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Dating a Thai Woman the Right Way

Martin Cooney
January 29, 2014 • 6 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Be a gentleman when dating a thai woman

Okay, this one is for the guys. It's going to be pretty basic and a necessity. It's going to use a lot of common sense.

What should you know about dating a Thai woman? There are traps and dangers when dating in a different culture. Do you want to know what they are?

Thai women are traditional in personality. They have a shy demeanour. Women from Thailand do not share the same cultural beliefs as western ladies. Consuming an excess of alcohol is not condoned. Thai women expect respect in all areas of life.

And a lot of this comes from Thai culture as well as using respect, courtesy, honestly and merely being a 'good guy'.

Go Easy on the Booze

Like any women anywhere in the world, a Thailand girl wants to make sure that the guy that she's dating isn't addicted to drugs or alcohol.

I mean, let's be honest here, a Thai girl wants to see a fellow that has self-control, self-discipline and more importantly, respect for himself.

Meeting a Thai woman for the first time, she will expect you're going to take her and a relationship seriously, so do that.

Don't come off as being an arrogant and aggressive Farang a-hole.

Thai culture is a gentle one.

From that, Thai women are gentle creatures who will be scared and put off by the aggression that is quite common in western guys.

So take it steady.

The Gentleman

Look at the culture that surrounds you and adopt that as your own.

Be a gentleman when dating
Be a gentleman when dating a thai woman

A gentleman wins the hand of a lady every time – everywhere in the world too!

Thai culture has been around for a long, long time.

Like any woman, and especially in Thailand, there needs to be give-and-take between genders.

Thai women are usually quite shy but do have a high expectation that men, and particularly western men, behave like a gentleman.

Outside of Thailand, guys tend to think they can do whatever they please when they visit Thailand.

That is simply untrue.

It's unacceptable.

As I mentioned earlier if you wish to retain the interest of the Thai woman then start thinking like a gentleman.

Put Some Effort Into It

I hope you haven't been living under a rock during the equality of the genders. Understand that women appreciate men taking pride in their appearance and putting effort into looking good, smelling good and having self-confidence in themselves.

Look around you in Thailand or on our dating site. You will see that Thai women take great pride in their presentation and appearance and probably more so than western women.

Thai women are conscientious. They expect you to be well shaved (facial I'm talking about here), well-groomed and looking smart for the evening, or wherever you've happened to arrange for your date.

Don’t Be Too Bold or Quick with Thai Girls!

Public displays of suggestion or bold suggestion, too quickly, will undoubtedly put a Thailand girl off-side and on guard.

Use restraint to start so that you both can get an understanding of each other.

The lowest common denominator is the pace to move on.

So if the lady that you're dating wants to move slower than you, then you need to do that and hold off on western aggression which is certainly not part of Thai culture.

Remember, Thai culture is a gentle one. Take that on board when you are in Thailand.

Don't be stupid!

The Subject Of Sex

Every woman is different, and some will be okay with some sexual banter, and some won't be.

The thing is you won't know!

It's sensible to understand and get to know each other. You don't yet know what the girl's sexual boundaries are. What is she comfortable talking about, both privately and publicly?

Last thing that you will want to happen is for your Thai girl to be embarrassed talking about intimacy which can be an uncomfortable subject for any woman on a date.

So respect the woman, take it easy and move at a slow pace.


Understand Marriage In The Culture

Marriage will come as a surprise to many western guys / Farangs.

The culture in Thailand is steeped in formality and meeting the parents in a western country is undoubtedly not the same as in Thailand.

If a Thai woman introduces you to her parents, there is an expectation that a marriage proposal is looming.

And if you're going to fly a Thai female out to meet you, her family will also expect marriage.

Take it steady, take it easy, and understand the culture at a very granular level.

It will pay you in the long run.

Dating Locations

You know, it doesn't take any effort at all to meet and date a woman for the first time in a club or a bar.

Take effort and time and pick the right place to take your thai lady on the first date
Take effort and time and pick the right place to take your thai lady on the first date

And if I was a woman and our first date was at a bar, I would think you were a jerk.


Thailand is a beautiful place to explore.

There are many scenic places. It's easy for you to open up a tourist map and pick something that both you and your Thai girlfriend can explore.

Talk about and have some fun together, which then opens up a conversation and allows both of you to get to know each other better.

Culture Differences

I've dated women from other cultures in the past myself.

And I'll tell you about one of the areas that got me into trouble initially – was cultural differences in talking and conversational remarks that weren't understood or confused to be an insult.

Start understanding the language so that you have an understanding of how Thai women think. She will misunderstand some words, for sure. You must be careful about topics which are confusing or potentially insulting?

And never insult the Thai people or put down the Thai culture.

That's just bad form, in anyone's language, and again shows you as a jerk and an idiot.

Chill out and have fun

The mindset that I adopt on a first date is pretending to go to a business meeting with someone I've never met before.

What does that do?

It removes the dating 'butterflies'.

When you don't have the butterflies, you're more relaxed.

You are more confident in conversation, and you can have more fun.

So have fun, respect the new Thai woman that you're with, give her your undivided attention and honesty and have fun together.


How Do You Date a Thai Women the Right Way?

  • Ease off the alcohol and sip
  • Be a gentleman until you know her better
  • Put some effort into understanding women in general
  • Avoid being too bold and slow down a little
  • Never talk about sex if you're still getting to know her
  • Study up on the cultural differences
  • Generally, chill out and enjoy your time together

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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