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Four Things I Learnt From My Online Dating Profile

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It Is Real

Dating on the Internet usually imitates real life but with added benefits.

When you first join a dating website many new members make similar first time mistakes.

With the abundance of availability, in potential new online dates, these errors in judgement are easy to forget and move on to the next likely dating candidate.

But you can also learn a few new things and minimise these pitfalls, to maximise your online dating successes!

With a few short tips that I’ll be letting you in on shortly, you can start to minimise these failures and dating pitfalls.

Keep your life real, keep your online dating realKeep your life real, keep your online dating real

Be Careful

We all know the Internet can be a good place BUT it can also be a bad place.

Every walk of life including the online space has it’s fair share of negativity and people looking to make a quick buck or dollar or Yen or Baht (insert your currency here).

Online dating is no different.

It’s important to understand this fact and to simply keep your eyes open.

Be aware that the other person you’re communicating with might not be the person they are portraying to be.

The same can be said in real life dating too.

Many people try to give you an impression of a different persona. It’s human nature to want to impress someone you’re interested in.

It is OK to be impressed by dating profile photos and strike up a conversation.

That’s a good thing.

With a dating profile, first impressions do count.

Just ‘put the brakes on’ just a little bit and tread carefully.

safety in online dating is importantIt is OK to take things slow and careful

Start Slow

Any website, whether it’s for Thai Dating or another niche, could be thought of as a supermarket.

I mean that in a very positive way.

You have a wide range of abundance of different foods to savour. Internet dating is kind of the same.

We are all individuals.

We all have a rich history and have something different to offer everyone. We are the ‘Fruits of the World’.

When you join a dating website, take the pace slow, connect with more than just one potential date and start playing the field.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

I suggest you connect and chat with people that you may not believe are who you’re looking for.

I say this because variety and difference is the spice of life.

You can have a number of different chats and messages going on with different people (ALL at the same time) so it makes sense to get to know each and ever member you contact, using a slow place as well as trying to confirm details all away.

Get to know them as well as confirming they are who they say they are.

Plan, execute and re-evaluate your dating criteriaPlan, execute and re-evaluate your dating criteria

Shopping Is A Good Thing

As I said before, you’re now in an online dating supermarket.

Stop, test the product and you never know what that taste test is going to reveal.

From personal experience, some of the Thai ladies that I have dated, I wouldn’t have thought would be a good match have turned out to be the ones I’ve liked the most (including my current Thai girlfriend).

A bit like that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ thing – you really don’t know what you’re going to get so you might as well try a wide field of choice, huh?

test and measure. Take it slowSqueeze the Fruit :)

Think About the Dating Profile

  • You live in the real world.
  • You don’t have to follow someone else’s guidelines.
  • You are completely free to choose your own dating and life path.
  • You are free to change along the way.

Change is always a good thing, despite human beings resisting it.

Take notes and re-evaluate who it is that you looking for.

  • Is personality really important to you?
  • Is body shape really important to you?

Its okay if they are and it’s also okay if they are not.

It’s more about being OK in re-evaluating.

Redefine your profile 'matching criteria' and DO change it in your online profile so that you can spend more time chatting, messaging and finally meeting the real potential online dating partners who you want in your life.

After all, this is all got to do with your life, your happiness and your future.

Make it count and happy dating.

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