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Kalle1 Divorced man from Weinfelden, Thurgau, Switzerland

Kalle1Intuitive, intense and aware I am young at heart and I intend to stay there. I approach all people as friendly as possible. I am a sensitive and imaginative person. The fine arts are very appealing to me. Because I am a creative person. I have a strong sense of romance and sensuality, sensitive, cuddly and yet spirited, playful, strong-willed and easy going. Do not see anything so dogged. The realm of the senses is my favorite haven. Have hopes, but never expectations, then you will experience no disappointments but maybe surprises. Looking for a witty exchange also an accompaniment for a club visit - is still on my bucket list ... ;-)

Mirko11 Single man from Ginevra, Geneve, Switzerland

Mirko11People you are looking for are people looking at you.

Mark220 Other guy from Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Mark220hello I hope you are well let's start with a friendship and see if it can turn into a relationship everything nice and step by step --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you are looking for an ATM after quick marriage move to Europe then please go to the next profile thank yo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- look at my profile look at my photos if you don't like me then please don't contact me --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you want to have children then please look for another man I don't want --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't live in Thailand yet -------------------------------- you speak a little English without an app, it doesn't have to be perfect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- please only get in touch if you have time to meet up if you work 7 days a week and don't get any time off from your company for whatever reason then you don't have to get in touch it doesn't make sense -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------