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The No. 1 Thai Sex Workers Guide for Bar Girls, Freelancers

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Updated: April 07, 2022
9 thai bargirls at work

Thailand will always be a sought-after destination for foreigners looking for Thai bargirls, freelancers and the adult entertainment industry. The pandemic has severely impacted the Thai economy. How is this going to affect finding bar-girls and freelancers (Thai prostitutes)?

We're seeing changes in both the behavior and availability of Thai bar girls. They work in the Thai sex industry and, like everyone else, they need to put food on their tables. It's likely pricing will rise and many Thai girls may move out of the big cities & back to their home province. Many beer bars & clubs will close due to poor tourist numbers, adding to the scarcity of finding a bar girl.

The Thai Penal Code doesn't actually say prostitution is illegal in Thailand nor does the government say it even exists, despite Thai sex workers being extremely popular with foreigners.

The Code tends to lack clarity on the meaning of important defining phrases such as 'in a promiscuous manner', ' an open and shameless manner...'.

There are age-old laws where most forms of provocative clothing can land a Thai girl in jail or a fine but are rarely enforced. And so bargirls and freelancers continue to thrive. It's why foreign men flock to beer bars soon after they land in the country.

We promote finding your own good Thai girlfriend or wife. But there's no denying the fact Thailand is famous for providing many foreign visitors with the widest variety of sex workers found anywhere in the world.

What's the Back Story for Bar Girls?

Many Thai women aren't as lucky as others.

urban and rural poverty in Thailand
It can be very tough growing up in Thailand

Tourists, visiting the larger cities of Thailand, may think the country is reasonably affluent.

For many Thai people growing up, it's a matter of survival. Men are given far more opportunity to succeed than women. It's the Thai men who are the lucky ones.

Most young Thai girls start with very low paying jobs. Thailand is renowned for traditional Thai massage. As a young woman grows up, this is an obvious job choice. They can learn Thai massage wherever they are in Thailand. Once qualified, she can start in a massage shop.

But it isn't long before their debts start to pile up. Being a masseuse in Thailand doesn't pay much either. Debts accumulate, they start to spend more than they earn and continually run short. Since most new foreigners view massage as a sexual encounter, many young girls will start doing a little bit extra with their massages including happy endings. It's a means to an end - more money per hour.

The happy ending massage eventually leads them having intercourse which leads to freelancing (prostitution). So the money's increasing and so is the spending.

So but as they grow older, there is less work in freelancing as tourists are always looking for the younger women. This is where older freelancers turn to the beer bar profession. They're experienced with sex and make the perfect bar girl.

An interesting byproduct is these Bar girls are so accustomed to foreigners, the guys feel totally relaxed with them. Many sponsor the girl with regular cash payments when he's not in Thailand, so the girl will be available when he next visits. 'Bar girls on-tap'.

Bear in mind, every Thai women does want to eventually settle down and be taken care of. That's a Golden Rule for Thai women. Some look early and some look when they're a little older and start running out of options.

Many foreigners and ex-pats are in long term relationships with ex-bargirls and when you think of the rewards, you can understand why these guys choose a Thai bargirl or ex-freelancer. Many retiring bargirls / freelancers will use dating sites like ours to find a guy who is looking for relationship stability.

Where Are the Girls

Every town and city in Thailand is dotted with Beer Bars. Some cater for Thai people and others are designed primarily to service the entertainment and pleasure of foreigners.

There are many variations of what foreigners think a beer bar girl actually is.

Let's take a look at them.

Beer Bars

If you've never been to one of these girly beer bars before, they are certainly not an experience you have seen in your home country.

It will be strange to be casually walking down a street and suddenly see a few semi-naked Thai girls greeting and waving at you to come in. But there's nothing to worry about. You can just go and sit down, order a drink and look around.

Don't be surprised, in a few minutes, when one of those sexy little Thai things sits herself on the seat right next to you. Just that is worth the money coming to Thailand lol

But these girls have a job to do too. It's to get you to stay in the bar, hopefully buy them a drink and continue drinking. To that end, the girl will try to engage you in conversation. Normal questions will be 'what is your name', 'where do you come from', 'how long you staying', 'are you on holiday or working' and that sort of thing.

Simple questions from a Thai cutie.

Beer bars have overhead TVs playing sports too. We recommend you also visit beer bars with pool tables. Having a game of pool, with a beer is relaxing. Do ask the bar girl if she would like to play too. They're genuinely very cute and compliant women and surprisingly good at pool.

And why wouldn't you ask her?

A slim sexy Thai girl, in very high cut shorts or skirt and bikini top, bent over a pool table, right beside you. It's worth the cost of her drink.

thai bar girl
Imagine playing a game of pool with her ... YES

Beer bars also employ these girls to have sex if you want them.

If you like the girl and would like to take her home - that's certainly possible. You only need to ask but get ready for the costs to follow. You need to pay the bar fine and the price of her drink/s.

Decide on whether you want her for a short time sex or a long time as this weighs on the cost to you. Continue playing pool with her until you know if you want to screw her brains out. If you don't, that's OK too.

Where Are the Easiest Bars & Agogos to Find?

Bangkok has 3 main concentrations of beer bars which are easy to find.

  • Sukhumvit Soi 4, 7, 8, 22 all have many beer bars around the Nana/Asoke area.
    • these are all old time favourites for tourists.
    • many Sports Bars which overlook the Soi outside
  • the famous Soi Cowboy between Sukhumvit 21 and 23 have both many beer bars as well as GoGo bars.
    • This is our favourite area in Bangkok - many other places are more high pressure to get you in behind closed doors. The bars in Soi Cowboy are more relaxed and welcoming. Many bar girls and ladyboys are here for you to gawk at as you stroll down the Soi. Do check out Crazy House which is one of the few nude dancing bars around. You won't be disappointed that visited.
    • You can take either the BTS Skytrain to Asoke station or the MRT subway system to Sukhumvit station. They both converge to a 3 minute walk to Soi Cowboy.
  • Patpong is another popular tourists' area. It's located between Silom and Surawongse Roads.

Phuket is a huge one-stop-shop for any sort of holiday activity. From island hopping to late night clubbing, Phuket has got it all for tourists and long-stayers.

And that includes Beer Bars and Agogo Clubs.

Bangla Rd beer bars
Beer Bars & girls aplenty at Bangla Rd
  • Bangla Road is a 500 metre stretch of road, closed to traffic.
    • It's closed for good reason - it's jam-packed from 10AM - 2AM'ish to hundreds of beer bars and Agogo clubs. Go for a stroll first and pick your poison. Be entertained by street performers, eat some tasty street vendor foods or chill out at a lounge bar.
    • Along with the beer bars and clubs wanting your attention (and beer money), you'll notice Bangla Road is a very friendly environment to start eyeing off the local bargirl talent.
  • Prachanukhro Road
    • South of Bangla Road is where you'll find another well-known waterhole called Prachanukhro Road
    • Not as frantic a place as Bangla Rd but certainly check it out
    • Bargirls are friendly and easy to enjoy, as well as easy on the eye.
    • You never know if you never go.
  • Patong Beer Bar Central/Complex
    • Another relaxed area which is popular with long time expats in the Patong Beach area
    • Not as crazy as Bangla Road so if you're looking for 'more chill', this will be ideal for you.
    • don't worry, there's bargirls bursting at the seams to get your attention

Pattaya - largest concentration of bar girls and ladyboys, despite Pattaya referring to themselves as a family friendly resort. Welcome to one of the most famous Red Light Districts in South East Asia.

map location of Pattaya Beer Bars
There are plenty of Beer Bars in Pattay

As you can see, Pattaya is littered with beer bars and clubs.

For any first-timers, take a walk around 'Walking Street' for your first glimpse of some crazy shit. Anything and everything is on offer in Pattaya.

Beer Bar girls, Freelancers, Street Girls, Ladyboys are all wanting you to try something new. Or you could just start with a beer and work your way up. Just chill and enjoy your time in this insane place.


Sex is alive and well, in Thailand.

'Freelancer' is the term used in Thailand for a prostitute or a woman looking to exchange sex (with her) for your money.

Freelancers usually start their working life in an average low paying job and find the money simply isn't enough to sustain their basic needs.

Many of them are eased into the trade through friends who are also sex workers.

There are also many part-time freelancers. These girls are looking for extra money to make ends meet. Many part-time freelancers are just office workers who've blown their month's salary. The easiest and quickest way to get fast cash is to send a few messages on a dating website. These girls tend to be very attractive and they choose who they want ... but 'Cash is King'.

But many Freelancers are also struggling to make ends meet these days.

2020 and beyond has seen significant drops in tourist numbers, with 2022 seeing marginal increases. Tourists dollars is the bread and butter cashflow for many prostitutes in Thailand. So the available clientele for freelancers is taking a nosedive and the trade is becoming more competitive.

You are really on your own with these girls so take care. There are whispers that theft might be on the rise.

Length of TimePrice Range
Short Time (1 - 2 hours)from 1500 - 5000 baht (ensure you confirm price & duration before engaging her)
Long Time (All Night to Next morning)add 1000 - 1500 baht extra (ensure you confirm price & duration before engaging her)

Just a word of warning when booking Freelancers / Beer Bar Girls:

  • the price isn't always the price
  • the main reason why their pricing continued to increase, year after year, was foreigners continued to pay whatever bar girls asked for
  • many girls will simply 'try it on'. They'll throw out a high price to see whether the guy will agree
  • if they're incredibly beautiful girls, this is the norm. It's common she'll try and snag a 5000 baht customer when her usual price may be 2000 baht
    • she only needs to 'work' half the time when she's successful. You can't blame her for that
  • it's OK to barter a bit (and freelancers don't have a bar fine ).
  • you are also expected to pay for her taxi fare

Thermae Cafe

For freelancers only, do check out the famous Thermae Cafe in Bangkok - it's located in the basement of the well-known Ruamchitt Plaza hotel (which is also a normal guest friendly hotel and a short time hotel).

The working conditions for the girls are not the same as a beer bar though. The Thermae Cafe does not employ any girls.

The majority of freelancers here are in the 2000 baht '1 pop Short Time' range. If you're wanting extra services you'll need to negotiate price and whether she's willing. Extra services are up to the girl, how she's feeling, if she likes you and how desperate for money she is.

If you're not comfortable picking up a prostitute, maybe choose the easier option of a dating site since many girls choose the same option for convenience.

Street Walkers

Some Street Workers in Bangkok
Some Street Workers gathering in Bangkok

Street walking prostitutes were quite popular in the main cities of Thailand 10 years ago.

But foreigners' habits of picking up a street prostitute have changed, over the years.

More and more guys prefer arranging for a girl, in a more relaxed environment. This is why beer bars are so popular now.

But as a freelancer ages, her options of picking up guys reduces. Many need to resort to walking the streets. They usually can be found outside of discos and nightclubs, along beach fronts which are popular with tourists and many will just prowl streets which are popular with browsing foreigners.

These Thai women are quick to get your notice and will quickly make you an offer or ask if you would like to have sex with her.

Most will not be as beautiful and sexy as freelancers who you'll find in bars and clubs but the price for a Street Walkers' services will be much lower than the prices of a freelancer. These are bargain-basement prices usually found between 500 - 1000 baht for a Short Time.

Use the same precautions with street walkers as you would with any freelancer or bar girl.

Some of the most popular areas you'll find Thai Street Girls are:

  • Walking Street in Pattaya
  • Soi Cowboy in Bangkok

But really, Street Walkers are found just about everywhere in Thailand.

Massage Parlours

One of the simple pleasures of life is having an hour-long massage. And I mean a traditional foot or Thai massage.

But don't confuse traditional Thai massage girls with sex workers.

Happy Ending Massages

Many new tourists' first sex worker encounter is likely to be a massage parlour which offers a happy ending.

It's easy to know which massage shops offer these services as girls will sit outside the shop, trying to entice you in. Traditional massage shops never have girls sitting outside.

There are also Thai Ladyboy happy ending massage shops, if that's your pleasure.

It's a great experience which includes an actual massage for a 500 - 600 baht price and the hand job 'happy ending' service is an additional 500 baht (but confirm this with the girl before ordering).

Normally, blowjobs & intercourse are not offered, though if the girl likes you and business is slow, you may be in with a chance.

Tip: It's better if you choose the oil massage as the oil will make your handjob so much better.

Soapy Massage / Naru Massage

Thai girl at Naru massage shop
Imagine a Naru body-to-body massage from her

Soapy 'Body on Body Massage' for Men

Massage doesn't get any better than a 'soapy'.

Normally, the younger the Thai girl is, the higher the price. Expect good looking girls at soapy massage shops and are priced in the 2500 baht range. Many of these shops have much higher priced women which cater to the look and wallets of Asian customers.

Each massage shop has their own private rooms and equipped with bath, massage table and bed. There are no barfines either.

How a Soapy Massage works:

Opening the door to a soapy massage parlour might be a little intimidating if it's your first time.

You're walking in and faced with hundreds of sexy Thai women, all peering at you.

Take a breath and go have a drink at the bar.

Any and all of these cute girls are available for you. You need to decide on which one (or two) you'd like with you, in the private massage room.

Bear in mind that each girl has her own price tag. We found it is better, as you're browsing the girls, to my eye contact with the ones you find appealing. If she smiles back then she probably likes you and your massage will be that much more enjoyable.

Step 1:

Once you've picked a few, tell the 'mamasan' the girl/s you like. She'll give you the price. You decide who you want. You'll be led to the private room and the girl/s will start undressing you and lead you to the bath tub.

Do you remember when you were very young and your mother washed you from head to toe? She didn't miss any knock or cranny of your body, did she? These girls are highly skilled in bathing foreign men. The girl/s will be just as diligent in their washing and probing. Oh My!!!

Step 2:

If the bathing wasn't exciting enough, your next stop is the massage table and the inflatable mattress on the top.

Your cute naked Thai girl/s will rub you down with soapy lotions and lather you up. And so the fun begins. She will massage your back first - her entire body rubbing up and down, on your body.

She'll ask you to turn over and proceed to do the same naked body to body massage. Can you imagine a soapy oily totally nude Thai girl rubbing herself up-and-down over your nether regions?

Step 3:

Part 3 of your adventure is to next move to the bed.

You are the prize and the girl/s focus all their efforts on pleasing YOU.

They do what is necessary to finish you off. They'll have a condom available so don't worry. We do recommend you take your own so that sizing of the condom isn't an issue.

If you're only in Thailand for a short stay, we recommend that you pick 2 Thai women, if your budget allows.

Don't forget to give the girl/s a tip after you shoot your load.

Blow Job Bars

While not a new thing, Blow Job Bars aren't normally a foreigners' first thought.

But they are reasonably common these days. It used to be you would walk in to one of these establishments, sit down for a drink and get a blow job while you enjoyed your beer.

It hasn't been done this way for many years and that's a good thing. In-your-face sex just gives Thailand a bad and dirty image and isn't respectful to the woman either. Business is done in private rooms with curtains, for privacy.

BJ Bars are really only for tourists so they're a little harder to find outside of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Bangkok BJ Bars:

Pattaya BJ Bars:

Cost runs to around 700 baht a load plus a tip. Always give one - it isn't the most pleasant job around, for a girl.

WeChat app

While the LINE app is used extensively throughout Thailand, WeChat has a popular following with sex workers.

The beauty of using WeChat is the location search (done by gender) in your current vicinity. When you choose the 'Looking Around' feature for females, you're given a list of Thai women, sorted by location with the nearest to you, at the top. Not all of the females are sex workers - some are normal people, using WeChat as a chatting application.

Often you'll be contacted first. Scroll down the list, click on profiles and see if they have a description which might match with what/who you're looking for. Ladyboys are also looking for clients so be careful who you're booking if a ladyboy isn't for you.

We've used WeChat on many occasions just to book an in-room traditional massage as well as trying out the local freelancers.

Some freelancers have turned out to be inexperienced so you never know until you try.

Escort / Freelancer websites

There are many new Escort Agency websites popping up all the time nowadays.

You can book an Escort or Freelancer ahead of time but this does comes with a hefty overhead, being charged to you. Obviously, there's no guarantee to the girl's experience or talents.

WeChat provides the same. With WeChat, you're able to choose from local talent as well as ask as many questions as you like which you can't do on these Escort sites.

It's also handy to understand some of the abbreviations which might be used on these websites or in WeChat.

Abbreviations used in some Freelance Advertising

AbbreviationsSexual Services Offered
AnalingusLicking Anus
ARAnal Rimming
BF or BFEBoyfriend Experience
BJBlow Job
BLSBalls Licking and Sucking
CIMCum in Mouth
COBCum on Body
COFCum On Face
DDEDoes not Do Extras
DFKDeep French Kissing
DTDeep Throat
FBSMFull body sensual massage
FKFrench Kissing
FJFoot Job
FSFull service
FUTBFinger Up The Butt
GFEGirlfriend Experience
GSGolden Shower
Happy EndingHandjob Or Blowjob After Massage
HJHand job
LBFMLittle Brown Fucking Machine
LOSLand Of Smiles
LTRLong Term Relationship
MFFMale Female Female
MMFMale Male Female
MPMultiple Pops (Cums)
NSANo Strings Attached
ONSOne Night Stand
OWOOral Without Condom
PSEPorn Star Experience
RARelaxation Assistant
SFHSex for hire
SGStreet Girl
SpinnerVery Petite, Thin Girl
STShort Time
TLDTopless Lap Dance
TOSTake Out Service
TTMTesticular tongue massage
TUMATongue Up My Ass
WASPWe Are Sexual Perverts
WFWild Fuck
WLWorking Lady

Depending on what turns you on and what you're looking for in Thailand, you may never ever see any of these mentioned. There are a few services you'll need to hunt down in Thailand but rest assured, if people want it, it will be available and provided by someone.

Some may spark a bit more than curiosity if you see them advertised. It's good to be prepared.

Can a Thai Bar Girl be a Girlfriend?

It's easy to fall in love with a Thai Bargirl.

Many single foreigners come to Thailand and end up staying. There can be baggage attached to bargirls though. While nothing is insurmountable in a relationship, these girls are well experienced in the ways of guys from other countries. Can you find love and a relationship with these Thai cuties?

We've already mentioned, the short term goal of bargirls is money, since it's their only opportunity for survival. Things are likely to get economically tough in Thailand, even beyond 2022. Bar Girls will eventually see this and act accordingly. They'll adapt to the situation and seek out likely candidates. Those include foreign guys with the financial capacity and stability to provide for them and, hopefully, their family.

Think about it for a minute.

What have you grown tired of with Western women back home?

  • casual easy conversation
  • compliant feminine nature
  • easy to have sex with and no complaints
  • wants to dress sexy for her man
  • knows what you are likely to like in life

You normally don't have these problems with Thai women.

A Thai bar girl will make a great girlfriend if you get them early enough into the profession.

Problems with hardcore long-time bar girls and Thai freelancer prostitutes tend to be:

  • freelancers get lazy for anything other than party-time
    • that's fine if that's all the guy is wanting too but a lazy woman is eventually tiring
  • Bar Girls are also Party girls but they work hard for their money
    • since they have a focus on money, their spending habits may grow into a relationship problem
  • They sleep late.
    • Thai women are well known for loving their sleep. Bar girls take this to a whole new level.
  • Problems with remaining faithful.
    • Well, they've been with hundreds of farang in their Bar Girl or Freelancing career.
    • They're used to a wide variety of men.
    • It's easy for them to stray - be very careful what they're doing and where they're going.
  • With their carefree party-girl lifestyle, they tend to be more irresponsible than the average Thai. Most foreigners give up on them if the girl can't grow out of this habit.

Bottom line is in your initial training.

You need to be tough with the ground rules you lay out which they MUST follow. The girl needs to understand the rules and more than 3 strikes means you DO put them out, ending any chance they might have with you.

You need to follow through too.

Quickly recognise if they're really worth the effort or are you simply better to find another Thai woman.

What is a Barfine?

A barfine is charged to a customer by the bar or club when that bar/club actually employs the girl. If you're wanting the girl to provide you with sexual services, then she is leaving the establishment.

Someone needs to pay for her lost time and work and that's going to be you since you want the girl.

Barfines are common in Thailand.

After you confirm with the Thai girl what her 'services' price is, you need to know what the barfine is. And these vary from location and establishment as well as time involved.

An average barfine for Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai will cost you:

  • 500 - 700 baht in most Beer Bars
  • 600 - 1500 baht in Agogo Bars
  • 800 - 2800 baht in Phuket Agogo bars

You need to confirm the barfine, for your girl.

What does ST and LT mean?

Abbreviations for short time and long time.

These refer to the time duration you want the girl to be with you for.

Short time is one or two hours.

Long Time usually refers to her staying with you overnight and into the next morning. However a Long Time can also be for as long as you want her and obviously she needs to agree.

Freelancers do not come with barfines attached to the services where Bargirls and Agogo girls do.

If you're looking to book a Bar girl or Agogo girl for a Long Time, you'll need to pay a fairly hefty barfine.

Which is why Freelancers are more appealing.

Know if your Hotel Allows Bar Girls / Freelancers

This is more a precaution, to avoid embarrassment.

There are some Hotels across Thailand who want to retain a strong 'family friendly' image. Some Holiday Resorts are the same.

Most condos won't bat an eyelid if you bring a Bar Girl or a Freelancer home with you. It's not as if they would know what the Thai girl's profession is.

But if you're staying in a small hotel in a tourist area, chances are the staff might know most of the local sex workers.

Ask the staff on the rules, to be certain.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you're a single guy who's yet to make his first trip to Thailand or you are a retired expat already living in the country, it's good to know about pricing and availability and what is on offer, from Thai sex workers.

If you're still overseas, you can start taking notes on what you want to try and do your financials lol. A dating site is still very much another great alternative too. The majority of Thai girls on the site are just normal girls. Others might be Bar Girls or Freelancers who are both looking for work and/or finding a guy she can settle down with.

Never judge a Thai woman on her day job. They are all looking for someone better in life and you might be it.

For foreigners living long-term in Thailand, many of you may never have experienced some of these services such as the BJ Bars or a Soapy Massage. While you are looking for a good Thai girlfriend for yourself, it's OK to service your needs and sample the delights these girl can offer.


Can a Bargirl Be a Good Girlfriend?

  • Generally, No, unfortunately
    • Unless you meet them early in their career
  • They have an awful lot of baggage about foreign guys
  • They're more interested in party-time
  • They wake up late and are generally lazy
  • Thai bargirls have problems remaining faithful

Where Can I find Sex in Thailand

  • Bargirls offer sex, outside her bar. Just ask her
  • Freelancers (the Thai word for prostitutes)
  • Street Walkers
  • Massage Parlours
  • Soapy / Naru Massage
  • Escort Websites

Last updated: April 07, 2022

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