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Martin Cooney
January 20, 2014 • 3 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Single expats and Thai Women Using Safe Online Dating

Looking for Love in All the Right Online Dating Places

Ladies, I’m going to start letting you in on a few secrets of Western guys.


Because the vast numbers of Western men (or farang as you call us) are simply looking for the very same things in life, as you want.

Thai Romances is a dating and connection site with a difference.

Our founders honestly believe in a wholesome relationship between two consenting adults.

This is especially true between Thailand woman and a Western guy, as farangs are desperately searching for the traditional partner of their lives.

A lot of farang are disillusioned with women in western countries.

The old values are going down the drain which is why farangs are turning to countries such as Thailand to live out the lives, in a better relationship.


You heard it right, romance.

In fact, romance and love are just as much a part of a man’s beliefs as they are for yours.

It is interesting to consider that romance means far more to Farangs than it does to Thai men though.

It’s certainly a culture and upbringing mentality, between both too.

Most women across the world want romance.

Don’t you (if you’re Thai women)?

But outside the greater western world, men haven’t caught up to what is important to their lives and the lives of their ladies.

Which is why Thai women prefer dating Farang – at least once they’ve had a bad taste of men from Thailand.

Dating and Love as a Thailand Woman

Love will always find a way!

But first comes education especially between cultures.

It’s the same between a Thai woman and a Farang’s home culture.

There’s differences and differences are a good thing, to form understanding and a strong bond but you need to talk about your expectations, his expectations and needs and work on a plan to move forward – with love, respect and kindness.

Here’s a quick checklist for you and any potential man in your life:

  • What are you looking for in a guy?
    • Share this once you’re on a good understanding
  • What does your new online dating partner looking to get from you?
    • Does that suit you as well?
  • What are your expectations from him to you, both in love, romance and financial?
    • Many Farangs don’t understand the Thai culture of family support. All you thai girls need to explain this. You also need to understand his family values too.

Once you get these challenging talks under way, you’ll both have far more real world knowledge about where a potential relationship will head.

Be the honest and trustworthy Thai girlfriend he is looking for.

If the answers you both uncover aren’t suitable to either of you, be honest and try again with someone new.

There isn’t any harm in trying and failing, as long as you move forward and try again.

Love will always find a way, for you to have romance success!


Those are my first 2 tips for you ladies.

Keep on the lookout for more, coming your way in a successful online relationship, love and romance.


What are Thai women looking for relationship-wise?

  • Romance is certainly a big factor
  • Dating and love as a Thai girl understands them
  • Honesty, always
  • To learn from her partner

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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