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How Do You Break Up With A Thai Woman - All The Situations?

Martin Cooney
June 28, 2020 • 11 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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While we promote finding new lady friends for a travel buddy, a new friend or true love, sometimes the situation doesn't always go to plan.

If the girl is not the ideal choice for you, at some point, you need to move on; and break things off with her as best you can.

But you've heard it is harder with Thai women, haven't you?

How do you best break-up and end a relationship with a Thai woman?

Is the process easy or hard? Is there a better way to end things with her?

There are three relationship scenarios with Thai women; an online friend, a travel girlfriend and a long-term girlfriend/wife. You can end both online friendships and a holiday girlfriend relationship quickly; block them on your chat program. A long term relationship will take courage and planning. You are best to be gentle with the Thai girl and explain an ex-girlfriend has returned and allow the girl to move on herself.

Breaking up with a woman in Thailand is never easy.

Ending any relationship with them has many typical complications. Thai girls never like losing a friend, especially a friend they've grown attached.

Girls, in Thailand, don't have any real friends for a confidential chat. When they do find you, they want to keep you forever. It's easier to keep a friend than to go out and find another. Maybe that's laziness too.

These women don't let go easy - this is a warning!

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Easy to breakup over the phone. No worries here.

Breaking Off With An Online Friend

Breaking up with an online Thai friend is not as simple as no longer talking to her.

Many guys will initially hurry into accumulating as many online Thai friends as they can; rushing is typical with online dating.

We certainly do recommend shooting out many messages. But you also need to cull the girls who reply; some respond quickly, and others do not. Always refine a manageable shortlist; have backup girls in 'the dating bin'.

When you start chatting with multiple Thai girls, some will stick to you like glue. You might like these sorts of girls or you might not.

But at some point, you are going to have to drop some from your list and break contact.

How many contact points does she have from you? Only the Line app or have you given her others?

Online friendships are the easiest to end; simply block her on this website and then on your messaging applications.

If you've made promises to meet up and travel together then you may have given her your overseas mobile number; you'll need to block her on your phone too. Thai women are relentless; you must stop her hounding you at home and your work premises.

Refer to the below tips to avoid protracted issues in the future.

A Thai holiday girl
Did you get good service from your travel buddy?

Ending It With A Holiday Thai Girl

A holiday travel companion is the best of both worlds for a foreign man.

You get a bubbly and sexy slim Thai girl to tour Thailand, and she's a willing participant with whatever agreed on sexual adventures you want.

You will have met her online since most of these Thai girls are scouring for this type of work; online dating sites are the more convenient sources for her. She'll have scores of guys on her contact list.

So do understand she wants to line up men for future bookings, so her calendar is full and she's making money. Year-round.

She'll be contacting you from time to time, for a booking.

If you're a regular traveller to Thailand, we recommend you try different Thai girls for holidays.

Always keep travel buddies with outstanding sexual talents on your contact list. Cull the holiday girls who are only 'lukewarm'. There's no need to have her continually annoying you.

But these holiday girls are sensible and wise. They don't want to piss you off. They want recurring income, even if it is semi-regular.

For Thai holiday travel buddies, tell them the truth.

Explain you are coming back, but your next trip will be with a new Thai girl, not her.

Go gentle and truthful.

If you don't like the experience you had with this Thai woman the last time, tell her and block her - there's no need to pretend.

You should keep these 'holiday girls' at arm's length; with no promises.

It is 'Best Practise' to maintain a separate list for travel buddies, as you cull through potential girl. I.e. one list for normal Thai women and another for willing travel companions.

Refer to the below tips to avoid protracted issues in the future.

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Can you breakup with this Thai girl?

Breaking Up With A Real-Life Thai Girl

Living with a Thai woman is freaking awesome. We've spoken about the benefits before.

But for every woman in the world, there is a man who hates her lol. You only know a person when you spend time with them; when their quirks and idiosyncrasies are on display.

Dating and finding the right Thai girl takes time, patience and endurance; you must be prepared to get rid of girls who aren't right for you.

Breaking up with a sweet smiling Thai girl isn't easy to do either. She is going to want to stay, no matter what.

I've been in this position many times.

On the one hand, you have a Thai woman who firmly believes with all her heart she has found her 'white knight', a true friend and a good man for her life. And on the other hand, you know she isn't the one for you.

A Thai woman will say anything to keep you, no matter what you say. I've had women who drop to their knees to promise forgiveness. I've had others who latch on and won't let go of me until I relent and say 'OK, let's try something else'.

The point is you must be strong and end it. End the relationship in a gentle way; and in a way that makes it easy for you to get out, with a minimum of fuss and bother.

The Dramatic Way

Do try and make it work out first.

If all else has failed, tell your Thai girlfriend you need space because the relationship isn't working as you want.

Tell her to leave. You need to find someone else who is better for you.

It will be a dramatic moment, so be prepared.

She will display acceptance, denial, sorrow and confusion. She wants to stay, and she knows you don't want her.

Thai women are emotional; very emotional. When you drop the bombshell of a break-up, some girls will be enraged, and others will leave peacefully and later haunt you on Line.

Be careful of her emotions.

A Thai girl in red bikini
Can you breakup with this Thai girl?

The Gentle Fake-out

After many break-ups, I've found the best technique is to use a simple but effective excuse.

Sure, it is a lie but using an uncomplicated excuse will make your life and hers calm and peaceful; and she can leave with dignity.

Thai women know you've had girlfriends before they came onto the scene; that's why they're so jealous.

Calmly tell her you confided in an ex-girlfriend about your current problems. Then explain you've decided to go back to that same ex-girlfriend.

  • You were happier with the ex-girlfriend
  • You didn't have these same problems with her
  • You think it is best to go back to the ex-girlfriend
  • You've already decided, and that's your final decision
  • Your current girlfriend will be happier to find someone better suited to her personality
  • You're sorry to have wasted her time

Special Note: You might want to remain friends with your current girlfriend too. Refer to the special section about Giks.

Refer to the next section to avoid protracted issues in the future.

Take Precautions When You Start

It's easy to make promises to a pretty Thai girl when you first meet online.

The wrong head is thinking. You're only thinking of one thing, and it's that kind of thinking that gets you into trouble, in the long-run.

So take precautions first.

Map out an action plan to adopt and stick to your guns.

  • Take it slow and understand the dating website first
  • Talk to many Thai girls online but limit your promises to wanting to talk more
  • Keep your initial chats to this website's messaging
  • Don't make promises you don't intend to keep
  • Only give out one contact point; until you meet in real life. Use the Line app
    • Doing this makes it easy later; to block her
    • Never give out your email address
  • Never sent her money
    • She then knows she's got her hooks in you, and will be relentless to keep you

Use a 'Three Strikes Rule' to Thai girlfriends

From the very beginning of any relationship with a Thai girl, tell her you will not tolerate her repeating mistakes she makes. She has three chances to learn, or you will end it with her.

You need to firm with the girls. Tell her again on the 'second strike' and reaffirm she has one chance left.

Realistically, if she's not going to learn, then she's not going to suit you, in the long run.

You know that, right?

Go to your mother's place!

If the girl is annoying you, ask her to go and spend a week at her mother's place; so she can think about what she has done.

Tell her it is best to spend some time apart for thinking.

Her mother will also be the one scolding the girl to submit to you. The mother doesn't want her daughter to have a failed relationship, especially with a foreigner. Her mother knows that foreigners take care of Thai girls.

Take an extended break apart

As a last resort, take some extended time alone.

Being apart allows you to reason about the Thai girl causing you problems. The same time gives the girl the occasion to ponder your value to her, and what she needs to change so you are happy and content.

Limit all communication with the girl.

She will always be trying to chat with you online. Thai girls are the proverbial jealous 'green-eyed monster'.

Don't allow the constant chatter. Limit any Line chats to once-a-day and at a defined time, and only for no more than 30 minutes.

You both need time alone; explain the reasons to her. Stick to your guns.

Will She Transition To A Gik?

Having a Thai girl as a friend has sexual benefits if you handle it correctly.

It's commonly understood by foreign that once you make a friend with a Thai girl, she is a friend forever.

This technique is the perfect segue into converting an ex-girlfriend to a gik.

Not all girls will be willing to be your fuck-buddy, after you've dumped them.

But they also realise you fucking them is an acceptable avenue to get back into your life, if they do an excellent job in the fuck-buddy area.

I did tell you they don't like losing friends, didn't I? lol

Bear in mind, take extra care having a gik and a Thai girlfriend at the same time; that situation can get out of control quickly.


Not all relationships work out. That's just reality.

Ending a relationship can be straightforward, with some planning, though.

It's all up to you on determining the method and your desired result.

Your game-plan is to find a Thai girl/s who suit your needs and requirements. Don't forget that fact.

If any girls aren't shaping up, then call it quits and find another girl who better suits you.

You owe it to yourself to be happy with a Thai woman who'll make you wake up with a smile.

Join up today for free and get started.


How Should I End This Thai Girl Relationship?

  • If the girl is an online friend, just block her on the website and messenger app
  • If she is a travel buddy, tell her straight you're looking elsewhere
  • A Thai girlfriend is different though
    • Tell her about the 'Three Strike Rule'
    • Have the girl spend a week at her mother's home
    • Take an extended stay apart, for her to ponder the situation
    • If those fail, end the relationship by telling her your ex-girlfriend has returned

Do Thai Women Make Good Girlfriends?

  • Without question, Thai girls are awesome girlfriends
  • She will be affectionate and loving
  • Most girls are loyal, without question
  • Some become clingy, over time
  • They all love sex with their boyfriend

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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