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Female, 40 yo, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand

I am
Looking for
My match age
Common interests to share
Cooking, Gardening, Sports, Travel
Desired relationship
Friendship, Marriage, Love
 I do not qualify you.
Just accept each other.    Have you come into my life.And I'm happier than being alone.
I just want this How do you deal with being alone? *******
***** If you don't enjoy your own company, Don't expect other people to enjoy your company.
***** If  you think that. May be we will create happiness. Let's try to say hello to know more than this. Do you think it's good?
 *****  Haaaaa lol I hope that *****

Dont discriminate me.
In what you may not know me enough.
Dont let me be what you think you are.
It may not be me. Can ask me everything, you can know everything.
Dont discriminate me good?
Just because the shirt I wear
By the picther you see just here.
Because I have many shirts.lol
And I have a lot to go to each one.
Or you dont like sexy
But sometimes I'm like that.
I dont want to be only  like that .
I am just so important and appropriate.
In all my roles and duties
Please open your mind and accept each other.*** Nice to meet you.
Im Elle 40 year old I divorced 3 year ago and never have id. I want to meet someone or first time  new friends and nextime may be more to for serious relationship or  only  a good friend not more.I belive for relationship just being friend befor and alway. If when change to is a special feeling. We can feel it by nature.When ,How felling.
I believe in the love of the lovers.
It is important to caring,honest for each other, and not mean only sometime ,but just do that alway.
My life it easy , Living in simplicity.
I am rural person.Im not pretty woman .If you want perfect woman, I am not like that.
I m hate the most lie.Sometime I can accept something although it bad.If tell me in truth dont lie, so I dont like if after I can know truth .Should the truth to me pls.
I like cooking alot and good job for it haaaaa ( Im sure ?? lol ) Like driving, nature sightseeing , Go to the beat ,waterfall with my family.I want to made everything for around me so laugh and be happy that mean I am happenes too.

I always believe and importent .
Good sex is one reason that results in a loving relationship, But good sex for me comes from trust.Trust each other .And I can for only the one I love and trust him.Cant do with someone so meet in short time without the love,So that please dont ask picture the naked figure from me.

If we have the same purpose.I am will happy to know new friends.
Ask me if want to know more.
Even though I'm not your relationship.
At least I may be your newfriend.

Thank you
No play game please.Dont waste time
Im not kid  can understand not to hard.
!!!  Scamer dont greet me   !!!


Hat Yai

Physical Features

151-160 cm
Body Type
About average
Eye Colour
Hair Colour


Star Sign
Chinese Sign

About My Match

Desirable height
Body Type
Eye Colour
Hair Colour

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