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Nữ, 30 yo, Phu Khae, Sara Buri, Thailand

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In my perspective, it is hard to judge myself to you because I, myself can't
notice only you can tell me who am I; and likewise YOU. I personally believe
that I am a stranger woman to you as you to me. I am a fair woman and equal to
almost everything, except we shall have a compromise with each other. I have a
strong personality such as curious of anything and everything that I can think
of, and, of course I won't let the chances go by. What makes me interesting is
knowing you, and your cultures: language, lifestyle, and you're different to me.
I do like sports; swim, sailing, paddling, surfing and windsurfing (I tried
those), biking, running/jogging, playing racquetball, and going to the gym. I
definitely love cooking such as inventing some ingredients with a good taste -
that's how the chef comes up with recipes: invention; and I do enjoy in different cuisine - diversity of foods as long as it doesn't poison me. Please
do ask me if you have any question :-). Otherwise, Good luck for your search and
all the best for you

Dear my Soul-mate, Thank you for reading and stopping by. Welcome to my
enchanted profile. If you know how to catch my heart, then you win it otherwise
let's try in the different way of catching my heart. Although I haven't met you
in person but we should be thankful that we meet online: life is easy nowadays.
Having said that, the only barrier between us is far away from each other, but
there is a saying " where there's a way and there's a will". I do not
want you to interview me the whole time, but I want you open a good topic that
leads us to getting to know each other. My desire is to a man to be humble,
nice, and sweet. Outside appearance doesn't matter to me because it is not how
its measure, but, in fact inside within you. I also like to have a common
interest, otherwise, there'll be no chemistry at all. Well, I will stop right
there and if you wanted to ask, please do. Otherwise, Good luck for your search

Vị trí

Quốc gia
Sara Buri
Thành phố
Phu Khae

Tính năng vật lý

Dân tộc
Thái Lan
Chiều cao
151-160 cm
Cơ thể loại
Khoảng trung bình
Màu mắt
Màu đen
Màu tóc
Màu đen

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Dấu hiệu Trung Quốc

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