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The Thai Lady’s Dating Dream and Disasters

Martin Cooney
August 04, 2014 • 4 min read • Click for comments
Updated: July 09, 2020
online dating dreams and disasters

Dates, dreams and disasters

The dreaded 3 Ds are real in every relationship and especially when you’re looking for your Mr Right.

When it comes to looking for your Western man, all you Thai Ladies need to think serious about why some relationships are good and others don’t work.

There is no such perfect man. Just a man you want.
There is no such perfect man. Just a man you want.

But Why Is Disaster There?

All you Thai Ladies, listen up!

Just think about where your imagination has taken you when you think of that ‘right guy’.

I’ll wager it isn’t too far removed from dating some farang (western guy) riding the white horse, to come and sweep you off your feet.

Dreams are one thing but the reality and real life is different.

Readjust your dreams, tempered with a good dose of what those qualities really do look like.

Take out your pen and paper for some serious, personal list making. We’re doing this to realign your ideals, to attract farang guys with the right qualities.

Qualities just for you.

You might start with broad areas such as:

  • Spiritual beliefs
    • Is he Buddhist? If not, can your beliefs and his cope with the differences?
  • Family values
    • Family runs strong in Thai culture.
    • Do you want kids?
    • Is this something you need to find out first by mentioning it in your online dating profile?
  • Morality qualities
    • Women from Thailand and Farang from the Western World will have differences in their outlooks on morality
      • Make sure you discover where Mr Right thinks about your own moral beliefs
        • Before you go too far
  • Personal values and ideals
  • Your Mindset Path – walking with you and not behind or in front – this is important!

You get the picture?

Have has many topics as you think are needed and drill down in to them so you are clear where your online dating experience needs to head towards.

You’ll gain clear insight into yourself and your wants/needs and give your farang-hunting clarity and purpose.

The Real Dating Problem Is Coming

If you’re like many of the people I’ve coached this practice with, you’ll start connecting with Western guys and single Dads dating that start ticking more of the right ‘boxes’ than ever before.

Down the line, some magical relationships will blossom. Those past dreams will take shape and a better reality for you both.

But the devil wears Prada so beware!

As human beings, we’re a difficult bunch to keep satisfied.

You’re also coming from an environment where you’ve already formed opinions, beliefs and (unfortunately) suspicions.

These are based in previous relationships. But no previous farang boyfriend is ever going to be like the next – none of them!

every new boyfriend for thai ladies will be different
Every new boyfriend for thai ladies will be different

Innocent actions from your dream man will raise faint alarm bells and triggers and your brain will start questioning the convictions that were previously rock-solid, when you both first met.

Most men are a pretty straightforward gender.

Despite what you might think, we also share many of the same needs and goals as you do, although we verbalise differently.

Verbalise Or Vaporise, It’s Your Choice

This might sound silly but most Thai women who are dating don’t take talking seriously.

If you’ve got an issue with your guy which do you choose:

  • Stew and ponder on what might have happened, what could happen and what all the possibilities might mean … Or
  • Approach the subject immediately with the guy for his feedback and thoughts. So you both get a solution and resolutions

I’ll bet you chose Door #1.

What sounds like the right choice to a peaceful mind, for all concerning?

Happy Online Dating from Thai Romances and best wishes for all you Thai women out there, to find you real dream Farang.

Last updated: July 09, 2020

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