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Young Teen Ladyboys - Why Foreigners Love Them?

Martin Cooney
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Updated: November 02, 2021
four beautiful thai ladyboys

Thailand is renowned for its wide-ranging acceptance of LGBT and sexually-diverse people.

The country continues to see an increasing influx of 'straight' foreign men hooking up with young Thai ladyboys.

Why do bisexual and bi-curious foreign men and ex-pats flock to Thailand, for the country's ladyboys?

Why do straight males like to date Thai ladyboys?

There are two focus areas which define why foreigners choose ladyboys in Thailand: a male's sexual experimentation and Thailand's acceptance of a third sexual identity. In western countries, between 37% and 49% of men want to experiment with same-sex sexual activity. Western sexual taboos forbid this happening. Thailand widely accepts ladyboys as 'a third sex'; making them an ideal solution to a foreigner's need for a sexual same-sex encounter.

Every male visiting Thailand will face the situation where his penis is saying 'YES' and his brain is telling him 'NO'. I've been there, and so has every male friend I know.

We speak so much of dating the sexy women of Thailand. The ultimate oozing of sexuality in the country comes from the young or teen ladyboys. The 'kathoey' girls set themselves apart in many ways that Thai girls can not compete.

Let's first talk about why heterosexual westerners are hell-bent on considering a ladyboy encounter or relationship.

Western Culture Is Changing

During 1948 & 1954 the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research found that 37% of men had engaged in a gay activity.

This percentage rose to 49% of 18-24-year-old males.

The acceptance of sexual diversity and gender roles has increased this percentage in modern days.

There is clear evidence that men have an urge to experiment with their sexual identity.

Coming out in public that you want to experiment in male-to-male intercourse is not something many bi-curious men are willing to do.

a beautiful thai lady boy
What are you thinking about her?

Anal Sex & Western Women

Anal intercourse has long been a taboo, even with consenting opposite-sex partners.

The Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction survey showed only 37% of women having anal sex in the lifetime and not regularly.

There are continual caveats from women to their willingness to participate.

Most western-females refuse to consider the anal act, let alone try it once; with safety and guidelines. Men in this situation have little option, other than to satisfy these urges elsewhere.

Western women will certainly not be as willing to entertain the 'pleasures of the ass' as much as a ladyboy who only have a single cavity with which to find pleasure.

Bisexual or Bi-Curious Ex-pats

Every man has their sexual and emotional appetite.

As we mentioned earlier, most 'hetero' males aren't as straight as they think. It doesn't mean they're gay or bisexual but maybe just curious.

People love to put a label on sexuality.

The ladyboy or transgender has sexual identity and category all it's own.

It isn't until a foreign ex-pat journey to Thailand that he can 'come out of the closet'; as far as opening up to experimenting with ladyboys. He might not like it either, but at least he's brave enough to try.

Western culture has not come this far; this is where Thailand and ladyboys play a specific role.

a guy and five ladyboys
What would you do with 5 ladyboys?

Acceptance of Ladyboys

Thai transgender people argue they are the third sex; in addition to male and female.

Thai ladyboys can be competitive and forthright in defending their appearance and lifestyle.

Most trans women in Thai society refer to themselves as phuying (Thai: ผู้หญิง 'women'), with a minority referring to themselves as phuying praphet song ('second kind of woman') and only very few referring to themselves as kathoey - Wikipedia

Phuying girls still show some signs of aggression; they still have male hormones. But ex-pats who date them are adamant ladyboys are more feminine than genetic women.

That is a bold statement, indeed, until you have been with a ladyboy, for any length of time.

The beauty regime of a ladyboy is more excessive than any women:

  • She will maintain long silky-smooth black hair, that all foreign men love to feel.
  • Her skin is soft to touch and smooth as porcelain
  • Since ladyboys are taller than the average Thai female, a ladyboy appears to long legs that go on forever. Those legs are more accentuated by high-heels.
  • Her pearly-white teeth are clean and white; and expensive to maintain
  • Ladyboys in Thailand are naturally hairless; due to hormones and their natural Asian metabolism

A bi-curious man will willingly accept a young/teen ladyboy to go hang out together.

She has many more advantages over any woman, in Thailand or abroad.

Advantages of a Young Ladyboy

Younger ladyboys have so much more to prove, in the world they live.

Some parts of the Thai community still frown on her choice of identity.

She shares the same lack of self-confidence issues as do other genetic females, and she wants to be with a normal man in a healthy relationship.

A young/teen ladyboy must overcompensate in how she behaves and the lengths she is willing to go, to satisfy her male partner/s.

two ladyboys outside a 711
Just like 711 stores, ladyboys are open 24 hours a day.

Open 24x7x365

The first distinct advantage is a ladyboy's ability to satisfy her ex-pat lover sexually, without any downtime, i.e. that one week a month woman need to take off.

25% more sex has significant meaning to many men.

But it isn't just sex either.

25% more level headed emotions, no cramps, and never having to put off going to the beach for a relaxing swim.

A woman's pesky menstruation cycles and associated problems are avoided, by an ex-pat choosing a ladyboy companion.

Vigorous Sex Play

Young Thai kathoey still remembers and still have all the sexual urges of a man. The young girls are only now exploring her third sex and what that gender brings to her life.

So she is highly sexually active and open to ANYTHING of a sexual nature.

Ladyboys are open to the 'vanilla-VS-kink' spectrum; if you want to try it on with her, she's going to relish your kinks. While BDSM is not your typical run-of-the-mill heterosexual pleasure, Thai ladyboys will go toe-to-toe with what you want to do and how long you want to do it.

She has a higher capacity for 'sport sex' and less about foreplay too.

Yes, sure, you'll get extra points and added pleasure if you give her some wining and dining, beforehand. If she's a freelancer, you can dispense with the preliminaries and just get down to business.

From a 'pleasing a man' point of view, a guy knows what a guy wants.

Sex tourists understand why a ladyboy is so good at her sex work. She knows what to do and when to do it; she understands the boundaries she can push and the outcome you want. Women don't have this degree of insight and, sadly, most women can't be bothered to ask.

The 'katoey' girls freely and willingly offer the taboo of vigorous anal sex combined with skilled and extraordinary blowjobs and oral sex.

Note: You will be paying for the kinky stuff - that sort of equipment doesn't come cheap. Pay for that play.

Ladyboys Are Great Fun

But remember these girls were once boys.

Imagine going on holiday with your best mate (male).

You go out on the town, for a great buddy time. Everything is all manly and butch.

Well, you can do precisely the same thing with a ladyboy too. Go drinking and party hard but your mate this time is a beautiful piece of sexy Asian ass with legs that are long and endless.

She knows how to have a good 'mates' time with you. After the drinks, that's when this mate will give you a holiday bonus that your travel buddy will never do.

Get ready for your holiday Cock-Tail.

a ladyboy looking to party
Do you want to party with her?

A Happy Middle-Ground

Bisexuality and 'Bi-curious' is the potential for attraction to the same gender and different genders.

If you've read this far, you'll realise these young Thai ladyboys are an extra happy middle-ground from many ex-pats and visiting foreign guys.

Thai LBs are feminine; they still have soft firm breasts to play with; love to be pounded in the ass and suck dick. She's the best holiday package for any weary traveller.

If you're curious about your sexuality and want to try experimenting, Thailand is the place to do it.

What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand.

You don't need to concern yourself about 'coming out' at home. Doing so might even be the wrong choice. It can do a lot of relationship and family damage if experimentation turns out not to be what you wanted.

You're better to test the waters away from your family life and the safety of some sweet Thai ass.

Places To See LBs In Action

It would be remiss of me not to include places you can visit some ladyboy action before you venture out on your own.

Ladyboy Cabarets

What's a wholesome family holiday if you don't go to a local ladyboy cabaret?

But in all honesty, there are family events.

In Bangkok:

  • Calypso Cabaret is one of the cabaret pioneers in Thailand.
  • Playhouse Cabaret is a family-friendly ladyboy show in Bangkok, with stints in Phuket and Chiang Mai. Location: Shanghai Mansion Bangkok, Samphanthawong, Bangkok
  • Golden Dome Cabaret is an hour-long ladyboy show in the Ratchada area. There are four shows a day.

or in Chiang Mai:

  • Chiang Mai Cabaret Show - Anusan Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • one reviewer said, "The show was everything you'd want from a cabaret; fronted by Thai ladyboys. There's incredible dancing, outrageous costumes, terrible lip-syncing and heaps of fun."

Everyday Girls & Street Girls

You only have to step outside your condominium to see ladyboys, in Thailand.

You'll see these girls riding the BTS/MRT rail systems the same as anyone else. However, she'll look sexier and more outrageous than most average genetic Thai girls.

In Bangkok, stroll down Soi Cowboy and sit down for a beer at any of the ladyboy bars.

If you are travelling with a friend, try using the wingman approach on ladyboys. This routine works equally well with ladyboys as it does with Thai girls.


Overseas people misunderstand Thailand's beloved ladyboys. They carry a reputation that is often misguided and preached by those who don't accept another person sexual choices.

Nowhere else in the world can you stroll hand-in-hand down a public street with your ladyboy by your side.

No-one in Thailand is going to judge you, one way or another.

Thailand not only tolerates the third sex but freely accepts these girls.

You should accept them too.

If you're bi-curious, bisexual or ladyboy-curious, you can unleash your wildest fantasies here in Thailand.

You'll find so many ladyboys online with us if you want to start experimenting and chatting.

Editor's Note: We do not condone or tolerate sexual activities with minors. Teen Ladyboy refers to consenting adults aged between 18 and 21 years Young Ladyboy applies to consenting adults aged between 21 and 35 years


With Thai Ladyboys, what's Top and Bottom mean?

  • 'Top' means she prefers to do the insertion.
  • 'Bottom' suggests she likes to be on the receiving end.
  • 'King' is the same as 'Top'.
  • 'Queen' is the same as 'Bottom'.

Why don't many ladyboys have Sex Reassignment Surgery?

  • It's an expensive procedure, ranging up to 18,850 USD (600,000 Thai Baht)
  • Recovery after surgery is a long and painful process
    • Ladyboys need follow-up procedures and constant monitoring
  • There are side effects, despite the high success rate
    • Decreased sexual sensation and ability to orgasm
    • Fistula (opening between rectum and vagina)
    • Narrowing of vagina and hair growth in the vagina from the grafted tissue
    • Partial death of the skin tissue used to create the new vagina

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