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About ThaiRomances

ThaiRomances is a celebration of the Foreigner / Thai lifestyle operated by an experienced team who live, sleep, and breath their passions. We all love Thailand and Thai people, particularly Thai women. Each member of the team is currently involved with a Thai partner. Our blog posts cover a variety of Thailand activities or activities involving Thai women or Thai dating.

We have Thai dating covered!

Our Story

My name is Martin Cooney, and in late 2013, I chatted to my long-time friend, Stephane Fillon, about moving to South-East Asia. I'd just ended a rather messy relationship with a Western woman. Both Stephane and I had always been interested in creating Online Dating sites, as far back as each of us can remember.

One conversation leads to another. We agreed to partner on a new revolutionary dating platform in a week or two that can cater to multiple niche countries. Thailand is the first since Stephane was already in that country.

Why a revolutionary dating infrastructure? Quite honestly, the online dating sites of 2013-2014 look and feel clunky and cumbersome. Additionally, every Thai dating site I had used had scammers or low-quality Thai women (probably fictitious).

ThaiRomances has allowed both of us to create a genuinely unique dating platform and create content that makes us proud.

Our Users Are Amazing!

We have an inbuilt Admin messaging system available to all our users, another unique, innovative platform addition.

Every week we receive messages about different topics or challenges from ex-pats, foreign tourists, men living in other countries, and, of course, our lovely Thai ladies and ladyboys. People reach out to us to say how much they enjoy using the site.

It is a pleasure reading and answering messages from International men and women from Thailand. It is equally important to be helping out with the dating challenges, whatever they may be.

Main Author Bios

The main blog post content is researched and written amongst only a few knowledgeable and talented writers. We will entertain guest blog posts, but so far, only a few have the level of expertise and insight we require to pass on to our readers.

Martin Cooney

Martin is an Australian and an avid online marketer and writer.

Martin previously operated a Forum site dedicated to dating, love, and relationships. That site eased his way into solely writing content about his current passion, South-East Asia Dating, and Thai Dating.

He's now lived in Thailand since February 2014. During those first few years, he had several serious Thai girlfriends and met over 300 Thai women. You can call that intense research and development.

Thailand is a central jumping-off point for travel throughout S/E Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and so many more.

Stephane Fillon

Hailing from France, Stephane has a long history in Information Technology, Security, and Web Applications.

He has a passion for South-East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and finding the right woman.

Having first visited Thailand in July 2010, he decided to settle in the country in December 2012 after several holidays. He enjoys Thai food, Thai ladies, South-East Asia travel, and writing about his experiences.

Apus (Fon) Matarak

Fon is our resident English to Thai translator. She's never dated a Thai man before since her preference has always been men from outside of Thailand. Yes, that's right, Fon is a Thai woman!

She has a wealth of dating information and tips to pass on. You'd be amazed by how much her work colleagues love to gossip about foreigners and why Thai women love them as much as they do.

We Are Here For You

We are always looking to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Let us know if you have a content idea for our blog or a feature request for the dating site!

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