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महिला, 36 yo, Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand

मैं हूँ
के लिए देख
मेरा मैच उम्र
आम हितों के साझा करने के लिए
खरीदारी, पाक कला, बाहर खाने, बागवानी, स्पोर्ट्स, यात्रा
वांछित रिश्ते
मित्रता, विवाह, हितों के शेयर, बाहर निकलें, प्यार
Hello, there :)

Looking for only serious please.

I can took care of myself and family since i was child.
even home cleaning, cooked for them,
Worked even i was child for get income to helped them not have to worked hard for me.
If i can helped them i did.

I'm not kind of a girl that will always say yes if you are asking.
I'm strong woman. Not easy to believe..

I'm living and working in bangkok,
I like to cooked and like to eat.
Alway happy when eating, When stressed food and workout helped me much.

I like to go see nature that also make feel fresh, relax and happy.

My guy i like him to be understaning, trust, sincere, honest, respect, not selfish, i do too.
**Can control mood very well every situation**
**No aggressive.
**I'm not expecting my guy to be my boss.
We are hand in hand and walking together.
**I like tall guy more 180 cm. is good
But important please a good guy i not care if you are fat or not stay healthy and good mind.

""Please have profile photo when chatting""

Don't talk Just act.
Don't say Just show.
Don't promise Just prove.
Actions speak louder than words.

""I don't like guy who just says but not act or do""

Don't insult other or judge other when you see or heard something about them,
That maybe not mean like you see or heard.

Please respect other as you want other respect you.

Thank you for reading.
Good luck.


राज्य / क्षेत्र
Bang Na

भौतिक विशेषताएं

151-160 cm
शरीर के प्रकार
औसत के बारे में
आँख रंग
बालों का रंग

राशि चक्र

स्टार साइन इन करें
चीनी साइन इन करें

अपने मैच के बारे में

वांछित ऊंचाई
181 - 190 cm, > 191 cm
कोई नहीं
कभी नहीं
पीने के
सामाजिक रूप से
शरीर के प्रकार
औसत के बारे में, पुष्ट
आँख रंग
बालों का रंग

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