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Auini 24
Udon Thani, Udon Thani, Thailand
I am looking for a good man to marry and want to have children. What actually is the happiness of humans? - The most obvious answer That we get from 75 years of research That gives a surprising answer because .. In the end, it's not about wealth, Fame, or hard work The answer is divided into 3 ways which are ... . - The first is social relationships. The more I know people Even makes people That person is happier Compared to people who are alone People with good relationships With many people will be happier, healthier, and longer lived Good relationships will help us Happier and stronger . - The second thing that we learned is .. Not just the number of friends you have Having a lot of people to know Must have separated the level of closeness to be more Or say Have few friends but very close Will make it more quality Warm relationships and good friends Will help protect happiness well . - The last thing we learn is ... good relationships With all aspects of work, family and close friends Will not only protect health But also protecting our brain. We found that .. Relationship That is tight and stable With another person in the 80's is something that protects us Relationship That they feel "Rely on another person when needed" Has a sharp memory for a long time . - In the end, happiness is not measured by "What's in it?" The true happiness and submission that we have learned is Relationship with "Good Human Friends" Giving each other a separate story That will really make your happiness happen . - "Life is so short that there is no time for quarrel. Apologies, jealousy, and blame Only time for love And already said Also very short as well "... . is one of the fastest growing online Thai dating websites for matching Thai girls and western men or farang. We are based in Thailand. We aren’t a Thai dating agency either. We specialise in online matching for Thai ladies from many locations in the Land of Smiles.

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