Can You Meet Thai Women Today?

We've conducted a ton of research for single men who are dating from another country. Many guys eventually grow tired of a women's antics in their own country. Naturally, they'll look further afield to the pleasures of South East Asia. What are your chances meeting up with sexy Thai girls?

Fortunately, women in Thailand love guys from other countries. Foreigners have a solid reputation of treating women fairly, unlike Thai guys. For many girls, a website is their first real introduction to foreign men. That's good news for you.

Thailand has long been a holiday destination for single foreign men. And it's because of the girls, freedom and relaxed lifestyle found in this 'Land of Smiles'.

If you take care of a Thai girl, she will be yours forever.

They care little about age so Thailand is a haven for older expats.

A Thai Women's Qualities
slim bodies
dark alluring Asian eyes
long black silky hair
oozing sex appeal
sensual by nature & know how to use it
they dress Asian sexy
always smiling & happy to see you
gentle personality
exceptionally clean, for all things
love food & especially Thai food & buffets
love travel
understand a man's needs

There are many millions of Thai Girls wanting to meet with foreigners.

How to Date a Woman from Thailand

There is 23 million Thai women in the dating age range.

Since there is only 150,707 expats living permanently in Thailand, most of them dream of meeting and dating a single foreigner.

If you are traveling around Thailand, dating online is the smarter way to 'book ahead' and arrange to connect with them.

We provide a efficient platform to contact and meet them. And do it in an easy, safe and anonymous way.

There's always Thai Ladies waiting to meet you.

Click the video below to see just how fast it can be.

OK, so what's the Top 10 tips if you want to date a Thai?

We gotten a lot of requests from both genders seeking advice on how to get the most out of their dating membership with us.

Online dating follows the same principles you would use in a real life situation. Except you have the added benefit of multiple contacts at the same time.

So with that in mind, here are our top 10 tips to make your dating experience a successful one.


Unlike the West, you will score big points using the right level of flattery with Thai women.

Just don't over do it!

You don't want to be seen as faking it.

Use subtle compliments when meeting for the first time.

As an example, a short 'Wow, you have such beautiful hair' is a good ice-breaker. Since most Thai girls do take great care of their hair, it's a genuine compliment.

Is it better to use short questions?

On a cultural website, you will have a some issue with language, at some point. The Thai language is a difficult one to learn.

It is best to start off with simple and short questions.

An online translation language tool, such as Google Translate, can help you understand context if a Thai girl uses Thai - most here do already have a grasp of English.

Lengthy replies lead to confusion and maybe not getting an answer to your message.

You want a flowing conversation.

Use short sentences until you know their level of understanding.

Thai Culture

Thai people love their country and culture, more than most other people.

It's important to learn a bit about them.

Doing so tells them you are interested in who they are and their historical upbringing.

Learning Thai and some 'easy to remember' words will bring a special sparkle to your girl's eyes.

Try these:

  • 'aloi mak mak' - means this tastes great.
    • 'aloi' - tastes good.
    • 'mak mak' at the end of a word emphasizes.
      • You can use a single 'mak' or a double, depending on the power you're wanting to convey.
    • This is a combination to remember since Thais love their food.
  • 'suay' - means beautiful
  • 'sawatdee krap' - in Thai language, this means both Hello and Goodbye
    • men add the 'krap' particle at the end for politeness
    • woman use the ka' particle

Should you be pushy with a Thai woman?

Thai women prefer foreign men who are NOT pushy.

We understand you want fast results, who doesn't. Starting slow will get you the best results.

Here's why:

  • Thais tend to be conservative
  • Westerners have a reputation of only wanting sex with Thai girls
  • Having a relaxed attitude gives the girl an illusion you're only casually interested so they put in more effort.
    • Think of it as playing hard to get and this works!
  • You avoid jumping into the first contact. There's plenty to choose from. Spend some time & choose from a selection.

Thai women on a website want to make new foreign friends. They're contacting more than just you. You do the same!

You'll reap the benefits of moving at a slower pace.

Quality profile photos are important

Profiles with photos attract 67% more interest. That's a proven fact.

Visuals are high on the list of what you need to get right.


  • Add good quality head-shot photos.
  • Selfie photos with you dining out or engaged in sports are great too.


  • Blurry photos
  • Poor lighting
  • Small photos

You want to give the best impression possible to maximise getting a girl's interest in you.

Girls from Thailand are famous for being 'selfie queens'. They're forever snapping photos of themselves in readiness to upload somewhere.

It pays to mimic the culture you're involved in.

Get ahead of most other foreigners and get your photos right.

How much of my dating profile should I fill?

You need to give enough information to attract who you're looking for.

It's a quick exercise to complete the basics of your appearance and interests. Doing this also provides benefits of being included in profile search results too i.e. when a Thai is looking for someone specific, you'll be included in who she sees.

If the Thai girl is interested in you, this information will be the next profile she scans.

Remember to keep the words in profile description to short, bite-sized chunks. Using new lines is a good practice to adopt.

It's likely they'll be using Google Translate to better understand some of them.

Sex talk is a big No-No

The #1 profile description we see from Thai women is 'don't talk to me about sex'.

Unfortunately, men still insist on doing it and end up being blocked by the girl. Play your cards right and just chill on the sex talk.

To be honest, you wouldn't walk up to a woman in a club and start doing it, would you?

The winning formula if you're looking to date a Thai girl is basically this:

  • click the 'Like' button on her profile
    • that's her first signal you're interested in them
  • send a short message which prompts them to reply to you
    • a good example with a high success rate is simply 'Hi, how are you?'
  • start chatting about normal things like their life, work, favorite Thai foods, what's she's looking for
  • and if she's sounding like a potential date, move to a video chat application like 'Line'

Thai women are very sexual by nature but you need to tread carefully at first.

Get the basics out of the way first before talking about sex.

Taking Notes

Online dating is playing a ‘Numbers Game’.

You are going to be browsing through hundreds of Thai women profiles eventually.

Very quickly it will all start to get confusing about who said what.

Keeping records will help you avoid embarrassing yourself and losing out to the next guy. Even old-styled pen and paper is good.

We've got built-in record keeping, including a rating system. You can easily sort and focus on the girls who stand out, above of the rest.

What's the best chat application for Thailand? has a 71% market share of Thailand's internet users.

The majority of single Thai girls who use Line would exceed that percentage.

It's a free chat app on all platforms so install it on your phone and desktop, in readiness.

  • After you've installed it, make sure you also configure a Line ID
  • One of the first questions a girl is going to ask is 'What's your Line ID?'

Fun Fact

What does 555 mean in Thailand?

The number 5 in Thai language is pronounced 'Ha'.

So 555 is the slang for writing 'Hahaha'.

Simple but confusing when you first see it in a chat and don't know the origins 555

Do you need a mobile app for dating in Thailand?

No, it's actually far better to forget old clunky dating apps.

We use state-of-the-art web technologies to keep you safe and deliver the same fast experience on any platform to find a new Thai companion.

Our platform makes it easy to get organised before you even arrive in the country.

Join, upload great photos and instantly browse through a vast number of Thai women.


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Is Line popular in Thailand?

  • Line accounts for 95% of Thailand's online messaging
  • Whatsapp is often used for Facebook based businesses
  • Skype remains popular with expats
  • Instagram is a favourite for many younger Thais

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