noonuinu 33

Yan Nava, Bangkok, Thailand

I am a simple lady Love the tranquility Like reading books, listening to music and watching movies in the house. My friends and neighbors always say I am a high world person. Yes, I agree, because that is what makes me think. Have a look and learn with myself. I love living with nature. Still, I also like to go out to meet people and learn something new. I'm not a perfect person. I'm just plain simple. I am a corporate employee of a company that is just a small and ordinary company. Before, I wrote a novel on a website and signed for over a year. Everything is going well. But I've had problems with the company before. Now I have not written it for over two years. But it is also a job that I love and remember in my heart. I am a single stepmother with 10 years old son. For me, I think there are not many women who want to get married many times. Or have many mistakes with love and life. Every girl would think like me. I need love, security, sincerity, honest, truly from someone. Someone ready to shake hands and walk for life. Someone who is ready to go together forever..

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