most Thai women will initially very excited to be asked to join you and your life and travel overseas.


They're very agreeable girls and will love the thought of living abroad.

But like all women, they'll start thinking down all the avenues of possibilities.

That's where all the above hurdles need to be addressed, if you can.

Some really are insurmountable though.

Family and friends as well as sourcing Thai food are the 3 big areas you are going to have to really think about and address with her, eventually.

If their lifestyle allows, most foreigners opt for the easier life and lifestyle and live with their Thai wife or girlfriend in Thailand.


Why does my Thai wife want to stay in Thailand?

  • National Pride
  • Thai Workplaces are very relaxed
  • Difficult to make new friends overseas
  • They are family orientated - and will be homesick
  • They will definitely miss authentic Thai food
  • They love local holiday locations in Thailand
  • and they love listening to live Thai music

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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