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WTF? Expectations Dating Thai Women

Martin Cooney
February 23, 2015 • 5 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
rocket science towards easy thai dating

You Think Rocket Science?

Dating a woman really isn’t rocket science but is more about understanding the differences.

You’re far better equipped in getting your real life and online dating success by going into this with your eyes wide open and alert, as to what to expect.

This article is more about getting a winning formula for a successful first date (or online chat), under your belt. Also use the following points when you’re making first contact on an online dating site such as Thai Romances.

Time Is Scarce for a Thai Girl

The Thai life is a pretty easy going life.

Thais tend to take a more subdued approach to living then most of you in the western world.

I remember in the first week of my living in Thailand, it simply seemed like all that past hustle and bustle in Australia had simply been washed away by the ease of life in Thailand.

A Thai woman’s expectations are small but you need to understand the two areas that are most important to her:

  • their care and duty to their family
  • their high regard for their country, Thai culture and way of life

Drill those two points into your head as they will affect your dealings with the Thais.

*And when I say minimal I also name the area of time itself*.

Spare time is a scarce commodity for most Thai women.

I’m not just talking about Thai bar girls but the majority of the average working women.

Understand that Thailand is very much a 24/7 country.

In the 12 months living here, I’ve adjusted and, as an example of that, I often have dinner with my Thai girlfriend at 10 PM or later.

It just simply needs to work that way and another adjustment for you to take into consideration.

You need to understand they may be slow to reply or you may need to find a different time to meet up with them, if a time had already been planned.

It isn’t that I don’t want to chat or see you but more that they work really long hours.

thai women are always very busy
Thai women are always very busy

Poor relationships in the past

I personally feel that Thai ladies don’t really know what to expect from a date with the western guy.

In talking to past Thai girlfriends, I’d have to say that almost all of them have turned to looking towards a date or relationship with a western guy because of how the men in Thailand treat them in the past.

There’s being numerous comments from these past tied girlfriends such as:

  • Thai men lie
  • Thai men always cheat on them
  • Thai men want many girlfriends because it is looked upon as some sort of status symbol
  • Thai men are driven by wanting sex with as many Thai girls as possible
  • And Thai men simply treat them as sex toys

So is it any wonder that these girls are totally confused by what a real relationship might be.

They regularly watch Thailand TV dramas, centred around romance and love but never see this in their real lives.

So prove Thai women are wrong to think men are just assholes.

Treat them different to what they have had in the past and take time in doing it.

Always keep the dating real and honest
Always keep it real and honest


This applies to dating anyone for the first time and not just Thai women but it’s interesting to see just how many guys fail miserably in this area.

How would you think if a woman showed up in shorts and sandals?

Yeah, I don’t think you’d be impressed.

Some easy points for you:

  • Don’t show up like someone ‘just off the boat’
  • The people of Thailand are probably some of the cleanest people I’ve ever met – be the same
  • Smart casual clothes. Were not talking about wearing a suit and tie because this is actually Thailand.
  • Do a Google on ‘smart casual’ and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Try not to look like a tourist.

Sex Talk

I’ve said this number of times on the blog and I’m still constantly surprised how guys tend to overlook the importance concerning sex talk or should I say forgetting the sex talk.

In 12 months of Thailand life, I’d have to say the majority of Thai women love sex.

This properly comes from the Buddhist view on the body. It’s natural and it’s enjoyable but there’s a time and place for everything.

Never ever openly discuss sex when you’re out with them.

Keep the conversation light, engaging and a two way flow.

You, as the man, need to never ever talk about sex with your Thai date. Allow them to lead in to any areas of sexuality and you be the follower in the conversation.

I’ll repeat, you be the follower and you’ll be glad you did do that.

Getting your expectations about Thai women correctly balanced will see them wanting to see you again.

And that’s what dating is all about, isn’t it?


How to impress a Thai Woman?

  • Keep casual and relaxed
  • Understand their love of family
  • Be aware they also deeply love their country and culture
  • Avoid any deeply personal questions on your first date
  • They do not immediately trust your intentions
  • Keep clean and tidy
  • Dress to impress her - Thai girls always do this
  • Avoid sex talk always - they do not like it!

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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