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How Do I Know a Good Thai Girl From a Bad One?

Martin Cooney
June 28, 2020 • 11 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
three tattooed thai women

Men have varying reasons to search for a specific 'type' of Thai woman.

She might be a good traditional Thai girl or a woman working in the seedier side of Thailand's various sex jobs. Having a choice is essential. Being able to determine the style of girl will see your success come about faster and with less stress.

So how does a man determine whether a Thai girl is good or bad?

Good Thai women are traditional in personality traits and dress code. Their demeanour will be shy, demur and introverted. Bad Thai women work in Thailand's sex trade. Ornate tattoos adorn their bodies as a rite of passage within the bar trade. Their demeanour is outlandish and extroverted.

Guys using an online dating site generally fall into two categories:-

  • They are searching for a 'Good Thai girl' to spend quality time with or a long term relationship.
  • They want to meet 'Bad girls' for a holiday girlfriend, party girl or just a sex worker/freelancer.

Both reasons are equally OK, without judgement.

In Thailand, there are significant differences between the two types. I'll outline the broad strokes first and then dip into individual differences.

Recognising Thai women in this way will make your search more comfortable and more successful.

one good thai girl and a thai prostitute
Which style of Thai woman are you looking for?

Common & Revealing Differences

Generalising will quickly help you make initial culling choices. It does not mean they are valid for all girls, though. It is essential to state this up-front.


Tattoos on Thai women is frowned upon by society.

You've seen the photos of Thai women and ladyboys with extensive tattoos across their bodies.

Which begs the question - "Why do so many Thai girls and ladyboys get inked - why the tattoos?"

The prevalence of ornate tattoos amongst Thai women began within the last ten years, due to social media. These fashion tattoos are a rite of passage with Thailand's bar girls and prostitutes. Traditional Sak Yant or Magic Tattoos offer the wearer good fortune and protection. Sak Yant tattoos are traditionally for men only.

Those large-scale tats are for the bad girls and ladyboys who are engaged in Thailand's sex industry. The ink is a 'Tramp Stamp' - easily recognisable by any passer-by.

Good Thai girls rarely get marked. The acceptance of tattoos is slowly changing amongst younger Thai girls, though, with more western thinking. Less than 0.5% of traditional Thai women brandish tattoos.

I've been with tattooed Thai women. I hadn't thought they would have been sex workers.

makeup styles of a good thai girl and a thai prostitute
Both makeup styles have their own appeal, yes or no?


A Thai woman's makeup style is another distinct differentiator between a good or bad Thai woman.

Without question, Thai women (and ladyboys) love wearing makeup.

Spotting a good woman is easy. She'll have tasteful minimalist makeup - enough makeup to be elegant, sexy and beautiful but still reserved and traditional.

Bad Thai girls, on the other hand, are out and about advertising themselves. Her makeup will be over the top. She'll be sporting bright colours, heavy eye-liner and mascara and bold red lipstick.

You will quickly see the difference between traditional reserved and a bold exhibitionist.

Messaging Together

You can tell a lot by how a Thai woman is messaging with you.

Bad girls are in a continual loop. They're looking for their next customer or ex-pat upgrade.

These girls are glued to their phones all the time. But she's not waiting for only your messages.

If her replies are sporadic in frequency and delay, she has many men on the hook plus she doesn't give a fuck about you, past her monetary gains.

The bad-girl has a long association with foreigners. She will be playing the field, playing hard to get and knows a western woman's style of mind-games.

Thai people are well-known to their attention to detail and promptness. Process and procedure are strong personality traits in good Thais.

Traditional Thai women are the girls waiting for you to message them. They are eager to be with you.

English Skills

A girl's English skills speak volumes about them (pun intended).

The 'good variety' of Thai women want to speak proper English, as best as they are able.

She will ask you questions on usage and grammar. She is keen and thirsty for knowledge of your language because English is associated with you. Her spoken tones will be reserved and demur.

Now for the bad variety of Thai girls.

Her English ability will be strikingly different.

With a history with ex-pats, these Thai women use a lot of English slang and swear words. She continually hears slang in bars and clubs. The type of foreigners she is dealing with are often drunk and hold little respect for women.

dress code of a good thai girl and a bad girl
Choose your poison. Which is for you?

Dress Styles

In Thailand, a woman's dress code matches her makeup style.

Subtle and sexy or bold and sultry. Both styles are appealing, depending on your poison.

Subtly dressing to impress is a sign of a good woman. There will be nothing outlandish about her dress sense. They mix and match sensibly, taking care to the attention to details.

She will err on the side of convention and tradition.

Younger Thai girls do wear revealing clothes, but few show off any body parts.

Vamps and tramps are the Thai women who are 'getting the goods' out on display.

Their target audience is foreigners with money to splash around.

These girls dress showing visible cleavage, and they love showing off long legs in high heeled shoes. Her short skirt is inches away from the prize - you can almost taste it.

Bad girls leave little to the imagination. Flaunting her assets is the order of the day.

Who Is a Good Thai Girl?

Once you start the culling process, you can take pleasure in knowing how a good Thai girl behaves when she is in your company.

Happy and Content

She is an all-round happy woman.

These girls have a natural gift for pure contentment. They're always smiling and love the simple things in life.

Her mother has educated her in traditional Thai ways.

She will cook, clean, iron and do your laundry with a beaming smile on her face. Those tasks aren't chores to her.

The critical take-away for you is she's happiest when you are content with her.


95% of Thai women are Buddhists. The religion came to Thailand as early as 250BCE and has shaped who the Thai people have become.

The sweet, good-natured girl you'll be after will follow Buddhist principles far more than the bad girls.

Buddhism is a way of living your life.

Foreigner influences do not sway her. Her belief systems guide her kind heart and personality traits.

She is a gentle soul. She wants love, affection and the kindness of a good man.

Her life will be complete.

Her Lifestyle

Good Thai girls like simple things. She lives her life this way.

While she loves her independence, her family ties remain deep and close to her heart.

She will earn her own money. While her salary is low by western standards, she makes ends meet and takes care of herself.

These Thai women maintain casual friendships with a small group of people. They're happy to eat together at the local market or street food stalls and laugh together, without a care in the world.

They are free-spirited and living life to the fullest, as best as they are able.


I've always been amazed at what a Thai woman is willing to share with me.

It truly is 'what is hers is also mine to have'.

She knows you're a foreigner in a strange land. Her first sharing will be about her country, Thailand, the rules of the place (or lack of them) and especially Thai food. All Thais love their country and food.

When you're in a position to have a Thai girlfriend, her sharing extends to her body, without limits. That's precisely the reason all foreigners and ex-pats enjoy Thai women.

She will be resolute in sharing the food of her plate too. Spooning a different flavour of food is a practice every man must experience, from a woman. It's a small and innocent gesture on her part but holds significant value when you're considering a long term relationship.

Who Is a Bad Thai Girl?

Just because I use the term 'bad' doesn't mean these girls are bad by nature. The truth is quite the opposite.

Bad is an indication of their life choices compared to society's norm.

I have had some great times with Thai 'bad' girls. Many of their personality traits are the same.

Here's some that aren't though lol


Sex workers are often victims of violence and scammers.

They need to have protection mechanisms that good Thai girls don't need. These defensive traits lead bad girls to be both moody and display a volatile temper.

Inviting these girls to your condo will have its rewards, but I'd caution you to put away all of your sharp knives and scissors. Situations can get out of hand when alcohol is involved.

Take precautions and keep safe.

The Farang Syndrome

Farang (Thai: ฝรั่ง, [faràŋ], colloquially [falàŋ]) is a Thai word for a person of a white race no matter their country of origin.

"Who she hangs out with the most will have a more significant impact on her attitudes and conduct".

Bad girls prefer hanging out with holidaying foreigners. These guys lavish more expensive gifts, food and drink on her than the locals and ex-pat retirees.

After a short time, these are the experiences she expects from all men.

Here is what you'll hear from bad girls only interested in your money:-

  • "I only eat farang food".
  • "I only like to go to HiSo (High Society) restaurants".
  • "Can you please buy me this (insert Brand Name here) bag, clothes or accessory".
  • "I don't like dating Thai men. (which she will repeatedly profess)".

All of those statements point to this woman being expensive to maintain, even in the short term.

She's basically on the hunt for a wealthy foreigner who will take care of all her needs and desires. In the meantime, she'll be using you as a stepping stone to the next foreigner who catches her eye.

The Ultimate Take-Care

If you've ever had a girlfriend or wife, you'll know they all need to be taken care of in some way. That's the nature of women and relationships.

There comes the point when 'taking care' of someone gets out of control. The gold-digger Thai girl variety demands significant upkeep and extravagance.

A normal girl in Thailand is content with you propping up her meagre salary by buying simple food or inexpensive clothes. That's reasonable conduct in Thailand.

Bad girls ramp the practice up, beyond belief.

If you've become attached to her, she has you on the hook. And here comes 'milking time'.

Demands to provide extravagant gifts of phones, clothes, shoes, accessories, food, alcohol will be endless. The girl will convince you to pay for it all.

Many bad Thai women try these tricks. They dupe many wealthy foreigners into these excesses.

If you are not extremely wealthy, please take heed of these warnings sign and steer clear of these girls.


There is more than enough good and bad Thai women to service the needs of all men visiting Thailand.

Take notice of the warning signs. Do everyone a favour and avoid courting a good Thai girl if all you want is a sex tourist holiday. It's a bag of fun and good times to spend time with the bad girls too - it's just more expensive in the long term.

No matter your preferred poison, Thailand has the girl, girls or ladyboys who you seek.

Join up today for free and get started.


How do I know a Thai girl is a good girl?

  • Good Thai women are traditional in nature and personality
  • She will not have tattoos
  • Her makeup will be subtle and sexy
  • She will be genuinely interested in you. She will message you back promptly
  • A good girl will be eager to share everything with you

How do I know a Thai girl is a bad girl?

  • Bad girls are involved in the Thai sex industry
  • They will brandish tattoos
  • Sex workers in Thailand are interested in only your money
  • Their makeup and clothing with be bold, loud and often outlandish

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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