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Serg 44
Sovetskiy Rayon, Khanty-Mansiyskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug-Yugra, Russian Federation
Hello lovely and good girls ... I just want to tell you what I am! I'm not a maniac. Not perversions. Not a crook. I do not play games. Do not cheat. I don’t betray ...... I have already paid a membership for half a year .... But I haven’t met a single girl ... I’m looking for a simple faithful girl .. I don’t have a difference what she did before me .. I don’t care about her wealth and wealth .... I welcome children ... I’m just looking for a girl that I will love and respect ... (for the rest of my life) ... I’m not going to cheat someone .. To lie .. Or ask for money ... or intimate photos .... I'm just looking for a life partner .... We are all imperfect. So read my description ... Thank you for your attention ... Girls have already deceived me .. I don’t want that anymore ... I don’t know English ... But I hope you can help me to know .... I’m looking for a friend correspondence ... Maybe a life partner ..... Age does not matter .... Therefore, I post my personal mail ... Girls? Who is interested in becoming just a friend ... or a friend ... or just finding out who the Russians are ... write to the post office ... I will try to answer everyone! Thank you for your attention and understanding ... I will be glad to see you at the post office ... (who is not ready for a relationship or is looking for sex for money ... please do not write ... Thank you for understanding .... is one of the fastest growing online Thai dating websites for matching Thai girls and western men or farang. We are based in Thailand. We aren’t a Thai dating agency either. We specialise in online matching for Thai ladies from many locations in the Land of Smiles.

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