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Male, 49 yo, Hepburn, Victoria, Australia

I am
Looking for
Female, Male, Ladyboy, Tomboy
My match age
Common interests to share
Desired relationship
Friendship, PenPal, Interests Share, One Night Stand, Hang Out
I am looking for smooth (mainly ) , taut, Slender Twink / Swimmers / Athletic / muscled builds, generally YOUNGER guys, Mainly ASIAN / Black though will look at other similarly built guys if they fit the other criteria lol!. ........
I classify myself as a Versatile / Switch guy as i enjoy all things equally , as either Top or Bottom or more Dom or Sub ALL depending with whom I am playing with, and I am looking to further my experience as I have only being having sex with cock owners for the past 4yrs. ....

I am VERY Willing to be a very pleasing student and wish to further explore Everything with more experienced people Both as TOP and BOTTOM ,Kissing ,Oral ,Rimming and Anal as well as anything else you wish to propose as along as it is clean...... This doesn`t mean I have NO experience and am a willing TOP to those who prefer that as I am a true Versatile man, and have indeed met with many Trans gals who mainly like TOPS. ... ***** With more Experience at Topping I am now really seeking to Bottom with experienced Tops, Preferably again with Asian / Black men ( Not set in stone lol ) with nice cocks who are also Intelligent, patient and fun , who are willing to take their time with getting their wicked way with me .

My Original reason for joining this
site was that I am seeking to message/chat/meet with VERY smooth,svelte / slim built and Ultra Fem looking /acting and YOUNGER TS`s / TV`s / CD`s Who are VERY feminine ,smooth , slim , svelte , preferably younger and passable!...... I am NOT attracted to ,large ,older,Hairy guys in the slightest, even if they are in lingerie........

I Also REALLY LOVE FEMALES who are mature minded, sexually self aware and confident who enjoy sensual lovers. I am more than willing to be an addition in a MMF as I just adore giving oral to fems ,maybe while getting fucked my their guy, If he floats my boat...

I am Experienced and Love to kiss, tease, nibble....slowly lick / suck and fuck. Also to Do all the above as part of a MMF/FFM / FF / MM or larger Group (bi or straight) IS massively a Huge turn on...... .

A few STATS about Myself , I am

5`10 tall , 90kgs solid / muscular build, blue eyes ,shaved head ,BUT Please do NOT think I am a skinhead or Visigoth LOL! , Shaved FACE / trimmed pubes and under arms and rest of body has minimal hair apart from legs........

7" x 5.5" Uncut cock depending on temperature and what I am been stimulated by.... YOU hopefully!!...........

I Am looking for ALL the ABOVE ...fellow sexual Explorers!!!! and just plain FUN FOLK!! with Intellect and great SOH!! , who above all show respect and discretion to all involved.

...............................PLEASE NOTE I am in a vanilla / straight relationship so I can NOT HOST plus mainly can ONLY meet with others DURING THE DAY on some WEEK Days ,and an evening once every blue moon.

......................At this time I am very certain about what I find attractive so please only contact me if you mainly fit the above requirements...
This is NOT intended as a put down to others but at this point in time this is what floats my boat..........



Physical Features

171 - 180 cm
Body Type
About average
Eye Colour
Hair Colour


Star Sign
Chinese Sign

About My Match

African, African American, Asian, Caucasian, Other, Hispanic, Indian, Latino, Middle Eastern, Mixed, Thai
None, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Scientology, Spiritual, Taoism, Other
Desirable height
< 140 cm, 151 - 160 cm, 141 - 150 cm, 161 - 170 cm, 171 - 180 cm, 181 - 190 cm, > 191 cm
High School, I am a Student, College Degree, Bachelors, Masters Degree, Doctorate, School of Life
Never, Rarely, Socially, Often, Very often, Trying to quit, Quit
Never, Rarely, Socially, Often, Very often, Trying to quit, Quit
Body Type
Slim, About average, Athletic, Pumped up, Big and lovely, Petite
Eye Colour
Black, Blue, Hazel, Green, Grey, Brown, Other
Hair Colour

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