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tingnoyna Divorced woman from Yang Chum Noi, Sisaket, Thailand

tingnoynaI am a sincere and gentle. But I'm not weak. I want a man who is sincere and honest. Because I want a long friendship Not just pass through it. I want long-term relationships. I'm not courtesan. Please refer to my mind Please honor me. Thank If you are interested in a story about me. I'm happy to tell you. I split up with my husband for one year. The divorce has been three years. I have a 4 year old daughter. This is my daughter and her mother and sister, niece and my family is here today. And my income is sufficient to raise a family. I do not like my job today. But it must be done. It is a good and solid for me. There are many questions of me that took place. Why did not remarry. I want to marry And want to find the man responsible. And integrity. And I love that I do not need to hurry. For my language. I wanted to learn more. Everything takes time Thank you for your interest in me. And sorry if my English is........ This may mislead you. And if you have not read my profile. It shows that.. You are a man who wants to look.. Not like what's in my head. Thank you

Jampa Single girl from Yang Chum Noi, Sisaket, Thailand

JampaHi I try one person here his name Joel from us 55 years old talk very nice this that bla blah but all the things is just fun. How I can't trust and find someone here. Everyone say not play game but all they play and play very well. Hope anyone good luck

Giftt Single girl from Yang Chum Noi, Sisaket, Thailand

GifttI'm not the BEST, but I'm TRYING my BEST 6 things you never learned from my photos 1) My name is wachareeya. My nickname is Gif 23 years old. I live in Thailand. 2) I'm single but I have 1 son, he lives with me. 3) I like smiles and laughter because it makes me happy. 4)I like doing everything in my daily life to the fullest. 5) My love must come from love, mutual understanding, honor each other. 6)When vacant, I like to go to temple to make merit, I like to go to the sea, or perhaps stay home with family. It can make me relaxed and happy.

Gif_1995 Single beauty from Yang Chum Noi, Sisaket, Thailand

Gif_1995My friens and my mom call me Gif 24year i have son 1year 6mont I work sale Thaifood and fammer I like to think positively. like to travel Sing and listen to music i like fooyball like smiling, laughing, likes to do things that are happy, learn new things. Is a good listener with a big heart please be polite to me i'm not interested in doing a sexcum/sexchat