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If You Read One Article About Single Dads Dating Then Read This One

important dating tips for single dads and farang

I have got a question for you.

Why are you now a single dad looking to date again?

Thought of some answers?

Okay, with your answers in mind, I’d like to tell you why it is important for you to think about online dating a Thai lady.

Tired Of Western Feminism

There is no longer a balance between men and women in the western world.

It was out of balance towards men, decades ago. And it’s now out of balance towards women, due to feminism. Don’t get me wrong here, balance is a good thing.

In Thailand, they have Buddhism to guide their lives.

And this lifestyle lends itself to more balanced relationships.

So for all you single dads dating again, I’d suggest you read further and discover why Thailand should be the next destination, at least for a holiday and visit.

Notice the imbalance between woman and men in today's society?Notice the imbalance between woman and men in today’s society?

Respect For Men

Now I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand myself, I have rediscovered mutual respect with all people.

This is far more important in the online dating and real-life dating area because Thai women view older guys with a high degree of respect.

They are gentle and soft both physically and in their nature which really is how woman should be. With the man to protect and look after their lady.

Successful online dating is about mutual respectSuccessful online dating is about mutual respect

Meet Rapid Dating

It is now time to step it up a notch.

Online dating has come into its own.

No longer do you need to spend lengthy timeframes to know one woman at a time, as is the case a conventional physical meeting.

Online dating allows you to make friends and have conversations with many women at once.

So at Thai Romances, for example, simply become a free member and search for some potential Thai ladies that sound interesting.

And start conversations to discover who might be a potential match for you.

Family Values

As a western guy or a single dad, I know you recognise the value and benefit in family values.

Thailand has strong foundations in the support of the family unit. That’s good for Single Dads, right?

A example of that is that, culturally, children support their parents and their parents support their parents.

Relationship Waiting And Why

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Many people are poor in Thailand.

When you meet a Thai woman, you may get a sense that they are rushing into a relationship with you.

That may simply be because they are poor and are looking to get out of that predicament. And that’s easy to understand given the population numbers.

But a word of caution here.

As a man looking to date and find true love and romance with a Thai woman, it is important for you to take things at a steady and cautious place.

We at Thai Romances would suggest that once you had discovered a potential soulmate in life that you put the decent amount of time into making sure that lady actually is the perfect Thai woman for you.

As a benchmark, try a 12 month period of time for that magic to happen.

If you’ve had any failed relationships in your past then you will know that time is a factor in determining compatibility.

And a waiting period is good for the lady too.

You both need to understand the reasoning behind this waiting period.

Make sure she understands that it is in her interests as well. She certainly would not want to get into a relationship and have it fail and the guy (you) leave.

That is bad for her and that is bad for her family.

Compatibility is important - wait for it to happenCompatibility is important – wait for it to happen

Be Careful Of Dating Scammers

With every industry in the world, there will be people out to make a quick dollar.

Online dating is no different.

And as I said before, Thailand is a poor country.

It has a lot of people too.

So there will be a percentage of online dating profiles that will seek you out, to gain benefit from your financial position.

This is simply another area that you need to be aware of.

Be alert and keep on your guard.

Online dating is perfectly safe, providing you keep the concept of online dating scammers in your mind.

Your chances are fine that the majority of profiles that you connect with on any dating site Will be genuine.

Try Before You Buy

It is important that you are never ever pressured in becoming exclusive with one woman, at an early stage.

Think of this as the warranty period.

Each and every aspect of both of your lives needs to have high compatibility.

I’m sure you know what I mean by that.

Both you and your lady need to be mentally, sexually, physically and spiritually compatible.

If any of those areas do not find common ground, enjoyment and a whole lot of fun then that relationship shouldn’t continue, as it has a high probability to fail.

Differences in culture

When I first moved to Thailand, I previously spent 50 or so years in Australia.

So moving to Thailand could have been a culture shock – could have been.

Before moving to any other country, you need to adopt a different mindset. One where you need to 'go with the flow'. Acceptance and learning.

Thailand has beautiful customs and a wonderful culture and people.

I would challenge anyone from anywhere in the world to not love this place, providing you had an open mind and accept the country for what it is and its value to you, as a single dad or a western guy back on the dating bandwagon.

The differences in culture and custom are one of the pleasures of coming to Thailand.

There is much to learn as well as discover and explore.

There is enough in Thailand to keep you going and happy for the rest of your days.

But it takes a first step and that is often the most challenging.

If you are the slightest bit tired of how Western women behave towards you then you need to make an action plan to first visit Thailand and discover the beauty of Thai women seeking men.

That guy just might be you.

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