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Mark220 Other guy from Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Mark220Hello, thank you for visiting my profile Very briefly: I don't currently live in Thailand, but plan to live there in a few years if my health allows it I am currently looking for a friendship with friends And who knows, maybe a wonderful relationship will emerge from it Trust with mutual respect but everything step by step (( important )) If you are looking for a quick wedding, want to have children and want to live in Europe, then I am the wrong person for you But it is also necessary that you also have free time if you have a job where you work 6 days or 7 days a week anyway and don't get a few days off then the whole thing makes no sense at all I want to travel to the sea with you and visit beautiful places For example, explore Bangkok or another city with you, there are beautiful places there too just spend a nice time together But you also have to be able to spend a few days outdoors Well, and as I said, I say never, but we'll start with the friendship and then we'll see what comes of it Thanks for reading and understanding my profile

Marc883 Single guy from Hinwil, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland

Marc883I'm in pattaya costing my dad until 10. May

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