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My Own Story

I’m a divorced Australian - divorced twice as well!

I wanted to be happy, contented, secure in my relationship and make a life of mutual harmony - and I worked at it for years too.

I’m not all that proud of failed relationships but I’m determined to find love and romance again - I bet you are too, yeah?

My Future And Yours

Like a lot of you Western guys reading this, I bet you’re simply sick to the eyeballs of how feminism has tipped the scales of a balanced and loving relationship into an ongoing battle of having to prove yourself, to your previous Western girlfriends and wives.

Thai ladies from Thailand who are seeking men has been an ongoing quest for them - all these cute beautiful Thai girls understand and want to give themselves to you, for the return of your support to them.

That’s what you want to do anyway, right?

There are lots of single dads dating online who are desperate to meet the ‘right’ Thai girlfriend and settle down into a life of normality.

Truth, Karma and Dating Success

All we ask is that you do it in the right way:

  • Understand how Thai culture differs to the Western World
  • Learn the language or at least start to
  • Discover what Thai ladies value in life and a partner
  • Be prepared to ‘sample’ many different Thai singles until you find the one that seems a great match for you.
  • If you don’t live in Thailand, do your research
    • Get a good idea on where in Thailand you’d like to settle down
    • Does the area cater for any work requirements
    • Combine your dating needs in Thailand with your future work/life choices
    • Do you want a Thai girlfriend or a Thai wife - it's up to you
    • There is an abundance of Thai women seeking men from another country - take things slow and steady.
  • Most of all, Thai girls online deserve and need your respect and visa versa - don't be silly when you are sending them messages.
  • Stop being the typical Farang foreigner who is only interested in one thing.

Start being the best man and potential partner/husband that a Thai woman deserves, wants and respects.

Can you do that?

And if you'd like to suggest a new feature or simply ask a question, we'd love to hear from you. Simply use our Contact Us page.

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