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What to do on a Thai Girl 2nd Date?

Martin Cooney
November 18, 2019 • 15 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Dining and Dating for a second date
What is your girl waiting for?

Once you've made some Thai contacts on here, you'll eventually be faced with the prospect of meeting them for a coffee on a first date. We're an advocate the 1st date is for coffee only since you can easily escape lol The 2nd date can and should be for some food. Where are you going and what are you going to eat on that 2nd date?

Foreigners in Thailand are lucky. Thai girls love their food and all the varieties they can sample. This doesn't mean you should be leaving the choice up to them. The opposite is true. Your Thailand woman has an expectation you'll make the decision. Here's our Top Tips to take the lead.

Where Do I Take This Thai Girl?

Examples used here will be places in and around Bangkok. No matter where you go in Thailand, you'll find the same places or variety of them. Just use the trusty Google.

Go Easy in a Thai Mall

If you're new to Thailand, the easiest places for that second date will be the many malls and shopping centres scattered around the city. Many people including your potential girlfriend don't know all the small places you might have seen. Thais tend to frequent the same places in and around where they work or live.

As an example, in Bangkok, you will find almost everybody knows where the Terminal 21 shopping centre is - take the BTS to Asoke and you're at Terminal 21.

This is an easy location for a second date.

It's easy for you because it has a great range of both Thai food and foreign friendly food. Having this choice allows you to ease yourself in to trying small side dishes of Thai food as well as the foreign food you are most comfortable eating. It'll allow your Thai girl to also try a bit of foreign food. These bigger shopping areas allow you to casually stroll around and have a relaxed time.

After you have finished your food, go for a walk through the shops and try a crêpe or an ice cream.

Girls in Thailand will love this attention.

Go Interesting at a Bangkok Market

Being adventurous is a natural thing if you've just landed in a foreign country such as Thailand.

If you're one of those guys who do not like going to shopping centres, consider a more interesting adventure taking your Thai woman to a local market. There are many markets in Bangkok and are popular throughout Thailand. The two most popular in Bangkok are the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the wonderful Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market.

wandering around a market is great for 2nd dates
Check all that food available

The Chatuchak Weekend Market (go to BTS Mo Chit or MRT Chatuchak Park) or JJ Market is more for walking around and shopping in small knick-knack shops - she will love going to JJ too but maybe following a Thai girl on a shopping adventure is for the 3rd trip out lol

I'd recommend the Train Night Market. It's the easiest to get to since it's behind the Esplanade Mall. Take the MRT subway to the Thailand Cultural Centre station with a 5 minute walk behind the Esplanade Mall. It is best to plan your date after 6pm - since it can get crowded you'll be much cooler in the earlier evening.

The Train Night Market are a buzz of vitality and diversity.

You have live band entertainment dotted around the huge expanse where you can stroll up, sit down and have a few drinks. The market is great for walking hand-in-hand with your girl, stopping and looking at all the trinkets.

Most of the food stalls cater for foreigners. So the spicy level is normally low.

So now it's 'food time'. Ask your Thai cutie to look out for a sit down place because you want to try some grilled fish - you've heard it's really tasty.

grilled fish
Grilled fish your Thai girl will do for you

Once seated, ask your girl to also recommend 1 or 2 smaller dishes that are a little bit spicy. You would like to try some authentic Thai food but are not sure how hot it's going to be.

If you're going to spend a bit of time in Thailand, it is a good idea to start experimenting with chilli since many Thai dishes use chilli as an ingredient. Start building up your chilli tolerance level is a good idea in Thailand. 1 of the dishes I like is a spicy minced pork but leave it to your girl to recommend one or two.

Grilled fish is a good demonstration of how much a Thai girl will look after you, as a male. When the fish is delivered, most local girls will start scooping the meat off the fish and spooning it onto your plate.

Every girl I've ever dated in Thailand does exactly the same - it's so cute. And it saves me so much hassle in getting the fish flesh off - the Thai girls done it since they were very young.

Your Market meal will be a memorable one.

Go Buffet or Go Home

try an open-air BBQ shrimp buffet on your date
See the size of those BBQ Shrimp?

OMG Thais love their buffets (all you can eat). I've never seen a Thai women eat so much as when they're at a buffet. That even includes their elderly 75 year old mothers too hahah. Such a sight to see.

Everywhere throughout Thailand, butterflies are extremely popular with the locals.

Maybe it is because buffets are affordable, maybe it is because Thais love to eat but I suspect it's a combination of both.

Your Thai girlfriends' eyes will pop out of her head when you suggest going to a buffet for a 2nd date. There's an enormous range to choose from. Thai food buffet, Korean, Japanese and the list goes on. Thai people do love their seafood too. One of my personal favorites is a BBQ seafood buffet.

What is cute when going to a BBQ buffet is your girl always cooks, always!

You don't need to do a thing except sip your beer. She will go fetch the shrimp / prawns, the various slices of meats and the vegetables. It is entirely different then it is in the west. You are taken care of, 100% of the time.

If you're new to Thailand, going to a barbecue buffet may also be your first experience in having a glass of beer with ice. I actually prefer it this way now.

Big fresh juicy shrimp BBQ cooked by a cute Thai women and you sipping a beer. That's the perfect second date experience.

Go Walking along the Riverfront

There's nothing that will make a Thai women's heart melt more than walking along the riverfront.

With the major Chao Phraya River waterway splitting Bangkok in two, you'll soon discover just how much Thais enjoy water activities and the fascinating places the dot the riverbank.

'Asiatique: The Riverfront' is a wonderful well-established open air mall and dining area.

The wonderful open-air Asiatique - The Riverfront

The views of the river are breathtaking.

If you haven't realised it yet, Thai girls are well-known for taking selfies. Asiatique will drive them crazy taking their happy snaps from all the vantage points. You'll just have to cope because it's going to happen lol

On the positive side, you'll see her happy personality. Allowing her some time to take her selfie pics gives you the opportunity to wander up and down the river front with her, exploring Bangkok's river frontage.

Thai people love their markets. Asiatique is no different. It's a blend of both market stalls and huge variety of different foods and places to eat.

Years ago I took a Thai girl here for some food. It happened after the 'first date coffee' and we were having such a great time together, we decided to trek to Asiatique for a beer or four. We started with drinks and oozed into food. I'm glad I did. I had the dessert back at my condo :)

Many of the restaurants face the river getting a cool river breeze. If you're not used to Thailand's heat, this will be a welcome change on a hot night. You can enjoy the breeze, the river views, her cute laugh and get to know each other. Foreigners can pick from a menu with photos and not go insane looking at just Thai words. And again, your Thai girl might enjoy some foreigner food,as they like to do.

Top Thai Dishes for Foreigners in Thailand

Getting a understanding on what Thai foods you should try first is important. You don't want to look silly or end up with a swollen mouth from an overdose of chilli.

The best advice is to take it slow, keep some foreigner friendly foos in mind and sample the spicier Thai food in moderation until you get used to it.

Best Foreigner Friendly Food

Fried Chicken - Gai Tod

Thai Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken - totally foreigner friendly food

Everyone loves fried and grilled chicken. Thais are the same. In Thailand fried chicken is always accompanied with at least a small bowl of spicy dipping sauce like 'nam jim'.

Thai fried chicken is typically prepped by marinating with a spices blend and rice flour before deep frying. It is not your usual KFC and a dish to definitely try.

Pad Thai - Thai Fried Noodle

Pad Thai Fried Noodles - Foreigner Friendly
Pad Thai is enjoyed by everyone in Thailand

Always a favorite in Thailand for foreigners. Pad Thai is made everywhere including the food malls in shopping centres. If you stuck for something to eat, go with Pad Thai.

The shrimp (prawn) is popular with western visitors but you can order a cheaper plain variety that's simply topped with ground peanut and tofu.

Do try the dry banana pod as a vegetable side topping though. You won't find this in western Thai restaurants and it's an enjoyable addition you'll like.

Noodle Soup - Guay Teow

pork noodle soup from street cart
Easy and Delicious Noodle Soup

I used to live on Pork Noodle Soup with egg noodle when I lived in Thailand.

You can order beef or chicken too and a bowl of this delicious noodle will usually cost you about 50 baht at a street cart vendor. Add pepper and chilli to your liking.

Try These Thai Foods Next

Onto the seriously and unique Thai dishes now.

Each of these are 'must try' Thai foods and your Thai girl will certainly do her best to both order and adjust the chilli level so you can enjoy them. Her focus is always on you loving her food and her country.

Women in Thailand are proud of their foods. So they should be too.

Spicy Shrimp (Prawn) Soup - Tom Yum Goong

If there was ever a No. #1 dish that is synonymous with Thailand, it would be this one.

Your Thai girl will usually adjust it's flavour after it's delivered. Thais all seem to have they own specific Tom Yum Goong flavours they prefer. That's a good thing because you can tell she cares about the quality and delivery of the foods to you.

For a foreigner, it'll be very aromatic and usually come with a strong spicy jolt. The restaurant or street vendor always ask the chilli level if they see a falang/foreigner and your girl will too.

My preference is with shrimp/prawn, mushrooms and a coconut cream version. Let you girl take care of it. You won't be disappointed with this one - just beware it's spicy and go slow.

Khao Soi Noodle - Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

Coconut Curry Khao Soi noodle
a personal curry favorite

This is a northern Thailand dish so you know it'll pack a spicy punch.

Most common is chicken but you have beef or pork usually available too.

If you are a curry lover, you'll enjoy coconut milk & masala rich curry blend. The noodle used is a flat egg noodle and is mixed in with mustard greens, a squeeze of lime and red salad onions.

Add more chilli spice to taste.

Spicy Morning Glory - Pak Boong

Morning Glory with Pork
Pork $ morning glory will make your mouth water

I first stumbled across this one at a walk-in sit-down FoodMart restaurant. I needed some greens in my diet and the photo looked like what I was after lol

I went with the pork addition just in case the Morning Glory by itself might have been too bland. I prefer it this way now.

Spicy morning glory is usually wok-fried with a mix of soybean, soy, garlic and chillies. You get a tasty blend of salty, spicy and sour running over the crunchy shoots of vegetable.

Morning Glory is often overlooked by foreigners because they don't know what it is. Now you do so try some.

Oh and it turns out Pak Boong is an extremely healthy vegetable.

Spicy Pork Salad - Laab

Laab - Spicy Pork Thai salad
Try the fish or pork - both are very spicy

This one isn't for the fainthearted. The spicy level is turned up but if your girl likes it, try a small amount. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Apparently the unofficial national dish of Laos, it's most popular in the NE regions of Thailand such as Esan. They like their food spicy up there.

Commonly made with either pork or beef, any meats can be substituted such as chicken, duck, fish or even mushrooms. The flavours mixed in is what gives it a zing and a spicy punch. Fish sauce, lime, roasted ground rice and herbs while the meat is minced and cooked with chillies and mint.

It is very spicy and foreigners need to go slow. I'd advise to also eat along with with sticky rice so you can dilute the spice down a little.

Spicy Green Papaya Salad - Som Tam

every thai girl loves her Somtam
Every women in Thailand enjoys her salad

Every girl I've ever known in Thailand loves her Som Tam. Known a Green Papaya Salad, it's also spicy. And has been rated in the World's 50 Most Delicious Foods by CNN.

It's healthy, filling and girls don't seem to put on any weight eating it.

Like all things Thai food, there's an endless variety of SomTam. Most all contain basic local elements of such as sour lime, hot chillies, salty (smelly) fish sauce and sugar. It's predominately a sour taste and the ingredients are pounded and fused together using a mortar and large wooden pestle.

Try the Salty Black Crab SomTam if you get the chance. It can be a bit stinky so isn't made everywhere. Most Esan style food stalls should be able to do it though. Experiment :)

Things to Remember

Keep the following in mind when it comes to Thai food and your girl:

  • Keep an eye she doesn't over-order on the amount of food you're getting
    • They love to take care but have little mind on the volume of food (or it's cost since you're paying)
    • there's no ill-thought. They only want you to enjoy
  • As soon as you arrive in Thailand (or any foreign country) you should invest in some carbon tablets.
    • you can buy CarBon from any local 7/11 shop
    • they're used if you get any stomach issues from the food you use
    • they are fast acting and a great precaution to keep at your condo.


What to do on a 2nd date with a Thai Women?

  • Go casual to a local Thai mall
  • Visit an interesting local market with great foods
  • Eat out at a seafood buffet
  • Visit the popular Asiatique
  • Ask her to choose her favourite Thai food shops

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