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Why are Thai women so Affectionate?

Martin Cooney
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Updated: November 02, 2021
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One of the first characteristics you'll first notice when talking with but more so when meeting a Thai girl, is how incredibly affectionate they are towards you.

All women, in general, have the builtin 'soft' mothering mode but outside of child-raring, Western women tend to be indifferent when it comes to affection, especially towards men. That's a generalization, of course, but Western women are becoming tougher as time goes by.

Thai girls tend to be at the other end of the spectrum with this feeling.

Why are they more affectionate?

Why is this a sought after quality that foreign men crave for, in Thai women?

Example of What I Mean

I've met over 300 Thai women before settling with my current girlfriend.

All except for a few displayed closeness and care when even meeting and having a coffee for the first time.

There wasn't any displays of physical affection since we were out in public. That's a no-no for Thai women to do.

What I'm talking about is how they are extremely attentive towards you. There's an underlying air of devotion almost immediately. They're instantly looking for any hint of friendship which they can latch on to and develop.

Obviously not all were like this. Only a few I have met were maybe desperate or had unrealistic views of an instant husband.

Unless they're freelancers, almost all are looking for a serious relationship, to which they can apply their kindness, love and care.

Lack of Real Friendships

Despite what you think, the majority of all these attractive Thai cuties don't really have many (or any) real friends.

Psychologically, they're all desperate to form attachments. Since men are the main bread-winners, guys tend to be their focus.

Doubly so, when it comes to foreign men who are able to provide more financial stability to a Thai women's life.

I was always amazed when chatting with the Thai girls who I met for the first time. In my discover questions, most went out for dinner after work with work buddies. Or some hooked up with sisters for a meal.

Rarely did any of them have long friendships with any other Thai women. Friendships seem to fade quickly once they leave school and get into the workforce.

So getting a boyfriend is very high on their list of priorities.

This is who they apply most of their affection towards. They need to keep their boyfriend at any cost or they'll end up lonely again.

Boyfriends become a Thai girls' focus for love, sex, friendship, affection, devotion, passion and kindness.

They'll start down this road with any guy they see who they feel starts to be boyfriend material.

Thai woman smiling near bamboo
Imagine this Thai lady waiting for you


Grandmothers to mothers to daughters.

Thailand has a deep and rich cultural heritage. Especially when it comes the behavior of Thai women.

While Thai girls certainly do break out of the mold when they're living outside the family unit, they've already been indoctrinated when it comes to interacting with men.

Generations of women in Thailand have all experienced the same second class treatment from their guys.

A women's place has always been standing behind the man when it comes to social structure.

Their winning attribute is the soft affectionate attitude they readily display towards children and family. It's real and becomes one of their strongest assets in any relationship they form.

Life is Tough in Thailand

If you're a women in Thailand, your life is going to be a tough one.

Thai women will always be next in line in the social hierarchy, after Thai men.

Opportunities aren't as readily available.

Thai women have developed their own methods in getting a man. The major trait is affection and duty of care towards the opposite sex.

You'll see this trait displayed constantly if you ever tune into Thai Drama TV. These television dramas continually reinforce a Thai womans' mothers training of applying tenderness and caring towards men. You could call it social brainwashing, to a point.

Foreign men looking for a relationship with a Thai girl quickly fall head over heels into this web too. In a good way, if you ask me.

Thai women in traditional thai dress
Tradition plays a big part in the feelings of women in Thailand

Thai Culture

Thai culture has always been dominated by men.

It's likely to change any time soon, despite there now being a few women in politics. It's an 'old guard' regime.

Obviously, Thai men like the social structure the way it is. It's the same throughout most Asian countries too.

And it works.

It is also the same teachings from a biblical standpoint. The man is the head of the household while the woman is responsible for the home.

Women just need to find their way through the maze of how exactly they can gain a foothold. Displays of affection towards their man has always been the answer as it leads to sex.

High Divorce Rate

Divorces in Thailand are on a continuing climb.

From a 27% divorce rate in 2006 to 39% in 2016, marriage failures have an increasing impact on society, child raising and emotional wellbeing, particularly for women.

Thai women know men are largely on the lookout for sex outside marriage. It seems like a national pastime, to be honest.

These affairs lead to divorce, eventually.

While it might outwardly appear like emotional blackmail, Thai women need to apply their charms towards men and keep them within the relationship.

It's often a reason they turn a blind-eye towards cheating partners.

But their other strength to use their natural mothering instincts of affection towards men. Thai men often act like little boys so loving affection is highly successful.

Thai women carry this technique over towards foreigners they meet, to great success too.

3 Thai women out partying
Tradition plays a big part in the feelings of women in Thailand

So Much Competition

Thai women are their own worst enemy.

With so many Thai men choosing to be single, for their predisposition of having multiple partners, finding a guy who is willing to settle down becomes increasing difficult for these girls.

They need to always use what works to snare a guy. Loving affection to the rescue.

But there's only so many guys to go around. Other women are also on the hunt. They will also use their own sexy attraction techniques. Some overdo affection which could really be called lustful overtures.

Many girls resort to plain slutty behavior to catch a guy's stare.

Women in Thailand are constantly having to refine their emotional webs. Starting with friendliness and wanting to have 'a friend' is simply the start.

Having a man as 'a friend' is only another term for "let's get together so I can work my magic on you because I'm a lonely woman".

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Foreign expats almost fall over in disbelief when they first get to experience being fought over by a choice of Thai women.

Physical Size

Asian women are usually smaller than their male counterparts.

It's certainly the case when compared to foreigners.

The balance in them gaining an entry into the hearts of men is adopting the softer approach. This has been hundreds of years in the making.

Thai women know full well the way into the hearts of men, especially foreigners, is a subtle sexy affectionate talk combined with their Asian mannerisms.

Nothing beats sitting down with a Thai girl who is wearing short shorts or a sexy short skirt with her then using all her affectionate fawning gestures on you.

You are simply 'putty in her hands' lol

I like!

Thai Girls Are Copycats

We're all creatures of habit.

We also all tend to copy behaviors we either like or that we deem as important to our wellbeing.

Affection is no different.

Daughters see their mother's actions from a very young age.

They see how their mothers use affection in the presence of their father, in getting the upper hand in certain situations.

They copy this and add to their female repertoire, for later use as they grow older.

But it doesn't stop there ....

A Thai girl mixes with her friends as she grows up, goes to school and eventually leaves home to find a job.

In all these environments, she sees the effectiveness of other Thai women using affection towards men.

  • in school, to get a special food treat from a Thai boy.
    • She'll feign fake affection towards him.
  • in the family unit towards her brother.
    • She'll use her inherent soft charms for her stronger sibling to do some of her work.
  • you'll see similar conduct in the workplace.
    • Women are masters of using affection or warmth characteristics with male work colleagues. Usually in cases where the girl is needing to use strength and she doesn't want to.
  • in a relationship is where a Thai girl will use affection the most.
    • foreigners need to be very aware that girls are masters of emotional manipulation
    • warning a Thai girl early on is the best approach a foreign boyfriend can take


Affection use is not a bad thing. Don't misunderstand me.

It's actually a Thai women's strength and a prime driver why many foreign guys travel all the way to Thailand in search of a wife or girlfriend.

Their mix of tenderness, affection, devotion, closeness and sexual desire are all highly sought attributes by expats.


Why are Thai women so affectionate?

  • Lack of Real Friendships
  • Tradition
  • Life is Tough in Thailand
  • Thai Culture
  • High Divorce Rate
  • Much Competition
  • Physical Size
  • Thai Girls Are Copycats

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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