Nim97 32

Han Chai Chana, Yasothon, Thailand

Hi I'm Apple and I want to be very honest, with you. I'm looking for a man who wishes to live his life with a warm and caring person who is willing to care for you. I'm looking for a man who will take care of my being and be able to provide me with a comfortable safe life.I would really like to hear from you,if your seriously looking for a loving caring person. My ideal man should be willing to live in my country Laos, for part of year, or all year,as my country is very peaceful and relaxing and I want my man to have a good life If a Man is just lonely and needs a carer Chaperone, I have done this before and would be willing to share his life with him, and care for all his needs at home,holidays,hospitals and what other needs he requires, my experience with this would be valuable for living a good life.